Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2022

shop, or as a way to explore an environment, through a network of air corridors, the TR- iXH8 makes traveling simple. Operating as a Hydrogen electric vehicle, the TR- iXH8’s body is constructed from carbon fibre and aluminium and is set upon an aluminium frame, ensuring that it is as lightweight as possible. Henceforth, the five-seater craft weighs in at around 1600 kilograms and reaches maximum speeds of 830 kilometers per hour. Additionally, the interior is decked out with numerous appealing features, including a vast amount of storage space, ambient lighting, cupholders, and heated seats. This is further complimented with an extensive entertainment system, driver assistance, and wi-fi. Externally, customers will be treated to a sleek and sophisticated design that features electric and heated aspheric door mirrors, adaptive LED Headlights, and a satin aluminium exterior trim. Canadian Business Awards 2022 15 Avi tion d Aerospace Awards 022 5 Of course, whilst the product must look good, it is also imperative that it comes along with a great amount of safety features. Coanda Aeronautical Turbines Limited has prioritised the safety of the TR- iXH8 above all else, installing numerous cutting-edge features that help prevent, and guarantee a streamlined response to, emergencies. From dynamic air break & trim control to a parachute system, the vehicle is designed to be effective when responding to an accident or malfunction. Moreover, it includes smart collision avoidance technology and a state-of-the-art passenger occupancy sensor. There is no doubt that autonomous and semi-autonomous aircraft will eventually become a regularly utilised transport method – aircrafts already have the option to engage in autopilot, henceforth, entirely automated aircrafts are not farfetched. In 2020, for example, Airbus concluded two years of flight testing