Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021

Nov21410 Best AI-Powered Healthcare Asset Management Platform (UK): Findaa Findaa Technology is a company slowly securing its place as a true thought leader in the fields of technological logistics management. Hoping to show companies across a variety of fields, sectors, and industries how much time and money good logistical management can save, this company has made a name for itself by utilising 5G and IoT technologies. Its platform takes asset management and control online and vastly decreases human error, turning an element of business that can be amassive time sink into something elegant, streamlined, and self-sufficient. Allowing clients to find, monitor, and manage assets anytime and anywhere, Findaa Technology uses the latest IoT and 5G Technology. Having secured itself a win of the ‘top supply chain management solution provider’ award for the UK in 2021, the above award has joined its multitude of accolades that it has earned over its many years of serving the companies wishing to track their assets, equipment, and goods at any time, anywhere in the world. Fundamentally, this globally talented and deeply client-focused business has cut its teeth on aiding 56% of global supply chains that have been experiencing disruption since the start of 2020, as well as the 42% of businesses tracking inventory manually in order to show these companies how switching to remote work cuts down on error and increases reliability. Boasting 100% accurate, real time, reliable responses, its world leading 5G and IoT service is an indoor and outdoor, seamless, asset tracking and monitoring system that enables real time management of assets and labour resources across industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, construction, and more. Essentially, such systems improve time and money efficiency and make like easier for staff across the board. This is how Findaa has become such a staple platform across so many industry verticals, especially helping the NHS by monitoring and tracking medical equipment and saving nurses so much time by making logistical management that much easier. Dedicated to enhancing, evolving, and bettering itself, it has worked hard to understand the true pain points of its clients and how it can resolve any problems they face. Therefore, thanks to its client’s feedback, blockchain has become an integrated part of its solution, and it has developed its user intuitiveness in order to allow it to be accessible for people of all technological knowhow levels, changing logistics management one business at a time and growing exponentially as a result. Keeping healthcare as a key area for its work, it is a critical cornerstone in helping the world’s medical sector withstand the additional pressures of the pandemic and manage hospital resources, allowing doctors and nurses to get back to what really matters – ensuring patient safety. Thus, as it moves forward towards the bright future that is surely in store, it promises it will be taking its clients with it. After all, its core motivation is to ensure that the businesses of the present are ready to become the businesses of the future, and that all the organisations it helps have the logistical chops to manage the challenges that the new year will surely bring. Beginning its next round of funding this year, it will be educating senior decision makers across the board in how IoT, AI and 5G will be able to enhance and embolden processes of all sorts across a myriad of different fields and outcomes, its book – <Connected Secrets> – furthering this goal by breaking the technological world’s intricacies down into layman’s terms. Company: Findaa Technology Contact: Simon Rowell Website: Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2021 17 Findaa Technology