2021 Canadian Business Awards

Canadian Business Awards 2021 19 Dec20535 Physiocare Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre is a growing service of healthcare professionals serving its local community. Despite a recent sudden adaptation to remote work life, it has continued to flourish. Physiocare is a multispecialty clinic with a team of fully licensed and registered physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, Massage therapists, Acupuncturists and Laser Therapists. It works seamlessly through an evidence-based approach to support its clients in achieving their individual health goals, drafting actionable and achievable plans for recovery and management. No matter what service they access, Physiocare’s diverse client base is served by an equally diverse team of staff that create an encouraging atmosphere and personalise the experience as much as the client is comfortable with. Its mission is simple: it wishes to deliver a complete care package all under one roof, taking a truly holistic approach to physiotherapy. Its goals are in patient health and empowerment. Furthermore, it believes in adapting as a business to any trends or developments that occur within its industry, constantly upgrading its services to offer the best possible. It also offers unique health solutions such as electrotherapy modalities like ONDAMED, Deep Oscillation Therapy, Shockwave, Phototherapy and Laser Therapy. At Physiocare, it believes its attitude is what sets it apart from its competition – with its energetic and dedicated team members, it serves a vast array of people from paediatric to geriatric patients, and from athletes to office workers. Its treatments can tackle anything from chronic pain management to the slow recovery of acute injuries in a healthy and sustainable manner. To offer a snapshot of some of the services it provides, it offers TCM acupuncture, pelvic floor rehab, orthореdіс and sроrtѕ injuries, nеurоlоgісаl rеhаb, and aqua therapy just to name a few. With its long list of competencies, it seeks to improve individual quality of life of each of its patients, working together with families, caretakers, and other care providers to do so. This follows the bio-sociopsychological model of treatment that it adheres to. In sticking to this, it effectively provides a positive social environment that fosters growth in all aspects of a patient’s life, not just the physical. It handles such a broad variety of services due to the amount of different specialties and found amongst its staff. Furthermore, each of its therapists is growing and learning in and of themselves by attending seminars and completing certifications for a multitude Most Client-Focused Physiotherapy & Rehab Facility - Eastern Ontario of different techniques: for example, Graston, acupuncture, dry needling, Kinesiology taping, M2T blade and Traditional Chinese Cupping. The latest trend in its industry has been tele-rehabilitation or virtual treatments as a Covid-19 safe measure. The advent of this service has meant that the physiotherapy industry can continue to operate at a time where many other in-person reliant services have had to grind to a halt. Physiocare has begun to offer online appointments to its clients, in which the patient still works with their assigned physiotherapist, but all interaction is completely remote and from the comfort of home. In a circumstance that was previously unforeseen by Physiocare and indeed, Physiotherapy in general, offering this new service has had the effect of helping Phsyiocare reach out to a new market. Due to clients being able to partake from their home, Physiocare can now access patients who for whatever reason could not make in person visits to its centres. Tele-rehab has, in this way, been an unexpected yet lucrative avenue of revenue that resulted from the pivot the company was forced to take during the outbreak. However, Physiocare would like to stress that tele-rehab is not a total replacement for all its services. In person sessions are still invaluable tools for those who would have trouble completing the programs without hands on support. Being based in Canada alone has been yet another boon to this company; physiotherapy is a regulated profession, and physiotherapists are a primary health care provider. This means that unlike many other countries, a patient can directly approach a therapist for help without the referral of a GP. This has meant that Physiocare’s client base is foremost a proactive one; they seek help and prevention for injuries with little prompting, and most Canadians being tech savvy made the shift to majority online services far easier. Physiocare as a company is looking forward to a future of consolidating the plans it put into motion over the previous year. Namely, it wishes to continue work on its two new clinics, ensuring they are in a fit and operational state to offer yet more clients accessible and affordable care. Company: Physiocare Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre Contact: Vijay Sharma Website: www.physiocarephysiotherapy.com