Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021

Nov21472 Best AI Mortgage & Insurance Assistant Provider 2021 Recognised as the Best AI Mortgage and Insurance Assistant Provider of 2021, Meet Parker is an AI Assistant for themortgage, insurance andpropertyworld, evolving the traditional chatbot and live chat plug-ins oftenutilised throughout financial services. Parker can innovate theseplatforms that allow consumers or agents to engagewith its intelligent assistant 24/7 fromany source they wish. Recently founded in 2021, Meet Parker has been elevating engagement for financial services using intelligent chatbots to increase customer engagement and extend businesses tone of voice and brand through AI. With Parker, the company can connect social media accounts, websites, portals, and apps while engaging with customers and sorting queries accordingly. Freddie Savundra, Founder of Meet Parker, explains, “As a start-up, we have to be at the forefront of new technologies and pushing the boundaries to maximise the client experience. We like to think our architecture is market-leading and pushes traditional SaaS products’ boundaries while maintaining a security-first mindset. Everyone on the team is a subject matter expert; it’s why we’ve come to market so fast.” Parker was designed to aid mortgage brokers, lenders, property developers, and insurance channels while providing a solution that treats customers fairly. Whilst it holds mortgages and insurance products, rates, lending criteria and information on a majority of UK mortgage lenders and the property market but also has its own intelligence layer that is built-in and powder by some of the best machine-learning AI in the world, programmed with mortgage terminology, acronyms and phrases. The Parker program learns how customers and brokers engage with the chatbot and provides secure communication that aids in adapting and overcoming problems and queries posed in the line of chat. Additionally, Parker can handle up to 100,000 enquiries a month without the need to experience longer live chat wait times. At Parker, its innovative and dedicated team of individuals is instrumental to its success. Staff members genuinely care about the product offered as employees personally utilise it outside of the company. Thus, being able to adapt and perfect the program is a necessary passion in order for the company to succeed and members to promote. In addition, the company’s business ethos is another standpoint that allows Parker to persevere within the industry. The company aims to improve daily and encourage its team members to love what they do so that working, creating and innovating is seen more as passionate than work. Additionally, the main objective is to ensure that first impressions are not misjudged or misdirected – with Parker, engagement is a personally perfected ability and won’t be left to squander during emotionless chats or long wait times. Overall, the Parker team is the essence and backbone of the company. Over 90% have a degree in software-related disciplines. The rest comprises of industry leaders from the management team to advisory boards. Moreover, Parker only partners with the best of breed technology firms such as Twenty7tec and iPipeline, which power its mortgage and protection solutions. Freddie explains, “Building partnerships is central to creating a seamless client experience. That being said, there’s no task too big or too small for Team Meet Parker. All of this enables Meet Parker to serve our clients, from one-man-band mortgage brokers to High Street Lenders and Building Societies.” The future of Parker is bright, with languages being next on the to-do list for the company. The founder has a backstory that first led him into Modern languages. Due to this, Parker has been able to cater wherever possible and is now skilled in over 90 languages which will be released early in 2022. The aim of this is to drive human engagement for the mortgage, protection and property industry by answering questions in any language. Overall, the ultimate goal for the new year is to be understood and answer to consumers or agents in their native tongue. Company Name: Meet Parker Contact Name: Freddie Savundra Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021 11