2020 Automotive Awards

Global Automotive Awards 2020 5 Oct20646 Empowering Driving instructors and Students through innovation is the newly formed Brooklands Driving School. Now launching its franchise business model after being delayed till 2021 due to the covid pandemic, Brooklands Driving School are now looking for ambitious driving instructors to be part of a management team and help recruit ADI and PDI partners around the country. Discover more about this fledgling company as we unveil some of its ambitious plans and innovative offerings. Brooklands Driving School (BDS) was formed by company director Rob Underhay in February 2019, Mr Underhay has his sights set on a singular goal; to create the best driving school in the country for Driving instructors and their students; The aim is to significantly increase driving instructor’s income while at the same time give the best driver education and have students maintain the safest driving records in the UK. BDS wants to take an active part in helping to make the UK the safest country to drive in around the world, building on its current fourth place in the international rankings. Part of making that vision come true lies in BDS planning to break the barrier of having one thousand approved driving instructor partners by the end of 2025. Becoming an ADI partner with BDS has plenty of partner benefits, including a personalised web page brining extra income beyond teaching students how to drive, huge financial benefits by introducing other partners to the team, continual professional development opportunities, membership to the Driving Instructors Association and Approved Driving Instructor National Joint Council, and further support if needed. However, as important as the driving instructors themselves are, the students are the ones who really need taking care of when out on the road for potentially the very first time. All students can feel right at ease with BDS, receiving a number of benefits for choosing this innovative and outstanding new driving school. These include an introductory price lesson, a student app that provides an overview of their progress, payments, and lessons, free online theory practice, booking service for exams, motorway experience, and a free driving-experience if students pass their driving test with zero minors. BDS is truly dedicated to its students and is always seeking to invest in driving instructors training so that the students are receiving nothing but the best. With many more products and services on the horizon, BDS is comfortable in knowing that it is on the right road to its goal for 2025. For the driving instructors themselves, BDS is just as attractive an opportunity as it is for students. The franchise package that is offered to its ADI/PDIs partners is a percentage-based Most Innovative Driving School - UK franchise that includes collecting lesson fees, advertising and promotions, training, and a generous extra commissions on recruiting other ADIs into the fold. The driving instructors themselves can also earn commission from sales from their web pages that BDS sets up for them. Mr Underhay said, “they are the ones that are talking to their students and driving instructor, promoting other products and services, it stands to reason, therefore, that the instructors are the ones who should benefit from the sales as well, which unlocks extra income.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, there is plenty to be excited about for BDS. It will continue to actively research and campaign for safer roads throughout the UK, mainly focusing on rural roads where sixty percent of fatal and serious accidents happen. From September 2022, the business will also be looking to operate driving schools from within colleges and universities. Currently in talks with various institutions, the firm aims to have vehicles with the colleges and University logos on the side of cars and driving courses that are designed around the downtime for students. This will benefit both the institution and the student’s career prospects when they have a full driving license before they graduate. Furthermore, BDS will aim to offer a first-aid course based on first on scene at an accident, along with a twelve- month aftercare program for students who have just passed their driving test. Ultimately, learning to drive does not have to be a stressful or anxious experience with BDS. Rather, it can be something to look forward to and eagerly anticipate, especially in the hands of those who are trained and professional in everything they do. When out on the road, it pays to have the best instructor, and that is exactly what BDS are looking to provides for its students. Company: Brooklands Driving Ltd Contact: Rob Underhay Website: www.brooklandsdrivingschool.co.uk