Canadian Business Awards 2023

EnvironFocus is built on a network of highly motivated groups of experts that possess integrity, experience, contacts, and skills essential to manoeuvre through today’s global environment. We find out more from Founder and CEO, Obie Agusiegbe as the firm celebrates receiving a Canadian Business Awards 2023 title. Established in 2010, EnvironFocus is a Canadian environmental management and sustainability services firm, with a social enterprise outlook, which uses an eco-system approach to solve sustainability issues. It assists its clients with developing and implementing ESG strategies and preparing sustainability reports using various global standards like GRI, CDP, GHG, SASB, GRESB, and more. EnvironFocus also operates high-impact in-house Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs in partnership with community stakeholders that organizations can support to improve their ESG rating in the short term. The firm’s focus is on improving the sustainability performance of organisations and communities through compliance and proactive measures, including those that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Operating from two locations, Canada and Nigeria, EnvironFocus’ clients include private and public sector organisations, non-profits, community groups, governments, businesses, educational institutions, and individuals. Geared towards creating awareness of the necessity of individuals, communities, and organisations to assist in the development of communities in need, EnvironFocus’ purpose is to provide organisations and communities with solutions that lead to sustainable business development and showcase successes to a broad market, as well as promoting and marketing clean technology. “Our vision is an organisation built on integrity and resilience, positioned to innovate and implement sustainable solutions that cut across continents, improving lives and increasing our client’s triple bottom line,” explains Obie Agusiegbe, the firm’s Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Principal Consultant. “We aim to do this by working with our clients to develop and implement innovative solutions that can improve any organisation’s sustainability performance within communities they operate.” Obie is a visionary and a thought leader with 20+ years of experience and a wealth of great connections in Environmental Management, Climate Change, Sustainability, Program Management and Project Management spanning different sectors in North America, Africa, and the United Kingdom. She is a Certified Environmental Professional under ECO Canada with an Environmental Manager designation and a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional with experience in building, developing and leading Net Zero programs enabling strong global collaborations with key organizations to influence businesses in an organization’s supply chain and drive improving metrics across sustainability initiatives. Obie started a Sustainability Magazine called EnvironBuzz™ Mag in 2013, which in 2022 was recognized as the 12th best sustainability magazine on the web. The magazine communicates perspectives and news on sustainability (environmental, social, and economic) from a global perspective. EnvironBuzz™ Mag also recognize/ showcase clients and other organizations, impacting our ecosystem positively. It is meeting the growing need among organizations and individuals, for reliable and easy-to-understand information on how to be more sustainable/green. Obie ensures that EnvironFocus meets its goals by providing ESG consulting, whereby it helps organisations improve their sustainability profile by reviewing their activities and developing projects and programmes that will help achieve their environmental social and corporate governance agenda. A sustainability advocate, Obie successfully runs EnvironBuzz Mag, and has organised and implemented numerous events, programmes, and projects nationally and internationally with the goal to transfer knowledge of environmental and social issues and their possible solutions. She also uses this platform to both recognise and showcase clients and other organisations, making positive impacts on the ecosystem. Recently, for its dedication and commitment to its cause and the communities it supports and educates, EnvironFocus was recognised in the Canadian Business Awards 2023 and bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Intercontinental Sustainability & Environmental Management Social Enterprise 2023. Contact: Obie Agusiegbe Company: Environfocus Incorporated Web Address: Dec22125 Best Intercontinental Sustainability & Environmental Management Social Enterprise 2023