Canadian Business Awards 2022

Dec21188 Best TV Broadcasting Company 2022 Canada is a land of varied opportunities. As individuals seek to pursue these opportunities, they also have an overwhelming desire not to forget who they are and where they come from. People come to Canada from around the world. No matter the country or destiny, their connection to their homeland is never severed. At Ethnic Channels Group, we strive to keep that connection alive. We have endeavoured to change the landscape of multicultural television in Canada. There are many miles to go on the eventful journey, and we continue to cherish every moment. – Slava Levin, CEO and co-founder Founded in 2004, Ethnic Channels Group Limited (ECG) began broadcasting with just four licenses and has grown into the world’s largest ethnic broadcaster. ECG operates 100+ television channels from around the globe, serving the multicultural population in Canada, USA, MENA and Australia across 20+ language groups. Our vision: To preserve cultural identities and promote world understanding. ECG’s founders chose the name (ECG also means electrocardiogram) to reflect its slogan: “the heartbeat from home.” Our mission: To connect people of all ethnicities worldwide with the best informative, entertaining and engaging programming from their homelands. Our audience: People who wish to remain connected with their native lands, as well as learn and preserve their ethnicities. ECG has always focused on innovation to deliver more of what its customers need and want. In order to bring in the large number of high-quality international channels that their audiences demanded, particularly when cable operators would only carry a few multicultural channels, ECG had to engineer its own solution. The result: ECG was one of the first media groups to bring OTT to the North American market. ECG serves its audiences as well as all of the brands that are important to those audiences through a range of capabilities beyond broadcasting. Advertising. ECG’s diverse lineup of premium international channels allows clients to reach their desired markets with targeted media buying options. This ensures that every advertising spend reaches further to drive results. Production. ECG not only produces its own award-winning original, ethnic local programming for Canadian audiences, but also offers complete production solutions from concept to execution, bringing dynamic and creative ideas to every project. ECG works on all types of productions including (but not limited to) • Documentaries • Talk Shows • Commercials • Corporate Videos • Infomercials • Instructional Videos • Paid Programs • Sports Broadcasts • Travel Series • Music Videos In the past two years, ECG Productions has won awards including • Hollywood North Film Awards (for Aboriginal Sounds of Canada) • Newmarket Toronto Film Festival and Hollywood Florida Film Festival (for Aelita) • Global Indian Film Festival (for Natasha) • New York International Women Film Festival (for Shirin) • Moscow Russia International Film Festival (for Boris Volkoff) • Canada Shorts - Canadian & International Short Film Festival (for Cadilac, Crazy Canuck Collections) • Oregon Documentary Film Festival (for Instruments of Torture, Crazy Canuck Collections) • Best Shorts Competition (for Mama Canada, Season 1, Outer Space Episode) • Toronto Independent Festival of Cift and Canada Shorts - Canadian & International Short Film Festival (for Mama Canada, Season 1, Symbols of Canada Episode) • International Music Video Awards (for Sounds of Quebec) • Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift (for Taste the Diversity: Portuguese) • Ambrosia Food & Drink Film Festival (for Taste the Diversity: Portuguese) The ECG staff of experts help with project development, production, post-production, business and legal affairs, financial structuring, tax credit collection, distribution, marketing, public relations and social media. Brand Marketing. ECG’s brand marketing services include a wide variety of strategies that help brands connect with new audiences and increase awareness, loyalty, and reach, including locally organized public events, celebrity and community leader endorsements, digital marketing, and traditional marketing that includes direct mail. Studios. ECG’s multi-functional studios are ready for use and the rental price is all-in: technical crew, camera equipment, lighting, editing, etc. Everything is set-up, helping guarantee clients well-crafted, high-quality results, on time and on budget. ECG Connects. Human beings have experienced unprecedented isolation over the last two years as we’ve battled Covid 19. The opportunity to travel to visit family and reconnect with your homeland has never been more limited. For those reasons, there’s also never been a time when ECG’s mission—helping people stay connected to their sense of ethnicity, identity, and home—has been more important. 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