Canadian Business Awards 2022

Since 2019, Tru Earth has been developing household products that aim to change the world. With sustainability at the epicentre of its mission, Tru Earth endeavours to reduce the use of plastic within the home, and over the past year it has eliminated over 6.2 million plastic jugs that otherwise would have been dumped into landfills or oceans. Simply, the company practices what it preaches, and aims “to make true lasting change that helps save the planet”. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, Tru Earth is a leading eco-friendly household product company that is on a mission to eliminate plastic from landfills and oceans. Fundamentally, Tru Earth is more than a company – it’s a movement. Indeed, bringing people together under #TruEarthMovement, the Tru Earth team joins more than 644,000 people in 67 countries to combat the 645 billion plastic household product containers dumped in landfills and oceans globally each year. With bathroom, laundry, and kitchen products in their arsenal, Tru Earth is home to the products necessary to make an impact on the environment. From eco-friendly laundry strips to beeswax food wraps, Tru Earth hosts a diverse range of sustainable products that will guide you through the transition into sustainable living. For example, a pack of 14 reusable makeup remover pads is available for £19.99 –The pads are machine washable and can last for over 1000 uses, which is significantly more than the average pack of disposable cotton pads. Furthermore, sustainability is a key factor throughout the company, and each member of the team is wholeheartedly committed to the cause. Growing from seven to over 147 employees, Tru Earth understands that sustainability must come from within – henceforth, it provides competitive wages, excellent benefits, and location flexibility. In addition, the company operates upon five core values – Humble, accountable, authenticity, positive, and inquisitive. Such values help Tru Earth and its team navigate through the competitive world of sustainable household products and, as a result, the company has become a leader in the industry. Dec21600 Best Eco-Friendly Household Products Company 2022 This is further bolstered by Tru Earth’s devotion to charitable causes. Tru Earth is different from other businesses because of its commitment to the planet and the people who inhabit it. Guided by its mission statement, ‘our critical cause is to make true lasting change that helps save the planet,’ the company endeavours to promote change in any way that it can. One key example of this is that through the evolution of Tru Earth – over 6,200,000 million plastic jugs, that otherwise would have been dumped into landfills or oceans, have been eliminated. Additionally, since the start of the pandemic, Tru Earth has donated over 13 million laundry loads to families in need across the globe. A feat which totals to approximately $6.9 million in retail value. Recently, Tru Earth partnered with Climate Smart Business Inc. to calculate its carbon footprint and, in turn, it is creating a reduction plan and tracking changes in emissions as the company continues to evolve and expand. The transition to marine and rail transportation has already drastically reduced Tru Earth’s carbon output, an effort which has been complimented by increasing the post-consumer paper content in all its packaging. It is with this in mind that Tru Earth is currently developing its plan based upon the 2021 figures. It is when we have an action plan that real change can happen. Contact: Anita Spiller, [email protected] 905-599-0477 Company: Tru Earth Environmental Products Inc. (Tru Earth) Web Address: