Canadian Business Awards 2020

CORPORATE VISION / Canadian Business Awards 2020 33 , Jan20025 Best Temperature-Controlled Goods Transportation Company 2020 Getting goods where they need to be is an essential part of the way we live, and ensuring that they arrive safely and unspoiled is an often overlooked aspect of that. Able to pick up and deliver anywhere inCanada and continental USA, HanMTransportationManagement Services Ltd. has your back. We profiled the company to find out more. Since 2002, HanM Transportation has risen to a leading position in the transportation of temperature- controlled commodities and general goods. With its base of operations in Ontario, the team can organise transportation at temperatures ranging from -20 F/-28.9°C to 100°F/38°C to perfectly match the needs of their customers. In addition to focusing primarily on based in Canada or the USA (within 600 miles of Toronto), the team at HanM Transportation also offer customers the option of next day service. HanM Transportation has made its name through this work, with 50% of its loads being produce goods. Modern tractors and 53’ Reefer trailers are used, with periodic temperature download function available on request. These are inspected daily by drivers, with a full inspection performed by the safety department monthly. Before every journey, drivers will check the temperature of the load, record it on the bill of lading and confirm with the customer that there is no discrepancy between the required and the actual temperature of the load. With a strong emphasis on ensuring that every customer receives the best possible service, HanM Transportation have become adept at handling any special requests. When handling temperature-controlled goods such as tomatoes, it is useful to know that a trailer can, and will, be vented for ten minutes a few times a day to let out hot air as required. Similarly, customers are secure in the knowledge that sensitive commodities such as berries and cherries are under constant surveillance to ensure their quality when arriving at their destination. With 30% of loads being meat and frozen or refrigerated foods, this is incredibly important. One of the important things that sets HanM Transportation apart from its competitors is its excellent communication ability. With the fleet constantly being tracked by satellites, it is possible for clients to receive up-to-the- minute status updates on where their items are. Instant two-way communication means that any changes can be shared with the client directly. The team is always willing to go the extra mile to meet customers’ needs, such as pick-up dates, delivery times and temperature requirements. With 20 years of extreme efficiency under their belt, HanM Transportation have proven itself proficient in the transport of several types of cargo. As mentioned, it has an incredible amount of expertise in the field of temperature-controlled items, with an in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements of different products and an understanding that some loads must be delivered at specific times. With space-saving, modern 53’ trailers, there really is no better option. Being able to deliver anywhere in North America certainly gives HanM Transportation the edge in the industry. One of the less talked-about services that HanM Transportation offers is its drayage service, with a yard based strategically in Concord, Ontario close to both rail connections. Drayage is the transportation of goods over a short distance, and while a relatively niche service, it is one of the utmost importance to those transporting from rail to a ship or warehouse. HanM Transportation ensure that their clientele of shippers and freight forwarders always get the best possible customer service. In a world where the transportation of goods has gained increasing importance, HanM Transportation help to bridge the gap. With one eye on providing the best possible service for customers and the other on finding the best way to transport their goods, it’s no surprise that this business has grown into one of Canada’s most incredible successes. Contact Details Company: HanM Transportation Management Services Ltd Contact: Justin Yang Website: