Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021

Leading Innovators in AI Medical Diagnostics 2021 - Asia Established with the business ethos of creating the best-advanced software technology, Smart Option is pushing the boundaries by working on hardware-conscious software programming technology. Recognized as the Leading Innovators in AI Medical Diagnostics, Smart Option aims to solve one of the world’s most significant healthcare issues - breast cancer, with its state-of-the-art METIS-Eye. The company designed its developmental artificial intelligence engine to analyze breast cancer ultrasound images – supported by screening and can detect any notion of invasive cancers. Smart Option was founded by Kenji Yamanamiin in 2019. It consists of highly intelligent and innovative professionals working towards a common mission – to use AI and IT technologies to defeat breast cancer effectively and efficiently. From early detection to post-patient support, Smart Option is set on facilitating issues between doctors, nurses, and patients and making the future of medical care easier without losing the quality or standard of practice. Currently, breast cancer has a notably high survival rate if a tumour is detected in ‘stage one’ or lower. However, the survival rate drastically decreases if the prognosis is delayed and isn’t detected until ‘stage two. Though this varies on the different types of breast cancer, the average growth rate is established to be around one to two centimetres a year. Hence, missing the initial detection or delaying a check-up can result in life-threatening results. Therefore, Smart Option has developed an academic symposium titled ‘AI vs Human’ to capture the ultrasound screenings for breast cancer. In this symposium, it is to be examined how the METIS-Eye would judge cases compared to clinical doctors and technicians. The results of these findings were stated as being revolutionary – outstanding. “It was highly acclaimed as a means of supporting doctors and technicians and enhancing more accurate detection of breast cancer. Additionally, we are trying to visualise patient behaviour using IT apps to help doctors and patients see more detailed information so that they can make more adequate medical plans,” explains President and CEO Kenji Yamanami. Due to its impressive medical and technological findings, Smart Option has strong affiliations with collaborating doctors, leveraging Deep Tech’s software development capabilities. Moreover, the firm is closely associated with Kei hospital and the National Cancer Centre, with some of the Japanese Breast Cancer Society board members participating in the METIS-Eye research. Through various significant and highly regarded collaborations, Smart Opinion continues to work closely with such doctors daily and is distinguished by commercialising the real needs in daily medical operations. Due to the company’s vast amount of highly respected industry professionals, the firm has provided unparalleled innovation with its collaborations, genuine intellect and passion, driven by the imperative and impressive team at Smart Options. Currently, within the area of medical care, the introduction and establishing presence of innovative IT is lagging– especially within Japan. Kenji Yamanami explains, “For example, few use online cloud electronic medical record systems, and many use on-premises systems; however, these environments prevent our services from being fully digitised. Although medical care has begun its steps into digitalisation in recent years, the biggest advancements are still estimated to be within the next ten years. At Smart Opinion, we will take advanced initiatives for such an era and contribute to the creation of next-generation medical care.” The future of Smart Option is big, bright and hopeful, with the aim to expand its initiatives to other countries where early detection of breast cancer through sonography is essential. Furthermore, the firm is looking to partner with additional countries in order to enhance early detection of breast cancer using its state of the art and cutting-edge technologies. With the individuals of the world continuously suffering from breast cancer, companies like Smart Option are paving the way to save lives. Not only to create a better tomorrow but a better generation of innovators and professional intellectuals who will be inspired by the pioneering breakthrough that the company has established. Company Name: Smart Opinion Inc. Contact Name: Kenji Yamanami Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2021 19