Recruitment Elite Supplement 2018

8 CORPORATE VISION / Recruitment Elite 2018 , 12 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 11 2018 Optimus Search is a specialised digital, data and life sciences recruitment service, with offices across Europe. In August, Optimus were listed among the 2018 Recruitment Elite by Corporate VisionMagazine. On the back of this success, we spoke to Rafael Walton, Marketing and Communications Director for Optimus, to find out how they have become the go-to technology recruitment firm in the region. Europe’s Leading Technology Recruitment Agency Since 2005, Optimus Search has set a new standard in the tech- nology recruitment industry, with a goal to connect elite European tech talent with the most vibrant com- panies and exciting opportunities on the continent. In this, Optimus can be considered vital acceler- ators in an industry that is vital for the continued development of the greater, global business landscape. To start the interview, Rafael offers a brief overview of Optimus and its operations. “Everything we do is based on the under- standing that the most valuable asset to any organisation is their people, and this is why we not only connect companies to the leading talent in Europe, but also ensure that every aspect of the recruitment process is closely aligned to both their employer brand as well as their business needs. In order, to meet this ever-growing range of require- ments, we offer a comprehensive and flexible suite of Permanent and Contract recruitment solu- tions, individually tailored to our client’s specific needs.” In the notoriously competitive recruitment sector, Optimus have distinguished themselves through a commitment to client-centric- ity and an approach to finding, simply, the best person for the vacancy. In this, Rafael explains how the firm have stayed ahead of the crowd through innovative business practices. “Ultimately, we listen first and act second. We treat every vacancy as unique, taking the time to fully understand the role and overall business requirements. Optimus also have a true market specialism, and we know the industry inside and out, because it is our forté and our passion. We’re proud to call ourselves Tech Recruitment Specialists and believe our grow- ing European network, 500,000 strong candidate database and real-time project tracking back our claims up.” “Moreover, Optimus have various satellite offices across Europe, meaning we have a finely tuned local knowledge of the region and in-country expertise to support our client’s businesses whatever their ambitions, wherever they’re located. Also, as a company driv- en by innovation, we are actively involved with the latest technol- ogies and key tech communi- ties. Perhaps most importantly, Optimus have an unrelenting delivery focus. We leave no stone unturned when targeting the right talent for our client’s business and have earned our reputation as a recruitment partner that delivers first time, every time.” All of this is evident in Optimus’ impressive 30% year-on-year growth, as they continue to broaden their horizons across the European market. This expansion, however, has not been without its challenges, as Rafael reveals. “By far the greatest challenge in recruiting for the German/European digital sector, is the lack of quality and technically competent mid-senior level candidates. With the rapid and pervasive growth of technical innovation and the subsequent ubiquitous immersion across all industries - the technical recruitment arena has evolved to become hugely ‘Candidate-Led’, leading to ferocious competition in all sectors to secure the very best talent.” Optimus have managed to secure their position as Europe’s leading technology recruitment specialist on the back of a dedi- cation to staying ahead of these developments. They understand that the key to enduring success lies in keeping one eye firmly on the future: predicting trends, paradigm shifts and changing dynamics. “Optimus have a proud and demonstrable track-record of being early-adopters of the latest ‘Rec-Tech’ - we commit huge amounts of annual budget to ensure that each and every one of our consultants have the very latest tools to help them identify, engage and secure the best talent for their clients. On average we spend approximately 300% 1809CV45 more on specific ‘on the job tools’ (various job boards, social media, ad inventory et al) than our competitors, focusing specifically on the channels that hone in on the talent rich ‘Passive’ candidate market.” As we come to the close of the interview, Rafael discusses Opti- mus’ future, and how their plans fit around Brexit. “After five years of continued YOY growth, we are on course for another record year and have just signed off on a new showcase Global HQ in the heart of London, that will continue to position Optimus Search as an employer of choice.” “Given the uncertainty surround- ing the Government’s Brexit negotiations, coupled with the fact that we generate the majority of our revenues from non-UK markets. We have opened up a host of independent trading op- erations across Germany, Ireland and Switzerland to ensure we are strategically positioned to react to any potential industry restrictions and volatility post-Brexit.” Contact: Rafael Walton Address: 10 Lower Thames St, London EC3R 6EN Website: Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3418 8033