Canadian Business Awards 2019

36 Corporate Vision 2019 Canadian Business Awards , ASAP Rent Software Inc. Best Car Rental Software Provider 2019 Drawing on client feedback and the firm’s vast experience in the market, ASAP Rent Vehicle Rental Software has been built specifically for the vehicle rental industry. We invitedMichel King to tell us more about the firmand its innovative solution. For more than 15 years, ASAP Rent has listened to the vehicle rental industry, and acted on what it has learned. As a result, ASAP Rent has evolved into one of the most advanced vehicle rental and fleet management software providers, offering a unique solution that is powerful, integrated and easy to use. Any business will benefit from serial number management, picture integration of clients and fleet inventory, integrated email and faxing, driver’s license and credit card swiping, color-coded availability calendar, telematic and many more features. All of these solutions are provided within a standard Windows environment, using basic off-the-shelf hardware and your preferred browser. Thanks to its innovative range of features ASAP Rent is now powerful enough to meet any clients’ multi-branch and high- transaction needs, yet easy to implement and use, and flexible enough to grow as the business expands and changes. Michael explores how his company has developed a truly innovative, dynamic and client focused tool that truly meets their needs and exceed their expectations. “Over the years ASAP Rent has been in business, we have gained an intimate understanding of the vehicle rental business processes and best practices. Our most innovative ASAP Rent software solutions were developed with all this experience and customer knowledge in mind. All of our features are designed with the objective to make it work seamless with the rental operations: it must be flexible and easy to use. “Our unique solution has helped us to become a recognized leader in the industry with a significant share of the vehicle rental market and a long list of reference customers. We constantly strive to improve our software and place the customer needs at the center of our approach in developing our products and training and supporting our clients so that they can use them to the best of their advantage. The solution takes less than few hours to learn and operate, and we offer an e-learning tutorial which is integrated into the ASAP Rent application with information bulbs and dialog boxes. These bring an unparalleled, friendly user experience that ensures our clients fully understand their solution and feel confident in using it properly.” This incredible solution would be impossible without a dedicated team of staff, all of whom are both experienced in the car rental market and committed to excellence. Michael discusses his firm’s values and internal culture in more detail to offer a fascinating insight into how the company has achieved its incredible market position. “At ASAP Rent, we come from the industry and been raised into it since we are kids. Our family business specialized in the vehicle dealership’s including father, uncle and cousins for three generations, and as such we really understand all the process of this industry and are able to convert it into specialized software Jan19143 CONTACT DETAILS: Company: ASAP Rent Software Inc. | Name: Michel King Address: 1000, de La Gauchetiere O., Suite 2400 | Telephone Number: 14504308444 | Web Address: application that would benefit to users with an easy and simple intelligent approach. “As a family business we treat our customers like members of this family and we know by serving our own customers in our family vehicles dealership’s business what they need to preserve their loyalty and satisfaction.” In his concluding comments Michael explores his firm’s success and how, despite this, he and his team are keen not to rest on their laurels, but instead to offer clients truly cutting-edge solutions over the years to come. “Since inception ASAP Rent has achieved incredible success, and our solution is now used by more than a thousand of vehicles rental organizations across Canada, the United States, UK, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Croatia and Norway. With an ever- expanding network of agents and distributors we are committed to bringing our clients the best-of- breed of the next generation of rental vehicle software available in todays market. “As testimony to the level of innovation we provide, ASAP Rent technology is presently being used by more than 5,000 users including car dealers and vehicles rental franchisees such as: Hertz, Avis, Budget, National, Practicar, General Motors, Toyota and multitude of independent car rental companies located worldwide across North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia offering them a multi-currency, multi-time zone and multi- language solution. “Ultimately, ASAP Rent is the most powerful, integrated and easy to use vehicle rental management software on the market at the best acquisition cost of the industry with a proven track record of success. Moving forward we will continue to adapt our solutions to meet the ever- evolving needs of our clients, including incorporating advanced data protection features in line with the increasing focus on cyber security that we are seeing in the market today.”