Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021

Dec21047 Best AI-Powered Regulation Technology Provider 2021 Classified as a regulation technology company, Law Notion inspires and utilises state of the art natural language processing technology to analyse regulations. Due to its impeccable integration and flawless execution within its area of expertise, the company has been presented the Best AI-Powered Regulation Technology Provider award for 2021. The initial concept of Law Notion started in 2019 from a GovTech Challenge set by the Better Regulation Executive (BRE) a unit within the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), to create technological solutions that aid the analysis and effect of various regulations on businesses. The first version of Law Notion was developed as the end product of this competition, who of which won for its Phase 1 Feasibility Study and again in 2020 for Phase 2 Prototype Development, which will be discussed below. Law Notion manifested once the challenge was instigated and created a way to use state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques to analyse regulations. Currently, Law Notion is renowned for its ability to diminish the costs for business owners, workers and consumers globally, improve societal wellbeing and most importantly, empower better regulation. Adding to the achievement, due to the quality assurance connected to the initial BRE challenge, Law Notions technology and product development approaches and results have been assessed by Government Digital Services and policymakers from several ministerial departments. The range of these departments includes the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for International Trade, to name a few. Thus, ensuring high-quality, state of the art technology, trusted and ensured by non-other than the government itself. Shortly after Phase 1 was implemented, Law Notion worked towards an additional milestone regarded as Phase 2, with the instinct to complete a project focused on completing data science algorithms and application development. In turn, the company has created a unique method that detects the business requirements from the regulations they identify using their proprietary algorithms. Essentially, the project aids in identifying sectors, topics, policies, and geographical regions it applies to. Law Notion follows a mission to enable better regulation, thus delivering on a policy that supports an efficient and competitive market. In order to do so, the company ensures that all stakeholders have primary access to high-quality information that will create a better cause and effect diagnosis. “Artificial Intelligence will play a central role in this revolution, allowing policymakers and industry unprecedented capability to identify improvements. Law Notion will sit at the centre of this revolution,” explains Jiaxin Xie, CEO and Product Manager. While the company is still young in years, Law Notion has used its innovation, unparalleled technology, and distinctive industry expertise to produce four state-of-the-art products stated as Research, Data, Compliance and Navigator. Individually, these products offer solutions unlike any other, for example, Law Notion – Research, the first product launched in 2021, is a regulation intelligence platform which aids policymakers to gain insight from regulations; Law Notion – Data offers automatic data feed of enriched regulation data. Alternative, to be launched in 2022, Law Notion has been developing Navigator platform, for businesses to navigate through the complex regulatory landscapes. Law Notion’s contribution to society, businesses and governments across the globe has been an imperative addition to the modern- day world. With some of its newest additions still yet to be launched, 2022 will be one of the most inventive and innovative years to be seen, with Law Notion leading the market. Company Name: Law Notion Contact Name: Jiaxin Xie Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]