Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021

Nov21409 Best AI Powered Sales Enablement Video Conferencing Tool 2021 Franck Auzanneau and Ludovic Mingot founded Goomeo in 2010 with the main objective of developing innovative mobile applications for the biggest B2B European and international meetings. In 2021, the company took a new direction by launching its video conferencing product, Verticalls. We got in touch with Goomeo CEO, Franck to learn more about this productivity- increasing technology. Over the last two years, with the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an acceleration in the use of video conferencing, especially for commercial people. Some sales people were in the field all the time, so are not used to being behind a laptop, while others only have one screen to work with – It seemed obvious to Goomeo to develop Verticalls to solve problems related to the pandemic. A simple tool that brings everything a sales team needs. Indeed, video conferencing is a new challenge for the sales team, and that is why Goomeo created an intelligent solution which adapts to virtual sales meetings. With Verticalls, sales teams have a complete three-in-one platform to make virtual sales meetings more productive (to prepare the sale, make the sale, and analyse the sale), with all tools embedded during the call, including checklists, battlecards, arguments, and presentations. This includes the ability to record the call with a time stamping markup. After the meeting, users can retrieve all of the information collected during the call into an interactive report, alongside an AI-powered transcript. As a platform, Verticalls is fully synchronised with other customers’ CRMs (Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and ZOHO CRM) and their calendar (Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook). Insights from each customer are collected using AI and automatically exported to the customer’s CRM. Verticalls is the only video conferencing sales enablement platform that empowers onboarding and self-learning to close more deals remotely. It also gives the sales manager a complete overview of the activities and performance of their sales team. Prior to the creation of Verticalls, Goomeo worked more than 2,000 events around the world, for which its sales team used basic video conferencing solutions like Zoom, Teams and Meet. It noticed the same trouble come time and time again – The conversation had to be stopped in order to share documents (e.g. a presentation or playbook), manual reporting had to be created of the conversation afterwards, along with many other steps that were wasting the time of the sales team. CEO, Franck Auzanneau said, “I don’t pay my sales team for admin tasks, but to sell!” The goal was to combine all sales steps under one software and save time to increase productivity, be more powerful, and close more deals. Franck said, “We are sales people who develop for sales people first. And this is our strength.” He continued, “We adapt Verticalls again and again to our various sales practices and to our customers’ needs. Today, we are proud to have achieved this challenge thanks to our customers and inside sales team. But this is just the beginning for Verticalls, and our R&D team will work more closely with our customers to integrate Verticalls more and more within their process.” The Goomeo team is now working on Verticalls’ AI to provide features like automatic follow-up email, live audio recognition to automatically display competitors’ battlecards to sales people during the call, and so on. The objective is to streamline the experience for both sales people and participants. So, what about the team who make it all happen? Ultimately, the company seeks people who believe in Verticalls. Franck said, “We don’t look for people with a lot of degrees; we need motivated people who are interested. We want a team with capacity and different skills.” The team comprises several different generations which allows it to have in-depth knowledge of and adapt to the rapidly changing digital world. The company trusts that each team member can add something positive; with great cohesion and communication and of course, mutual trust, this is the kind of team Goomeo wants. To conclude, Franck tells us about Goomeo’s future plans. “We have the ambition that Verticalls becomes the market leader of the video conferencing sales enablement platform. One of our goals is to implement the best technology with a simple but efficient experience for our customers all around the world.” Company: Goomeo / Verticalls Contact: Franck Auzanneau Email: [email protected] Website: