Artificial Intelligence Awards 2022

ERA Environmental Management Solutions (ERA) has been recognised as the Most Innovative EHS&Q Compliance Platform in the Artificial Intelligence Awards 2022. We explain what makes the company unique and how it is able to stand out from the competitors in the industry. ERA develops web based EH&S management software targeted at manufacturers needing to comply with governmental regulations and monitor their environmental outputs. All its services and products are designed to make a cleaner and safer world whilst allowing companies to maintain the quality of their own services and products. Although the skillset and innovation of the team are pivotal to the firm’s success, the company’s experience and drive set it apart from the rest. ERA has developed its state of software thanks to the years of environmental knowledge and wisdom that its ecological scientists possess. The software can help businesses become cleaner and greener. Companies can use the product to generate reports for any department, whether federal, provincial, or state regulations. It can also help companies to manage their carbon footprints and forecast emissions – which are crucial in assisting more prominent companies to enhance their reputation and move ahead of their competitors. When big brands and firms are looking to become cleaner, the software provided by ERA has come at precisely the right time. What’s more, when pitching to other companies or advertising to clients, companies can use the software to highlight their air, water, and waste emissions, as this is all tracked every step of the way. As a SaaS company, ERA has been innovative both internally and externally. The company puts its employees at the forefront of its ethos, allowing them to further their personal development and enhance the cleaner outlook for other companies. In a world where so many businesses do not always practice what they preach, ERA is unique – thanks to its internal culture of ever-evolving personal growth. Furthermore, the company also possesses an exclusive partnership program with some of the world’s largest coatings suppliers, making managing chemical inventories and environmental footprints much more straightforward and cost-efficient. In short, it is an all-in-one SaaS that offers complete coverage of EH&S needs. Another aspect that helps set ERA apart from its competitors is the information it provides to readers of its website, not just potential clients. The philosophy of the company is to make the world a better place. Whilst sales and revenue will help, if the world becomes a better place because of the information shared on a website, this is a huge benefit. By following the contact details at the bottom of the page, you will quickly find a vast selection of blogs, eBooks, videos, and even webinars which help readers to learn more about the environment – and how it can be improved. Whilst working on the software itself, the internal team at ERA are dedicated to providing individuals and readers of the website with indepthanalysis of how to make the world a healthier place. The latest section will interest those in the manufacturing industry as they garner a little more insight into how they can improve their emissions and make their own company more attractive. It is interesting to note that some of ERA’s eBooks, such as the Title V one, have been deemed so informative that the EPA used it as part of their training materials. This was something that has been highlighted by the ERA team and shows just how highly thought of the company and software are. Ultimately, this type of software and company is imperative to improving all of our lives and it is clear from their innovations that ERA are fully deserving of their most recent award. If you are a business operating in the manufacturing industry, we would certainly recommend checking out the software available, as well as making the most of their resources. Company: ERA Environmental Management Solutions Name: Sarah Sajedi Email: [email protected] Web Address: Nov22761 Most Innovative EHS&Q Compliance Platform