Canadian Business Awards 2023

Since 1998, family-run business Albert’s Generator Services Inc. has provided Southern Ontario with professional generator installation, maintenance and rentals. Providing a reliable 24/7 service, its team of technicians are trained professionals with the expertise to handle the needs of all individuals. The team’s unrivalled knowledge of generators and prompt, professional services are what makes the company a leader in the industry. Generators are useful appliances that supply electrical power by converting mechanical energy to electricity. They are critical during power outages and prevent disruption of daily activities and business operations. In areas where power outages are frequent, residents and businesses that rely heavily on power may wish to purchase a generator so that backup supply is immediately available. Albert’s Generator Services provide free quotes and are able to quickly and efficiently install generators and above-ground fuel tanks. These quotes are not only free but also trustworthy as the business guarantees that its installation prices will reflect the real cost of work, even if it is lower than the initial quote. When power outages are rare, it might be preferable to rent a generator rather than buying and maintaining one year-round. Albert’s Generator Services supplies self-contained portable generators in different sizes to suit a wide variety of needs. With technicians on standby 24/7/365, Albert’s Generator Services are available to provide backup power promptly whenever it is required. Specializing in generator maintenance, service, and repairs, Albert’s Generator Services offer weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, and five-year preventive maintenance services to customers who own a generator – to ensure that it continues to run at peak performance. Preventative maintenance programs are a costeffective way to avoid machine failure by addressing issues before they become problems. The firm also offers load bank tests which check the operational performance of generators to ensure that they are working at optimal level. To ensure customers’ safety, all load bank tests provided by Albert’s Generator Services are done to comply with the fire code CSA282-09. “We provide 24/7 service and repairs for equipment in high-demand and critical care facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, city and water treatment facilities and schools. A loss of power for them could have devastating consequences.” With Albert’s Generator Services, residents in Ontario can trust that their generators will be in optimal condition all year round. Its efficient, reliable, and high-quality services make it a leader in its industry, meaning it is a worthy winner of Best Generator Maintenance Company, Elgin County, in the Canadian Business Awards 2023. Contact: Joanne Patterson Contact Email: [email protected] Company: Albert’s Generator Service Inc Web Address: Dec22526 Best Generator Maintenance Company - Elgin County