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Canadian Business Awards 2023 York Dermatology Clinic & Research Centre: Most Innovative Dermatology Practice 2023 - Canada

Introducing the Canadian Business Awards 2023 Corporate Vision is excited to announce that one of our most popular programmes is returning for the seventh consecutive year in 2023! The acclaimed Canadian Business Awards 2023 will delve into the top industries, regions, executives, and developments spearheading both current and future growth in Canada’s dynamic business landscape. For years, Corporate Vision Magazine has been providing readers with the latest news, industry insights, and expert analysis across our target markets, and since the time of our launch Canada has been a key part of this coverage. Making up over 10 percent of our global audience, Canadian corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, and company owners trust Corporate Vision to be a reliable source of business reporting for their country. Utilising our accumulated understanding of this region alongside our broad business expertise, we launched the Canadian Business Awards to shine a spotlight on the major players and innovators throughout Canada, rewarding them for their continuous outstanding performance in their chosen sector. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sofi Parry, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Isabella Mifsud, Writer | Alejandra Garcia, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer

Media Innovator Awards 2022 3 Contents 4. York Dermatology Clinic & Research Centre: Most Innovative Dermatology Practice 2023 - Canada 6. Canor Construction Inc: Best Landscaping & Civil Construction Firm - Northeastern Ontario 8. Tech-Access Canada: Most Dedicated Tech Product R&D Organization 2023 9. Cree-Con Construction Inc.: Best Family-Run Concrete Construction Company - Alberta 10. A&A Greenilla Food Ltd: Best Authentic Myanmar Foods Manufacturer - North America 11. The Malcolm Hotel: Best Environmentally- Friendly Well Technology Company - Western Canada 12. Durham First Aid Inc: Best First Aid & CPR Training Provider - Ontario 13. Long-Haggerty Chartered Professional Accountant Inc.: Best SME Accounting Business - Okanagan Valley 14. Albert’s Generator Service Inc: Best Generator Maintenance Company - Elgin County 15. Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum: Most Unique Immersive Canadian Heritage Visitor Attraction - Ontario 16. Topp Kids Out Of School Clubs: Best Community & Youth Development Organisation 2023 - Alberta 17. Canadian Equality Consulting: Most Supportive Workplace Culture Advisory Firm 2023 18. Tru Earth Environmental Products Inc.: Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Brand 2023 19. PARKER PR: Best Boutique PR & Communications Firm 2023 - Western Canada 20. CIPR Communications: Best International Tourism Marketing & Communications Agency 2023 21. Moonshiners Unlimited: Best Wine & Beer Making Supplies Retail Enterprise - Manitoba 22. Charting Champions (Legal name: Reach Career Coaching Inc): Most Innovative Physician Specific Coaching 2023: Dr Sarah Smith - Canada 23. Mountain Mac Solutions: Best Computer/Mobile Device Repairs Shop - Southern Interior BC 24. Environfocus Incorporated: Best Intercontinental Sustainability & Environmental Management Social Enterprise 2023 25. The Information Professionals: Best Information Management Advisory Firm 2023 26. Urban Legal Recruitment Inc: Best Legal Professional Recruitment Firm 2023 27. Ottawa School of Beauty Ltd – Beauty Academy: Best Hairstyling & Beauty Aesthetics Academy - Ontario 28. Quinta Quinoa - Quinta Local Superfoods Inc.: Quinoa Brand of the Year 2023 - North America 29. Service All Appliances: Best Appliance Repair Company - Simcoe County 30. Skysail Brand: Best Full-Service Digital Branding Agency - Atlantic Canada 31. Roof Effex Inc: Best Commercial Roofing & Maintenance Company - Alberta

Conveniently located in Richmond Hill, York Dermatology Clinic & Research Centre consists of a team of board-certified dermatologists who are able to provide a wide range of medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology treatment options, as well as clinical research for chronic dermatological conditions. Owned by Dr Michael Cecchini, the firm’s mission is to provide skilled, ethical, and comprehensive care to all patients in an unbiased manner so that they are fully empowered to make informed choices about the health of their skin. “We have an innovative approach to patient care and service delivery, which includes a focus on education, prevention, and patient satisfaction,” he begins. “The practice has combined traditional techniques with new technologies to provide patients with an experience that is both convenient and effective.” Michael graduated from the University of Toronto in 2019 and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada. Born and raised in the mining town of Timmins, Ontario, his love for the north was cemented when he attended the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in Sudbury. This is where he gained extensive hands-on learning experience while working in remote northern communities and focusing on francophone and aboriginal health. It was while he was working at York Dermatology that the opportunity to buy the company came up, meaning that Michael became a business owner a lot earlier than he originally expected, at the age of just 33 and not long after he had completed his dermatology residency. “At the beginning of my career, my main goal was to graduate, work for a number of years, and then maybe one day down the road, start my own clinic,” says Michael. “Since this opportunity came up, I’m now in a different place than anything I could have imagined.” Now with six doctors that work for him, and a cosmetic wing plus clinical trials, Michael’s goal is now to be the best medical dermatology centre in the north of the Greater Toronto Area, with outreach into Northern Ontario. “I want to be able to give great medical care to people who need it but may not always have access. On top of that, the clinic works very closely with many patients with hidradenitis suppurativa, a very painful skin condition impacting the body’s sweat glands, and I’d like our clinic to be one of the main centres to help with this. Ultimately, my goal is to continue to grow the clinic, help people, and be a centre of excellence.” Whilst many of York Dermatology’s patients visit the clinic for professional cosmetic services, including laser hair removal, RF micro needling, the treatment of acne scarring, and neurological modulators, the doctors are also specialists in diagnosing and treating a variety of dermatological conditions that include hidradenitis suppurativa, melanoma, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and acne. As well as this, the clinic regularly conducts clinical trials for conditions such as hidradenitis suppurativa, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and alopecia areata treatments. Most Innovative Dermatology Practice 2023 - Canada Run by experienced dermatologist, Dr Michael Cecchini, York Dermatology Clinic & Research Centre (York Dermatology) is proud to provide world-class dermatology services to patients of all ages and skin types throughout the Greater Toronto Area and across Ontario. We find out more about the clinic as Michael talks to us following a win in the Canadian Business Awards 2023. But it is the keen focus on innovation which Michael believes is key to staying ahead of the competition and which keeps his clients coming back for more. “At York Dermatology, we’re constantly looking at new ways to improve our services and make them more accessible for our patients,” he elaborates. “We want everyone who comes through our doors to feel welcome, comfortable, and confident about getting their skin checked out by one of our experts!” Obviously, running a busy clinic in a billion-dollar industry has its downsides, as well as its benefits. Michael tells us that being highly organised and managing his time is essential, especially when things are hectic. But he also ensures that he sets aside time for himself and supports his own mental health. “It’s important to surround yourself with others that you trust, and who care as much as you do about the organisation,” he tells us. “Everyone I work with hustles and goes above and beyond. We are working towards many common goals in building the best possible experience for our staff and patients. When you meet people, whether it’s networking, patients, or staff, it’s always important to make decisions with honesty and integrity.” York Dermatology Clinic & Research Centre is proud to have recently been named the Most Innovative Dermatology Practice 2023 by the esteemed Canadian Business Awards. This award acknowledges York Dermatology for being a leader in its field and for setting new standards for excellence in the healthcare industry. “This award recognises excellence in dermatology and our commitment to providing our patients with innovative, high-quality care,” Michael enthuses. “This award comes from our dedication to providing the best possible service to our patients, and we are honoured to be recognised for this commitment. We’re proud that our peers have recognised our efforts, and we look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions that improve lives. “We would like to thank our clients for your continued support, without which we could not be here today!” With hordes of delighted clients, it’s easy to see why York Dermatology is so successful. Here are a just a few comments from some of the many satisfied and loyal customers. One patient describes their experience: “Very knowledgeable and removed a chronic abscess from my armpit that had been an issue for over five years. He fit me immediately into a busy schedule so I could begin recovery as quickly as possible and return to work. It has now healed up nicely and I am very grateful.” Similarly, another client was impressed by the innovative approach which Dr Cecchini believes is so vital: “Always looking for new ways to better help his patients. Extremely knowledgeable and specialised in his work. Would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from debilitating skin conditions.”

CMa ne ad di ai aI nn nBouvsai tnoersAs wA awr adrsd2s 022022 35 5 Finally, a rosacea sufferer comments on how different life is following treatment at York Dermatology: “Dr Michael Cecchini and his entire staff are extraordinary! I have received excellent care from the doctor and his nurses. “I am so pleased with the results on my face. I had a lot of pimples and redness of rosacea on my face and it was really painful. Now my face is clean, shiny, and soft, and I owe it all to Dr Cecchini’s expertise. My face is clearing up! “Dr Cecchini does not give up; he tries different approaches if one doesn’t work. Thank you all for making me feel better about my face.” Contact: Dr Michael Cecchini Company: York Dermatology Clinic & Research Centre Web Address:

Since 1979, Canor Construction Inc has provided landscaping, demolition, construction, residential and commercial waste container rentals, and waste removal services to North Bay and the surrounding communities. Through exceptional service and attention to detail, Canor works closely with commercial businesses, contractors, land developers, and residents to support their needs and help them achieve their goals. Purchased by Ken Sim in 2009, Canor Construction Inc has since expanded from 20 employees to more than 100 full time employees, all whilst achieving steady sales growth year on year. Over the past several years, Ken has continued to invest in the company to diversify and expand services by establishing a waste recycling facility and even an aggregate crushing facility too. “Canor’s values and goals that embrace quality and exceptional service have contributed to ongoing growth and success,” Ken tells us. “In addition to providing high-quality results, ensuring customer satisfaction in all areas of operations through competitive prices, timeliness, attention to detail, and adopting a service-minded attitude is a priority for the company.” Ken is a passionate entrepreneur who continues to identify opportunities and adopt innovative services and products to meet market demands, support job creation, and invest in the local community. Having been working the land his entire adult life, Ken started up his own landscaping business in North Bay, Ontario, in the year 2000 at just 18 years of age. He ran this business as his sole focus with ardour and great success up until 2009 when he decided to change his scope and get into the aggregate business. Aware of the company already as he used to purchase his materials form them, Ken acquired the firm, taking on a total of four pits and one quarry in the North Bay area. It typically produces somewhere between 20 to 25 different products each year, including granular A, granular B, granular B2, and granular B3; gabion stone; pickled sand; river rock 1”-4”; river rock 4”-12”; stone dust; topsoil; filter sand; clear stone 1/4, 3/4, 7/8; quarry 3/4, 5/8; recycled asphalt; sand fill; and screened sand. Today, the company produces an average of 50,000 tons annually, but has produced upwards of 90,000 tons in its busiest years. In addition to supplying aggregates from its pits and quarries to local contractors, Canor also supplies waste services; water and sewer services; and is one of the largest snow removal companies in the North Bay area. The company is also a demolition expert, primarily engaged in excavation work and digging foundations. Canor offers services in labour relations consulting, health and safety compliance consulting, equipment rentals, and various roll-off containers, too. Since being taken over in 2009 by an enthusiastic and dedicated young entrepreneur, Canor Construction Inc (Canor) has gone from strength to strength and now offers everything from excavation and demolition to aggregate delivery and commercial snow removal services. We speak to Ken Sim, the man who made it all possible, as the firm celebrates a win in the Canadian Business Awards 2023. “What sets us apart from other companies is our commitment to quality,” continues Ken. “We are detail-oriented and determined to provide the best quality service. We perform pre-construction inspections and can provide a detailed log of the services provided.” Through Canor, Ken is committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity in relationships not only with its customers, but also with suppliers, subcontractors, and professional associates. The company also maintains open lines of communication and offers 24/7 services to handle emergencies and after hours work. Due to this keen focus on building and maintaining strong relationships with its customers, Canor has enjoyed significant growth over the years through repeat business, word-of-mouth, marketing, and business-tobusiness referrals due to the high-quality results it achieves on all jobs. Having built a strong team of more than 100 employees with complementary skills, knowledge, and experiences that work together to drive success, Ken promotes job retention and satisfaction by striving to create a strong workplace culture that inspires creativity and fosters innovation within the workplace. “Employees are encouraged to take part in professional development training opportunities which spark their interest and to cross-train within different positions,” Ken enthuses. “This not only increases employee productivity and engagement but also diversifies Canor’s workforce.” All staff at Canor are provided with a comprehensive benefits package, pension plan, and competitive wages. Additionally, staff have access to equipment free of charge and pay market-rate pricing for products where permitted. These are just a few of the ways that Canor recognises its employees for providing exceptional customer service and quality of workmanship on all job sites. Ken says, “Performance quality, collaboration, problem-solving, and teamwork skills are qualities that are highly valued and recognised in Canor employees. The company is an equal opportunity employer focused on recruiting competent employees with the right attitude and promoting them on merit to attract and maintain a highly qualified workforce.” As an industry leader, it is important for Canor to continue to stay on top of advancements, new technology, innovative processes and products, and environmental sustainability in order to continue to provide a competitive advantage and positively impact the clients and communities it serves. Currently, sustainability and the environment are key industry trends that have been gaining attention across Canada and the globe. Identifying a need to address these areas within the community of North Bay, Canor is in the process of building a waste processing and recycling facility that will sort, recover, and reuse recyclable materials from construction and demolition projects. Best Landscaping & Civil Construction Firm - Northeastern Ontario

Media Innovator Awards 2022 7 “This new processing and recycling facility will provide an essential service that will allow commercial businesses, contractors, land developers, and residents the opportunity to divert construction waste from landfills and greatly diminish their environmental impact,” Ken states. “The facility will also process wood, asphalt, and concrete into mulch and gravel that will be sold onsite (or delivered), as well as send plastic, paper, steel, and organic materials to local partners for recycling to be further processed into new products.” As with many companies across all industries, Canor was forced to review and re-evaluate its product and service offering, supply chains, and daily operational practices when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. In 2021, the company expanded its operations to include a crushing facility for the onsite processing of aggregate materials to mitigate challenges related to supply chain disruptions and rising costs of aggregate crushing services resulting from the pandemic. Prior to this, Canor contracted a third-party service provider to crush and refine its aggregate materials. By integrating aggregate crushing Canadian Business Awards 2023 7 and screening services into the company, Canor has been able to increase production capabilities, mitigate third-party supplier risks, take control of inventory counts, and perfect the quality of aggregates used internally and sold to its customers. In 2020, Canor was recognised as one of the Top 100 snowploughing companies in North America by Snow Magazine. More recently, it gained further notoriety worldwide as it was named Best Landscaping & Civil Construction Firm – Northeastern Ontario in the Canadian Business Awards 2023. “We are proud of our success and will keep striving for a stronger future!” Ken enthuses. And with the way he has positioned his company, one can certainly expect to see increased success and further growth for Canor moving forward. Contact: Ken Sim Company: Canor Construction Inc Web Address:

network. The program’s goal is to provide small companies with access to R&D resources, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with a TAC to address a business innovation challenge. Since it was launched in 2016 as a pilot using nine Ontario-based TACs, the program has been a great success. The TACs have completed over 1,500 short-term collaborative Visits with NRC IRAP clients. Companies that have taken part in the program have reported increased sales, decreased costs, use of new technologies, new hires, and further investment in R&D activities. Due to its success, the funding allocated to the program has gradually increased. In Budget 2021, it received $6 million in funding from the federal government. As a result of this, the program has been able to run throughout the year without depleting its budget. The eligibility criteria for the program have since been expanded to increase participation of companies led by individuals from underrepresented groups. This includes women, indigenous people, people with disabilities, and visible minorities. This will allow the program to reach even more businesses across Canada. This is an essential step towards Tech-Access Canada’s vision of making TACs accessible to all Canadian entrepreneurs and businesses. On this, Tech-Access-Canada’s executive director, Ken Doyle, says, “We are proud to help create a better Canada by providing more inclusive innovation opportunities for members of underrepresented groups.” In the future, Tech-Access Canada plans to use data and insights generated from those who have previously participated in the Interactive Visits Program to encourage more government departments to provide funding by demonstrating the impact of helping businesses and how they grow as a result. Continuously surveying members to identify and understand things that need to be addressed in the future and creating programs to solve these issues, Tech-Access Canada is dedicated to its cause. It shares a collective goal with its TAC members, which is to help as many innovators as possible across Canada, and is constantly working towards it. As a result, it is clear to see why Tech-Access Canada has won Most Dedicated Tech Product R&D Organization 2023 in the Canadian business awards. Contact: Ken Doyle Company: Tech-Access Canada Web Address: Jan23286 Most Dedicated Tech Product R&D Organization 2023 Established in 2015, Tech-Access Canada is a non-profit organization representing a network of 60 Technology Access Centres (TACs). The organization is dedicated to expanding the network’s reach in order to make TACs accessible to as many entrepreneurs and innovators across Canada as possible. With an overall goal of helping businesses access essential equipment, facilities, and expert advice, Tech-Access Canada advocates for its 60 TAC members and aims to foster collaboration between TACs and innovators. Tech-Access Canada was established in 2015 to represent and support the developing network of Technology Access Centres (TACs) in Canada. TACs are specialized research and development (R&D) centres affiliated with public colleges and cégeps. They provide Canadian businesses with access to state-of-the-art technology and equipment as well as multi-disciplinary teams of experts who can turn innovative ideas into market-ready products. They support entrepreneurs and innovators in areas such as food innovation, agriculture, advanced manufacturing, bio-innovation, green chemistry, energy, aquaculture, metallurgy, geomatics, innovative vehicles, smart clothing, wearables, mobile applications, and more. Aiming to scale-up small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), create new jobs, and contribute towards regional economic growth, TACs play a huge role in Canada’s innovation ecosystem. With 60 TACs across Canada, the network collectively helps over 5,000 businesses annually, providing them with almost 4 million square feet of dedicated innovation and applied research space, $477 million worth of equipment and research facilities, and access to over 2,000 experienced industry experts. TACs also offer impressive learning opportunities to students and recent graduates, training them to use the latest technology and equipment and enabling them to work on applied research projects with industry partners. This highlights the positive impact TACs have on the education system and young people with the potential to become entrepreneurs in the future. Tech-Access Canada facilitates the growth and success of its TAC network members in various ways. For example, it connects innovators and entrepreneurs with TACs with suitable expertise to help develop and commercialize their unique product or solve their specific challenge. The organization also aims to advance applied research in Canada by fostering partnerships between TAC members and stakeholders in the industry and government, as well as in universities and associations. Furthermore, Tech-Access Canada delivers programs that enable TAC members to work with industry partners on R&D projects, as well as train new interns to innovate by providing them with experiential learning opportunities. As well as supporting the growth of its TAC members, Tech-Access Canada seeks feedback and aims to listen to their unique needs and challenges and adapt its services accordingly. For example, members highlighted a need for more funding to support initial engagements between small companies and TACs. In response, with support from the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), Tech-Access Canada created the Interactive Visits Program. This program provides eligible SMEs, referred by their Industrial Technology Advisor, with up to 20 hours of access to specialized technical, business, or commercialization assistance from a TAC within the

Jan23237 Founded in 2012, family-run company Cree-Con Construction Inc. offers comprehensive commercial concrete services. to commercial clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas, from small businesses like Diego Concrete to industry leaders like Pagnotta Industries and Dawson Wallace Construction. They are the go to contractor for concrete flatworks and complete concrete site work services , the team pride themselves every day for producing high quality finished products. Cree-Con is tackling the challenges of encouraging new hires into the trade, while providing the best working environment possible for its existing employees. When Cree-Con was established in April 2012, the company had 5 employees, mainly family members. Now, 11 years since its foundation, the company has 24 employees at its peak season. The company was created with the goal that Cree-Con reflects its founders’ personal core values. These are firstly that all employees should be treated like family and secondly that employees will be given the opportunity to grow and advance to their full potential. This has cultivated a team that takes pride in their work and goes above and beyond at every job site. With a team of hardworking commercial concrete specialists, Cree-Con owes its success to its unique employees. The company consistently provides excellent services as a result, so clients can have peace of mind when Cree-Con’s team is on site. With constant developments in the construction industry, Cree-Con has set itself apart from its competition by becoming one of the top structural flat floor specialists along with the highest regards for final product of complete concrete site services. The company’s employees are knowledgeable, efficient and safety driven. Cree-Con is also flexible and accommodating in schedule changes due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances, which is a necessary part of working in construction. It is important to the owners of Cree-Con, Dennis and Karma Hunter, that their company has visions, values and beliefs that align with their employees’. At Cree-Con, every position is important. No individual role is better than another. This contributes to how well the team works together. The owners are involved in the everyday activities of working on site, as they want their team to know they have respect for the daily jobs involved in concrete construction. The crew has been together for over 10 years, so their teamwork skills are unmatched. This is a huge part of what makes Cree-Con’s team one of the fastest concrete placing companies in Edmonton. Due to the physically demanding nature of concrete construction, there is a lack of new hires in the industry. Cree-Con attends trade shows and youth career events to seek new hires and to encourage younger applicants to consider working in concrete construction. This is proving to be challenging, but Cree-Con continues to take on employees with minimal experience with the vision of helping them learn and advance within the company. Having won Best Family-Run Concrete Construction Company, Alberta, in the Canadian Business Awards, Cree-Con looks towards a bright future for concrete construction in Edmonton. The city has approved over 70 high-rise, low-rise, and warehouse spaces for development. Cree-Con is currently working on the Parks and the Falcon in the downtown area, as well as the Fulton, Home Depot, and Anthony Henday business park buildings 1 and 2. The company is also acquiring at least 3 more high-rise developments within Pagnotta Industries along with work on several commercial sites with Dawson Wallace Construction. Contact: Karma Hunter Company: Cree-Con Construction Inc. Web Address: Best Family-Run Concrete Construction Company - Alberta Canadian Business Awards 2023 9

Food-loving consumers are always looking to explore new tastes, particularly new multicultural dishes. Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a Southeast Asian nation known for its traditional curries, salads, fried noodles, and noodle soups. Producing high quality, culturally rich food products, Moe Myanmar is North America’s first commercial producer of delicious and authentic Myanmar foods. With highly nutritious products as well as a variety of foods that suit many different dietary requirements, their products appeal to a wide range of customers. Multicultural and fusion foods play a crucial role in building connections between consumers and culinary cultures from across the globe, increasing knowledge of the different flavours used in various cultures’ cuisine. Many types of Asian foods are readily available in grocery stores all over the world, for example Japanese Ramen, Pad Thai, and Vietnamese Pho noodle soups. However, there is a lack of Myanmar cultural food items on retail shelves. When they moved to Canada, the founders of Moe Myanmar could not find foods from their home country readily available in local grocery stores. Since 2019, Moe Myanmar food products have aimed to fill this market gap by providing unique new tastes from Myanmar to consumers in North America and Canada. Furthermore, with their plantbased, organic, non-GMO and gluten free products, they aim to attract health-conscious consumers as well as those who wish to try new foods. They currently have 10 products on the market, including Mohingar, Coconut Chicken Noodles, Crispy Chickpea Tempura, Sprouted Yellow Peas, Noodles with Chicken Sauce, Noodles with Soybean Chicken Sauce, as well as organic and non-GMO versions of their Monthingar Soup Mix and Chickpea Tofu Mix. Moe Myanmar values authenticity, quality, simplicity and sustainability. They believe it is important that their food products are authentic and that customers are always satisfied with the quality of their products. They value simplicity by ensuring their products are easy to prepare and ready to eat, meaning customers save time and effort while enjoying healthy, nutritious dishes which are particularly high in iron, fibre, and protein. Lastly, they strive for sustainability and circularity. Aye Myae, founder of Moe Myanmar foods, says on the topic, “We always integrate principles and practices of sustainability and circularity into our products, resulting in increasing resource use efficiency and productivity.” Moe Myanmar donates 10% of their proceeds to Humanitarian Aid in Myanmar. They aim to establish fair trade with primary producers in Myanmar in the future, the target being that at least 50% of their ingredients will come from fair trade by the end of 2025. Winning Best Authentic Myanmar Foods Manufacturer, North America, in the Canadian Business Awards 2023, is a promising start to the year ahead. Moving forwards, Moe Myanmar foods aims to penetrate the market and expand their customer base. Aye says, “There is huge potential to go global and expand our customer base significantly.” Company: A&A Greenilla Food Ltd. Name: Aye Myae Web Address: Jan23182 Best Authentic Myanmar Foods Manufacturer - North America

Jan23151 Best EnvironmentallyFriendly Well Technology Company - Western Canada Located in the heart of the Alberta Rockies, The Malcolm Hotel has it all. With stunning mountain views, exceptional personalized service, and resort-style amenities, guests are left with very little to wish for. Even better, Canmore’s premiere luxury hotel not only provides four-star service and a truly luxurious experience, but it is also dedicated to its community and the environment, aiming to minimize its carbon footprint through various sustainable practices. The first traditional hotel built in Canmore in the last 20 years, the Malcolm Hotel provides four-star service and hospitality to 124 wellappointed rooms and suites with luxury amenities. Situated between two natural-flowing creeks, its ambiance and design reflect the pageantry, royalty, and heritage of the past Scottish King, Malcolm III, who is also known as Canmore’s namesake. The hotel’s amenities include an elegant outdoor pool with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains from the second floor, an open-air mezzanine, and a fitness centre. With a large outdoor event space, six sophisticated meeting rooms, and a fine dining restaurant and bar, the Malcolm Hotel is ideal for conferences, weddings, and luxury getaways. As well as boasting an impressive range of luxurious facilities, the Malcolm is also dedicated to its community and the environment. When plans to build the Malcolm were still under development, the decision was made to invest in building the hotel to meet the Canadian Green Build standards with the vision of obtaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The Malcolm Hotel was therefore built with sustainability as a leading priority. Utilizing the hotel’s prime location between Policemen’s Creek and Spring Creek, the Malcolm was designed to use geothermal technology to sustainably supply water and heat throughout the building. Geothermal systems are not only economical, but they are also environmentally friendly. Instead of using fossil fuels for heat in the winter and electric air conditioners in the summer, the hotel uses a geothermal system to heat and cool the hotel based on its needs. Founder and President of the Malcolm and developer of the Spring Creek community, Frank Kernick, comments, “We were one of the first to adopt geothermal technologies in Alberta to meet our goal: to create a truly sustainable mountain community. This is a nod to my parents and grandparents and to Canmore – a legacy for the town in which I grew up.” The positioning of energy efficient windows also allows natural light into the building which provides warmth on a continual basis. From the use of ethically sourced wood and iron to the utilization of local carpeting suppliers, it is evident that the Malcolm was truly built to leave an ever-lasting legacy in Canmore while creating minimal environmental impact on its community. Since it opened, the Malcolm’s team has continued to keep environmental responsibility as a priority. The Malcolm Hotel has a Sustainable Policy and Action Plan which declares its commitment to effectively addressing environmental issues that are a result of its daily operations. The hotel also has a Green Team, which is a group of representatives from each department who meet monthly to discuss, implement, and review various green initiatives. In addition, the hotel aims to purchase sustainability, meaning they aim to buy in bulk to reduce excess packaging, purchase locally to reduce the impacts of shipping – as well as purchase items that are reusable or made from organic/sustainable products. To reduce energy and water consumption, towels and linen are not refreshed daily unless otherwise requested and training is provided to staff on how to use resources responsibly. The hotel also recycles as much as possible to reduce waste. Furthermore, The Stirling Grill, The Malcolm Hotel’s Fine Dining Experience, proudly works alongside the town of Canmore as a pilot property for the commercial composting program. The restaurant has now been composting food waste for over a year and it has created an amazing mindset within the team to strive towards reducing and recycling waste wherever possible. Rose Foster, the hotel’s guest services manager, says, “Living in this pristine environment reminds us constantly it is not only our responsibility to operate sustainably but to encourage our team members and visitors to be legendary role models striving to excellence in all aspects of regenerative tourism.” Moving forward, the hotel aims to attain GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) certifications and is working with Green Step Solutions to assess the hotel’s current environmental impact and carbon footprint. Once this assessment is complete, all departments will be invited to review the report and work creatively to expand on the hotel’s already effective regenerative practices. Winning Best Environmentally-Friendly Well Technology Company, Western Canada, in the Canadian Business Awards 2023, is a promising start to what will undoubtedly be an eventful year for the Malcolm Hotel. It will be exciting to see how the hotel’s steps towards sustainability develop as further environmentally conscious daily practices are implemented with team members and guests. Contact: Rose Foster Company: The Malcolm Hotel Web Address: Canadian Business Awards 2023 11

Durham First Aid Inc. (DFA) is an elite training partner of the Canadian Red Cross, offering high quality First Aid and CPR/AED courses in a comfortable and safe environment. Providing first aid training is a provincial regulation that businesses need to comply with. DFA aims to make the process of providing first aid training easy for companies, as well as fun for participants. With highly trained instructors who are experts in their field, DFA’s training isn’t just about the certificate, but also the knowledge, confidence and enjoyment gained along the way. Since 2017, Durham First Aid Inc. (DFA) has been based in a training facility in Oshawa, which now has 3 comfortable training rooms with underpadded flooring to protect participants’ knees while practicing CPR skills and other first aid techniques. By the end of 2022, the organization had trained an impressive total of 25,131 people in various levels of first aid and CPR, with annual figures increasing steadily since 2016. Having set a target to train 6000 people in 2022, the team flew beyond this goal and trained 7002 people in total. DFA offers courses in Youth First Aid, Lay Rescuer and Workplace First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, Psychological First Aid, as well as Professional Responder Courses. DFA also sells workplace first aid kits, Naloxone wall-mounted kits, and other first aid supplies which participants can add to their supplies at home. Unlike other first aid training providers, DFA demonstrates outstanding attention to detail and aims to add a personal touch. Every participant who books a course receives a personal email with their course confirmation and receipt to ensure they have chosen the right course. When they arrive at the training centre, clients are greeted by the reception team, who reconfirm they have booked the correct course and direct them to the training room. This all aids in providing a smooth and relaxing course. DFA also aims to accommodate most people’s schedules, so the training facility is open 7 days a week, with popular courses running 5-7 times a week to ensure participants have access to training when it is convenient for them. Erika Andrusiak, CEO of DFA, is no stranger to the first aid and CPR world. Having worked as a lifeguard, swimming instructor, then a first aid instructor, she has taken many first aid courses and has determined what makes an excellent first aid course. Erika, supported by her DFA team, aims to ensure that participants are comfortable, welcomed and engaged in their first aid sessions. She believes that participants will retain very little from a course with lectures and PowerPoints, so she has worked hard to make DFA’s courses engaging and informative. Everyone has been to a boring training course, but DFA aims to make their courses fun. Instructors use a learner-centred approach to teaching, meaning they tailor their teaching method to the learning style of the participants. This flexibility ensures that courses are dynamic and interactive, which leads to retention of knowledge and skills. This means that participants are more likely to feel confident to help in a first aid emergency. As well as having received multiple awards, the Red Cross has recognized DFA as an elite training partner, awarding it with the ability to train future Red Cross instructors. This designates DFA as an Instructor Development Centre. This designation is important to DFA as it takes pride in developing new instructors to ensure that Jan23057 Best First Aid & CPR Training Provider - Ontario the Red Cross vision for learner centred courses is passed on to other training partner companies as they grow. DFA is the largest training partner in the Durham region and the only training partner in Durham that offers all levels of Red Cross courses. Moving forwards, DFA is planning to open a second training facility location in Ajax this year. It is also ready to roll out new programs and courses as there is a legislative need for them. For example, as per the province of Ontario, starting June 1, 2023, employers must provide naloxone in the workplace if certain circumstances in the Occupational Health and Safety Act apply. As a result, DFA have been training staff to run workshops and provide Naloxone and Opioid Awareness Training to Red Cross standards. Winning Best First Aid & CPR Training Provider, Ontario, in the Canadian Business Awards is a promising start to 2023 for Durham First Aid. Considering their success over the last 6 years, it is bound to be another eventful and successful year for the team at Durham First Aid Inc. Contact: Erika Andrusiak Company: Durham First Aid Inc. Web Address:

Providing professional and tailored services to small and medium sized businesses, Long-Haggerty Chartered Professional Accountant Inc. (LHCPA) is a Charted Professional Accounting (CPA) firm in Penticton BC. While similar firms often provide support and donations to their communities, LHCPA is the first CPA firm to be fully non-profit. With a passion for what they do and a true love for their community, the team at LHCPA puts their clients first. Here we talk to Owner, Jane Long-Haggerty, CPA, about the company’s services, values, and commitment to the community. LHCPA offers a wide range of services including bookkeeping, financial statements, taxation, and many more. With a passion for working with small business, family businesses, and local Okanagan businesses, LHCPA believes in providing approachable, accountable, and affordable services. In order to provide the best service possible, LHCPA ensures that its accountants are approachable. Talking about its USP, Owner, Jane Long-Haggerty, says, “Our clients often comment that we aren’t like other accountants. They say we’re easy to talk to, so they don’t feel intimidated.” She adds, “We want our clients to feel at ease. It’s important for them to be comfortable talking to us because we want to hear it all. The more we know them and/or their business (the good, the bad, and the ugly) the better equipped we are to work with them.” LHCPA also values accountability, meaning clients can count on LHCPA to get the work done to a high standard – and on time. The company aims to ensure filings are done in a timely manner and keeps up to date on professional development, so that clients know any work will be completed to the newest and highest standards. Jane further comments, “Our quotes are guaranteed, so clients can count on no surprise billings. Our work is guaranteed, meaning if the CRA finds an error we made, we fix it for free.” With competitive rates, affordability is also a priority for LHCPA. Jane says, “We are able to maintain competitive rates because we don’t have the same overhead structure of larger firms, but we also don’t believe in charging more just because we can.” As a non-profit firm, LHCPA founded the Long-Haggerty Regional Community Foundation. 100% of the firm’s profits are donated to the foundation, which then supports the community through a variety of initiatives. In 2022, the foundation was able to contribute over $65,000 back into the community through various foodbanks, South Okanagan Women in Need Society, OSNS Child and Youth Development Centre, and Bethel Church Penticton Shop of Wonders. The foundation also ran the fill-a-backpack campaign which involved seeking donations to fill backpacks with t-shirts, hats, water bottles, lunch kits, and school supplies. The backpacks were donated to local schools to allocate to families in need of help with the costs of going back to school. As another way of keeping its community in mind, while many firms move online and source staff from other countries, LHCPA hires locally. Jane has won multiple awards and was a finalist in many more. Notably, she won the Charted Professional Accounting British Columbia (CPABC) early achievement award for her commitment to the community and her technical savviness. Winning Best SME Accounting Business, Okanagan Valley, in the Canadian Business Awards 2023, highlights the unique services and achievements of Long-Haggerty Chartered Professional Accountant Inc. as a non-profit CPA firm. Considering the company’s dedication to the community and its work, there is no doubt that the business will continue to accomplish great things in the future. Contact: Jane Long-Haggerty Company: Long-Haggerty Chartered Professional Accountant Inc. Web Address: Jan23013 Best SME Accounting Business - Okanagan Valley Canadian Business Awards 2023 13

Since 1998, family-run business Albert’s Generator Services Inc. has provided Southern Ontario with professional generator installation, maintenance and rentals. Providing a reliable 24/7 service, its team of technicians are trained professionals with the expertise to handle the needs of all individuals. The team’s unrivalled knowledge of generators and prompt, professional services are what makes the company a leader in the industry. Generators are useful appliances that supply electrical power by converting mechanical energy to electricity. They are critical during power outages and prevent disruption of daily activities and business operations. In areas where power outages are frequent, residents and businesses that rely heavily on power may wish to purchase a generator so that backup supply is immediately available. Albert’s Generator Services provide free quotes and are able to quickly and efficiently install generators and above-ground fuel tanks. These quotes are not only free but also trustworthy as the business guarantees that its installation prices will reflect the real cost of work, even if it is lower than the initial quote. When power outages are rare, it might be preferable to rent a generator rather than buying and maintaining one year-round. Albert’s Generator Services supplies self-contained portable generators in different sizes to suit a wide variety of needs. With technicians on standby 24/7/365, Albert’s Generator Services are available to provide backup power promptly whenever it is required. Specializing in generator maintenance, service, and repairs, Albert’s Generator Services offer weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, and five-year preventive maintenance services to customers who own a generator – to ensure that it continues to run at peak performance. Preventative maintenance programs are a costeffective way to avoid machine failure by addressing issues before they become problems. The firm also offers load bank tests which check the operational performance of generators to ensure that they are working at optimal level. To ensure customers’ safety, all load bank tests provided by Albert’s Generator Services are done to comply with the fire code CSA282-09. “We provide 24/7 service and repairs for equipment in high-demand and critical care facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, city and water treatment facilities and schools. A loss of power for them could have devastating consequences.” With Albert’s Generator Services, residents in Ontario can trust that their generators will be in optimal condition all year round. Its efficient, reliable, and high-quality services make it a leader in its industry, meaning it is a worthy winner of Best Generator Maintenance Company, Elgin County, in the Canadian Business Awards 2023. Contact: Joanne Patterson Contact Email: [email protected] Company: Albert’s Generator Service Inc Web Address: Dec22526 Best Generator Maintenance Company - Elgin County

Dec22401 Most Unique Immersive Canadian Heritage Visitor Attraction - Ontario Drawing tens of thousands of visitors from around the world every year, the Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum allows visitors to step back in time by bringing relevant Cold War history to life. Originally designed as the centre for Canada’s defence against nuclear war, the Diefenbunker is now a museum and national historic site, offering a one-of-a-kind educational experience with award-winning programs, events, exhibitions, and escape rooms. With an impressive history, the Diefenbunker is a once top-secret, four-storey underground bunker and is regarded as Canada’s most significant Cold War artifact. It is the only bunker in the world recognized as a national historic site. Since 1998, it has operated as a not-for-profit charitable museum year-round and has been preserved and maintained long past its original life expectancy. The museum offers a unique experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in stories, people, and artifacts from the past. Jordan Vetter, its Marketing and Communications Manager, shares, “We value the fact that history happened here, and the continued relevance of our national historic site to the present and future. The Diefenbunker and its stories have a crucial role to play in helping us to understand a critical period in recent world history: the Cold War.” Recent innovations in the museum’s visitor experience, thanks to investment from FedDev Ontario in 2022, include increased representation of underrepresented narratives as well as the introduction of new accessible and immersive visitor offerings. Examples of this include a new exhibition highlighting Indigenous experiences during the Cold War, the addition of Ojibwe as a language to the museum’s audio guide, an interpretive trail outside the museum, and a virtual reality experience simulating an emergency preparedness scenario. As a result of these innovations, the museum is leading in the Ontario and Canadian museum landscape, particularly in a time of postpandemic growth and recovery. As a non-profit, charitable organization and an important economic and tourism driver for rural West Ottawa, the Diefenbunker strives to remain visitor-focused and to showcase new and engaging connections to history. The museum further shows dedication to incorporating a diversity of perspectives in their Cold War content through their Artist-in-Residence program. Artwork by Algonquin artist Mairi Brascoupé was featured in 2021, followed by the work of Christos Pantieras, who identifies with the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Pantieras’ work, which explores the LGBT Purge and the resulting struggles of the community following the 1950s, will be featured until March 3, 2023. The Diefenbunker’s stories of a nation facing isolation, fear and global tension during the Cold War resonate with visitors now more than ever. As recent world events unfold, we are reminded of the continued need to understand peacebuilding, preparedness, and collaboration. The museum and national historic site continues to promote understanding of these values and serves as a place of communication and connection. Jordan says, “We are focused on our growth as a museum and cultural heritage attraction, extending the reach of the still-pertinent Cold War stories told within our walls.” Winning Most Unique Immersive Canadian Heritage Visitor Attraction, Ontario, in the Canadian Business Awards 2023, the Diefenbunker has gained even more recognition on a global scale. Its future looks colourful as it continues to highlight the importance of education and preservation of our rich history. Contact: 613-839-0007 or [email protected] Company: Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum Web Address: Canadian Business Awards 2023 15