2021 Canadian Business Awards

In a wireless world, security has to be a little different. For the team at Radio IP, the aim has always been to provide a portfolio of security solutions that can overcome the performance, security, connectivity and roaming challenges associated with wireless networks to achieve faster response times. With no two situations the same, the team’s offerings are thoroughly bespoke, allowing them to thrive. The team’s solutions have become immensely popular for many companies across a variety of industries. They implement Radio IP software as a vital part of their day-to-day operations. As a result, the team at Radio IP have ensured that their support teams are always on hand to provide assistance if things go wrong. In times of crisis, they can be trusted to go the extra mile to get things back on track once more. The constant involvement of both the Quality Assurance and Research & Development teams in identifying issues that affect the performance of a customer’s operations means that problems are swiftly solved, even when the issues are not necessarily related to a Radio IP solution. For many businesses, 2020 was an incredibly difficult time. At Radio IP, the team not only had to deal with these challenges themselves, but support firms through throughout. This has shown itself through increased demand around the world. For some firms, this is a natural reaction to the need to work from home that has been imposed by many governments, but 2020 has seen organisations reviewing and revamping their cybersecurity policies. If 2020 has proved one thing, it is that people can take advantage of technology to spend less time travelling. There is a tendency in the market to put new products in place to ensure stronger security policies. Being based in Canada has been incredibly helpful to the team at Radio IP. When selling their products, they don’t just arrive with their own reputation, but with the strength and character that every Canadian business holds. In a cybersecurity focused world, the country’s close relationship with allies such as the US, and NATO is also a strong plus. Within the country itself, Canada has developed a culture that provides businesses with an amazing number of programs to help a company achieve its business objectives. This has enabled the team to thrive. Finally, as a technology company, the firm has always been safely housed 10 minutes away from Downtown Montreal, in the Province of Quebec. Ideally situated to make the best of whatever situation they find themselves in, the team at Radio IP are able to constantly look forward to new and exciting opportunities. Needless to say, the technological world is looking at the potential of AI and 5G programs, with Radio IP no exception. They have developed a long standing relationship with the CENGN Infrastructure and networking lab in Ottawa as well as the ENCQOR 5G and AI lab in Montreal. This has ensured that any technological development that is made fits the rapidly approaching and constantly evolving standards that clients expect. There are numerous projects that the team have undertaken to strengthen their position in existing markets with export programs in the US, Australia and South East Asia being particularly successful, but now the team are entering a new phase where they can bring their expertise and quality security software to different areas around the world. Cyberattacks are now commonplace, and have forced companies to be more protective of what they have. Unfortunately, while the team are constantly flagging the importance of preparing for the risks at hand, many still see this area as one which is about evaluating the potential ROI of implementing one program instead of another. When it comes to the continuing mission of Radio IP, it’s to not only protect the interests of their clients, but to educate CISOs and CIOs to pursue their efforts in promoting strong cybersecurity policies. They should know how to implement solutions that will simplify the management of these programs. Undertaking this work, alongside trusted partners such as Radio IP, will ensure that business systems will remain safe and healthy for years to come. Company: Radio IP Software Contact: Roch Tremblay Web Address: https://www.radio-ip.com/ Email: [email protected] Best Cybersecurity Software Editing Specialists 2021 Cybersecurity has never been more important than it has become today. For the team at Radio IP Software, it’s an area that demands the ability to adapt quickly and effectively to whatever new challenges arise. With over two decades of success behind them, we take a look at how this team has thrived, and where they plan to go in the future. Jan21036