Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021

relationship between each stakeholder from farmer to consumer. 4. Increased connectivity across supply chains. AI and Blockchain can provide data visibility among the various stakeholders and establish trust throughout the food supply chain. 5. Implementing AI and blockchain will improve transparency and traceability management, the user can gather and analyze data regarding how the food was produced, what chemicals and fertilizers where used, how and when it was packed, when it was shipped, etc. Every aspect of information about a food commodity can be stored on the Foodchain based blockchain system. 6. The “chain” in Foodchain instantly presents a picture of connectivity, collaboration, and alliance within the food business proving any successful process is the result of a strong partnership between different stakeholders in the food supply chain. This collaboration is necessary to create lasting value. When a food business deploys the Foodchain’s AI and blockchain technologies it becomes more efficient, productive, reduces its operating costs and establishes an associated mindset withing its collaborators. The technologies can facilitate collaboration between multiple stakeholders, both in-house and external, leading to more efficiency and greater transparency across the food supply chains. 7. Foodchain’s smart contracts for quality food supply chains essentially provides a digital agreement that is self-executing when predetermined and agreed conditions are met. Artificial Intelligence Awards 2021 9 8. Foodchain’s powered food supply chain monitoring for food products was developed with specialized digital storage requirements. Sensors on such goods can record temperature and humidity and keep track of other environmental parameters. The readings can be stored on the Foodchain’s blockchain platforms. No-one can tamper with that data; the platform is safe and fail-proof. If a storage condition changes, the appropriate stakeholders can be notified about it asap before any damage is done to the food. For instance, if certain food items go past their “use-by dates,” then the Blockchain system can declare them unfit for use. Foodchain is designed to solve many of the challenges the grower and the food ecosystem are facing as well as providing the traceability demanded by consumers with technological advances, new, improved and innovative ways of doing business using the Blockchain and AI. The world population is growing and requires more food to be produced. The Foodchain will unite Farmers, Buyers and Consumers in a digital ecosystem for the benefit of all agricultural companies and farmers who are applying technology and digitizing the processes in food production, traceability and food trading. Foodchain, Panama, Republica de Panama email: [email protected]