Recruitment Elite Supplement 2018

CORPORATE VISION / Recruitment Elite 2018 9 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 11 2018 17 , The Barton Partnership is a specialist provider of Strategy, Transformation andM&A talent both on a permanent and independent consulting basis. We caught up with Founder and CEO, Nicholas Bartonwho provided us with a detailed insight into the firm. Providing a Tailored Approach Established in 2007, The Barton Partnership has offices in London, New York, Paris, Munich and Singapore. Their mission is to be the best Strategy, Transformation and M&A search and independent consulting firm globally. How the firm works to achieve this is through number of ways, as Nicholas explains. “Here at The Barton Partnership, we have built our reputation and track record in London and have now opened offices in New York, Singapore, Paris and Munich. Our success is built around the people we hire. We have a blend of experience from top graduates new, to former tier-one Strategy consultants, working alongside sector-specialised recruiters enabling us to be subject matter experts in our field. The passion and drive is reflected in all employees here at the firm. We enjoy what we do, and we push each other to be the best we can be collaboratively.” Over the last 11 years, The Barton Partnership has become the destination of choice for Strategy, Transformation and M&A Talent. The majority of the business now comes through referrals, underlined by the fact that 98% of their clients say that they have met or exceed their expectations. 75% of their clients return to use them again. Nicholas goes into further detail about the key differentiates between The Barton Partnership and their competitors, highlighting how the firm marks them out as the best possible option to clients. “We understand the market in which our clients operate, their business challenges and their requirements to ensure that we deliver the right future employees for the company and not just the right candidate for the job. A testament to this approach is reflected in the fact that in the last three years, 84% of the individuals we have place are at the same company, with 50% of those at the same company but in a different role. “We have also created a standalone Independent Consulting division run by a former Bain Manager and a former Boston Consulting Group Manager which provides consultants for projects suited to individuals at circa 25% of the cost of bigger consulting firms. As the leadership team themselves are former tier-one consultants, they are able to truly understand the project requirements and deliver suitable individuals within a matter of days.” Whilst on the topic of the team, Nicholas informed us of the internal culture at his company noting on how he ensures that each member of staff is equipped to provide the best possible service to clients. “Since our inception, The Barton Partnership has put a huge emphasis on ensuring that we maintain the fun, dynamic and collaborative culture across the business that is indicative of a start-up environment. The majority of our senior staff are organically grown, and we have an open-minded and honest leadership team which facilitates a consensus-driven atmosphere. “Last year, we invested 5% of our turnover in training for our staff at all levels. The training we provide draws on the internal expertise of our senior members as well as external subject matter experts on topics like business development, customer care and research skills. Our training also equips our team with wider skills, such as gravitas, empathy and unconscious bias.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Nicholas signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for The Barton Partnership. “Early next year, we will be launching a platform to complement our current permanent search and independent consulting proposition called The website will leverage our existing network of over 3000 independent consultants and 1810CV14 gives clients the capability to buy short-cycle support quickly and effectively through an online platform.” “We will remain a specialist in Strategy, Transformation and M&A. We will continue to expand our core markets, in particular strengthening our Transformation proposition in the UK for 2019. Internationally, we want to continue to develop the same platform that we have in London in New York, Singapore and Continental Europe covering all industry subsectors. We want to be in a position where London is not necessarily the recognised ‘hub’ of the business in the future. Opening at new office in Chicago is also on the agenda for 2019.” Web Address: