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Subscribe to our newsletter CorporateVision The future of better business Corporate Vision Zapproach is a company taking a unified approach to innovative business start-up solutions, with turnkey options for helping clients hit the ground running in both Fintech and digital transformation. Its Go Digital products as an integrated solution covers everything from SME ERP, ecommerce websites, mobile apps, digital marketing, as well as digital payment, e-wallets, and ecommerce integrations, amongst many others. Nominally, each of these solutions is underpinned by the values and principles that have propelled the company into the spotlight both in its industry and in its market segment; these include integrity, creativity, value creation, teamwork, and passion, forging the motivating factors that keep its team pushing forward. Each of these inform its overall mission of accompanying and supporting its clients’ successes. Its innovative approach and internal processes allow it to take a client from the very first consultation down a road paved with achievable, flexible, and tailorable milestones that form the goalposts Zapproach and its clients are thriving throughout. Step 1 is client meeting, step 2 is identifying features and architecture, step 3 is design, and step 4 is agile development, allowing for the process to be broken down into steps based on the already-established features list. An agile roadmap constantly A Mauritian based company with deep roots in its local region despite its relative youth, Zapproach has made itself a true front-runner in technological and business support positioning as a Fintech company, by providing online payment white label solutions, business-in-a-box solutions for SMEs, Go Digital products, and all multitude of services within. Being a globally renowned firm that has been built up from a solid foundation of core values, its innovation, creativity, team spirit, developmental processes, and commitment to client success is truly second to none. Most Innovative Fintech Start-Up - Mauritius reviewed and assessed is used to keep the entire process flexible before it moves onto quality assurance and product launch. In such a competitive industry – especially in a world where the emerging digital paradigm has been spurred on by the pandemic – its focus has been to solve client pain points using innovative, easy-to-use UI/UX where its clients have fully benefited from digital transformation advantages resulting in their business growth. Fundamentally, the result has been concise, intuitive, and competitively priced digital start-up solutions. Additionally, promoting SME digitalisation is an invaluable part of this, its business-in-a-box, cloud-based solutions, payment gateways, and more come with unwavering and continuous support, ensuring that this autonomy is tempered by a support network they can rely on. Consequentially, in the future, Zapproach is looking forward to fully realising its vision to be an established service provider on the world stage with its innovative products and support services. Company: Zapproach Ltd Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Website: Main Image & Headline Sub-Image & Supporting Headline Includes the main image & headline on the monthly magazine, placing the client as the focal point for the issue. Arguably the most important placement on the publication, exposing viewers to the clients feature before the magazine has been opened. Smaller supporting image on the front cover of the magazine with an accompanying short caption to draw the readers in and highlight the inclusion as one of the leading articles within the issue. Company logo on the cover Single page editorial We can include your company logo on the cover of our magazine, bringing instant awareness to your participation within the publication. Including your logo is a powerful statement, with the front cover being the most prominent page of the magazine. The full-page editorial inclusion is approximately 750 words with a supporting image, written inpart or in full by our experienced in-house editorial team and published in the next available edition of Corporate Vision Magazine. For all editorial inclusions, the client will also receive a high-resolution PDF copy of the inclusion at the end of the editorial process which they are then welcome to reshare across their own channels. Front Cover Examples Editorial Examples

Subscribe to our newsletter CorporateVision The future of better business Double Page Editorial 4 Page Editorial The double page editorial inclusion is approximately 1,650 words with supporting images. We can include a link to the client’s magazine article and have an accompanying image/ blurb to provide instant insight into the content. The 4-page editorial inclusion is approximately 3,500 words with supporting images, featured in the front-end of the digital magazine. Inclusion in newsletter Company logo in newsletter Snippets of editorial inclusions and tags of your company page are shared across our social media platforms, helping to create instant awareness for your content. We share across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn too. Social Media Spotlight Corporate Vision Small Business Awards 2023 | 17 Of course, with new technologies at play in every industry, this has not been achieved by relying on old-fashioned ways of working, however. Instead, the team have leveraged the many disruptive innovations that have hit industries around the world. TRPARTS has thrived thanks to using Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) information technology-based applications to make their company a force to be reckoned with on the international stage. The team have a host of tariffs that are constantly updated and improved, with ultra-wholesale prices integrated into the very system itself. Actively buying clients can easily find these through the teams’ proprietary solution, PARTS HUB B2B. Other enquires can be directly towards to the team for a quick quotation if needed, no matter how many references are required. It goes without saying that timing is everything in this industry, and the TRPARTS team are eager to advise their clients on when is best to make their decisions. The team’s eye for technology has also guided the high standard of customer service which they are proud to champion. Finding new ways to constantly challenge the workforce means that the TRPARTS team are never satisfied settling for second best. As such, this is a team that is easily accessible, and happy to communicate with clients through English, German, French, Greek and Bulgarian. These European languages have given the team incredible range in their dealings which has brought them much success since opening their doors. Turning to the TRPARTS team means that you not only have access to their stunning products and exceptional sales team, but a group of professionals who have experience exporting their products to customers all over the world. Their commitment to quality in every respect means they have built useful relationships with qualified Bulgarian agents. They can provide all of the necessary paperwork and documentation to guarantee smooth passage of your items with ease. For those who require transport of items as opposed to collecting them from TRPARTS directly, a choice of forwarders is available. Each is chosen because they not only offer a range of different services, but also because they have a host of different packages to propose to customers. It’s not enough to provide the highest quality, because so many people have so many different needs from shipping agencies. Before any shipping decisions are made, however, clients are offered the chance to consolidate their orders once everything has been safely packed in order to improve their profit margins. As an Incoterms 2010 complying company, the TRPARTS team provides EX-WORKS, CPT, CIP, FCA, CIF and container quotations for customers to compare. With a service that is dedicatedly end-to-end, they are not only experts when it comes to finding the right products, but pioneers when it comes to ensuring that they are delivered safely to their final destinations. Whether items are being transported, by land or sea or air, the team behind TRPARTS goes above and beyond each and every time to guarantee the best possible service for their clients. Few can doubt the incredible quality of what the TRPARTS team have to offer the car industry at large, with their items being amongst some of the finest the world over. It goes without saying that their tremendous success is because they have set themselves apart from the competition, striving to push the boundaries of how effective spare parts really can be. We can’t wait to see where this forward-thinking innovator goes next! Best Independent Motor Vehicle & Parts Company - Istanbul Finding spare parts is no easy task, especially in the automotive industry. There’s an international audience for these products, particularly from Turkey. The team at TRPARTS is the gateway to these products. In Corporate Vision’s Small Business Awards 2022, the team’s incredible efforts were justly recognised. We dig a little deeper into this impressive organisation to uncover more. The automotive industry has changed significantly over the years, with manufacturing techniques meaning that it is often difficult to find the spares that keep modern cars going, or the features that some drivers crave. It is the job of specialists in the field to not only source these parts, but to make them available to the market at large. In a field that covers numerous premium manufacturers, the team at TRPARTS stand apart as a premier provider of services to the industry at large. TRPARTS has built its reputation around the import and export of Independent Aftermarket (IAM), Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Equipment Supplier (OES) spare parts. With a range that covers a host of different brands, and enormous variety in vehicles, it’s little wonder that so many people are turning to the team at TRPARTS. They have a proven track record of being able to deliver the after-market products that are in such high demand. At the core of what the TRPARTS team offer is an eye for quality that quite simply is without parallel anywhere else in the world. Parts that are so consistently produced and of such high reliability give their customers an essential edge over the rest of the competition. It goes without saying that these products cover the whole suite of what car specialists might want, including electrical and body parts for various vehicles, both premium and of volume production. The team’s extensive range is carefully matched to the complete range that manufacturers have produced over the years. The team has worked with many high-profile brands including Mini, 3M, Peugeot, Ford, Fiat, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volkswagon to name but a few. These partner organisations have been crucial to the continued success of TRPARTS, and their success has been key to many keeping their vehicles. This means that when businesses turn to the team, they can quickly and easily see precisely what is available to them. Over the years, the TRPARTS team have made it their mission to supply precisely what their customers, and their customers’ customers, want to see in as straightforward a manner as possible. Company: TRPARTS Name: Furkan Atilgan Email: [email protected] Corporate Vision Small Business Awards 2023 | 11 steam cleaning, giving the clients the results they want whilst not harming the world it operates in. Furthermore, by introducing this all-new and better way of ensuring surface sanitation across working environments and domiciles, EV International wishes to show the world by leading from the front how it can improve the health and quality of life for everyone everywhere simply by making its product part of their cleaning routine. As well as the ability to clean up the general build-up of grime and bacteria on surfaces, it can also reduce the risk of triggering allergic reactions by clearing up the allergens that sling to various surfaces, making short work of toxic pollutants. First and foremost, EV International seeks to create a sustainable product that will allow long-term use. This means that each of its steam cleaners is intrinsically reliable and trustworthy, and a client can rest assured that the steam cleaner will pay for itself time and time again, conducting its work with effectiveness and efficiency in a manner that is incredibly easy to use. Additionally, by replacing chemical products with an eco-friendly alternative like EV International’s steam cleaners, a client can reduce 95% of the chemical footprint created by the production of these single-use or limited-use cleaning supplies and plastic materials that so often find their way into landfill. Operating with preparation and dedication in all things, it conducts a masterclass of ‘show don’t tell’ when it comes to its products, allowing them to speak for themselves. In tandem with all of this, the EV International cleaning system range is highly adaptive and tailorable; this company knows that no two households are the same, and so no two households will require the same cleaning solutions, as each face different challenges depending on their routine. Each new client is introduced to the range, the company, and the team, allowing them to test the products and go through training on how to use them before they commit to anything. Also, its sales representatives benefit from the full support of the wider company when it comes to making sales, including marketing materials, access to an ERP system, and full use of the huge knowledge base made up of its global network. Thanks to each of these different facets of its business, a client can choose models and accessories that suit them best. With this in mind, it is easy to see how this company has quickly become a darling of its industry, conducting itself with the quality, innovation, and ecological drive of a company set in good stead to help shape the future of its wider industry. This has allowed it to take consistently great pride in the products it sells. After all, each and every one of them has been a passion project right from the beginning of the ideation stage, and it continually shows this through its commitment to updating its products as and when it is necessary to do so. By incorporating any new developments into its plans and testing them in a comprehensive manner, it is able to implement only the best of the best when it comes to such new ideas, resulting in products that are emblematic of the market’s foremost innovations. Recently, this has meant working with technologies that increase the functionality of its steam generators and evolving the cleaning process in order to reduce carbon emissions and CEO Massimiliano Menichini better the entire production line as a direct result, something it promises it customers will always benefit form. EV Atlantis, EV Poseidon, and EV Atlas each captivate the customer’s minds with one-of-a-kind features, great design, and stellar performance. Every detail of each of these units has been carefully and painstakingly designed by its incredible in-house research and development team in order to make them a marriage of all the best things about the household cleaning industry. This includes enhancing the durability of the product, bolstering the effectiveness of the clean it gives, and increasing the convenient user-friendliness of the designs to allow the product to reach even the most difficult areas to get to in a building or domicile. In this manner, everything about EV International as a company has been similarly rigorously designed so that it can guarantee the excellence of the product. From the individual components to the assembly process, and the finished dry steam generators, each element is subjected to the most effective quality control that it can possibly implement within the manufacturing plant. Each of its staff members know what to look out for when it comes to what its products need to look like and accomplish, able to whip any defects off of the manufacturing line before they make it into a final product. It is this eye for detail and the increased digitisation in the company proper that has created and environment where every minute part is engineered to perfection. Additionally, with an internal culture that revolves around helping and supporting each other through thick and thin, EV International has cultivated a tightly knit and empathic team of people who make each and every one of these processes possible. Despite the incorporation of further automation within itself, the driving force of the manufacturing line and production is still the people, with each staff member’s ideas and opinions being highly valued when it comes to the creation of new products, or the reworking of existing lines. It doesn’t shy away from sharing knowledge and know-how, instead encouraging an atmosphere of constant upskilling and learning. This allows each one of its customers and staff alike to benefit from a depth and breadth of knowledge, and from learning form people from all walks of life with a myriad of different perspectives that could be applied to resolve a specific problem or challenge. In addition to this, and alongside its high-quality steam cleaners, it also shows its dedication to the people within its organisation by keeping them up to date with wider industry trends. Crucially, made possible by the founders and team, EV International keeps a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing market in which it operates so that everyone within its ranks has a comprehensive knowledge of the current goings-on, able to display a great understanding of what makes the market tick. Just another part of the upskilling it can offer within its ranks, its full package of training, services, technical support, integration, comprehensive vision, and exemplary work structure for distributors and partners alike secures its place as standing head and shoulders above the competition. To ensure this remains the case, it holds regular meetings to ensure the information is able to permeate the ranks. By working in this manner – and conducting a mass collection of customer feedback once a year – it is able to collate information on what it needs to work on and consistently better itself as a result. Additionally, this ensures that despite its constant growth and expansion, it can keep the quality that its customers have come to know and love reliable across the board. Internally, it also likes to mix work with fun. One or twice a year depending on how busy things are, EV International likes to have a whole staff get-together and invite every team member to a variety of exotic excursions that give everyone a much needed and very well-earned break. In essence, this is to thank everyone for working so hard, and to encourage further depth of interpersonal connection within the ranks, fostering a sense of connection, mutual learning, and true human connection that can be hard to achieve during a standard workday. With lofty goals and a bright future ahead, EV International looks forward to one day changing the future standards of cleaning. By gazing ahead to how it may best shape the future, it can guide the present of its industry towards this, and in the next ten years it will be reaching for the next milestone of becoming a well-known brand in the direct and active sales industry, as well as in steam cleaning generator manufacture. This will, in the coming years, allow it to expand into a total of 50 countries, whilst still maintaining the diligence and tenacity that a smaller company can show each and every one of its customers. Website: CEO Stanley Kolev Corporate Vision Small Business Awards 2023 | 9 EV International is a company specialising in the manufacture of steam cleaning products to its private, business, and industrial clients. All in all, this business creates the product, and then passes it on to its clients to sell, operating in more than 35 countries worldwide in order to distribute its products to the end users who need them. Fundamentally, its core goal is to ensure that the steam cleaners it creates and sells are the best they can possibly be before it shifts its products to be sold through its direct sales organisations and worldwide network. This has allowed it to gain a global, border-crossing roster of connections through which its influence can be felt, and through which it has been able to climb the ranks of its industry to make itself a front-running name in the world of household appliance manufacture and creation. First and foremost, EV International seeks to create a sustainable product that will allow long-term use. This means that each of its steam cleaners is intrinsically reliable and trustworthy, and a client can rest assured that the steam cleaner will pay for itself time and time again, conducting its work with effectiveness and efficiency in a manner that is incredibly easy to use. The exemplary results, user-friendly design, and the way the sales of these steam cleaners contribute to the support of a circular economy are all factors that come together to make it a household name in the field, one that happily incorporates all manner of upgrades, developments, and innovations into itself. EV International is a company specialising in the manufacture of steam cleaning products to its private, business, and industrial clients. All in all, this business creates the product, and then passes it on to its clients to sell, operating in more than 35 countries worldwide in order to distribute its products to the end users who need them. Moreover, by applying this consistent drive to be bigger and better, its fast-acting steam cleaners have been able to accrue notoriety from the merit of their function alone. Allowing for the quick and sanitary clean-up of all manner of surfaces, EV International’s products use only tap water to be able to work, meaning that an end customer can leave other cleaning solutions and potentially environmentally harmful products behind in favour of something sustainable that can be used time and time again. Furthermore, with its certified biological detergent EV H202 Silver Bio and Sanix systems, it has been able to contribute solutions with which to help the world mitigate the risks of the Covid-19 virus. With the above systems, it can remove the coronavirus from surfaces in only 30 seconds with an 100% success rate. With its in-house product development, its rigorous production, and the thorough testing that each product undergoes before it leaves the manufacturing line, EV International can also keep all the products reliable and exemplary, its professional and diligent team taking One of the largest steam cleaner manufacturers in Europe, with over 40 years of experience in its industry, EV International Ltd began its journey operating out of its headquarters in Bulgaria and expanding across into the wider world. The steam cleaners are manufactured in Milan, Italy. This, in essence, has allowed it to take the prestige of outstanding manufacturing into the world of household appliances, entrusting the development and creation of exemplary steam cleaners to its experienced and highly dedicated personnel. Its products, the EV Atlantis, EV Poseidon, and EV Atlas, are each imbued with the technology that will soon shape the future of the cleanliness and homecare industry, allowing its customers to enjoy a chemical-free and hygienic environment at home and at work. care of every detail down to the most minute point. Additionally, amongst the many benefits of the EV International steam cleaner range – such as the environmental value and efficiency of cleaning – there is the point of cost. The EV International steam cleaner is a cost-effective solution to a client’s cleaning needs, and this is something that it has become incredibly proud of over the years, and something that it will determinedly maintain as it moves forwards towards the future, ensuring that every ongoing product is created with the same values in mind. Indeed, EV International knows that a company is only as strong as the principles that make up the core of it. This is why it has funnelled the effort it has into ensuring that its core values permeate every element of its operation from the bottom to the top; namely, integrity, loyalty, reliability, and adaptiveness. Between each of these values, it can ensure that it stands by strong moral principle of social and environmental responsibility, is consistently honest to customers, partners, and affiliates, focuses on guaranteeing the excellent performance of its products, and recognises the opportunities that come its way. Critically, alongside the recognition of opportunity, comes the confidence to take risks. EV International will always be the company looking for the next creative solution to a certain problem, willing to make the bold choice and push forwards towards further innovation as a direct result. This all goes towards helping it achieve its mission of becoming the global market leader in the development, production, and sale of high-quality steam cleaning products that allow for incredibly effective and ecologically friendly Best Steam Cleaning Solutions Provider 2021 - Worldwide Editorial Examples Newsletter Examples For all editorial inclusions, the client will also receive a high-resolution PDF copy of the inclusion at the end of the editorial process which they are then welcome to reshare across their own channels. We can feature a client’s company logo at the bottom of our newsletter, and this will include a backlink to the website or a site of their choosing. The e-newsletter is distributed to Corporate Vision’s 82,000-strong circulation directly on a monthly basis when each new magazine edition is released. The newsletter inclusions are exclusive and only limited placements are available, making these positions highly sought out.

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