Canadian Business Awards 2024

CCoor rppoor raat tee VVi si si oi opnn writes: “Linda presents as uplifting, focused, interested in those around her, knowledgeable and inquisitive. She and I have been involved in a variety of activities in our community including charitable endeavors. I have no doubt that thousands if not tens of thousands of lives have been impacted by her practical advice, and undoubtedly lives were saved through her example and influence. We have a much better place in which to live because of people like Linda. She is truly one of a kind and a rare treasure for our modern world.” Linda’s current caseload consists primarily of Canadian and British solders and veterans. She confirms diagnoses, provides therapy, and helps them to complete necessary paperwork to improve their financial situations. She is also a provider for the Veterans Evaluation Services which requires reviewing military files of United States veterans to verify their mental health diagnoses and determine links to their service. Dr. Hancock is passionate about serving those who have sacrificed for our freedom. She is presently in the process of writing a new book about the lessons she has learned from veterans and how they can inspire all of us. Dwaine “Tony” Miller says, “Dr. Hancock and I crossed paths in 2021 when she agreed to be my psychologist, after she was highly recommended by Veterans Affairs Canada. Since that day, she has made such a significant impact on my life. She is totally committed to my state of mental health and has demonstrated time and time again the ability and willingness to help me get through my struggles. At the end of each session, I feel that she has rectified a little bit of my disarrayed personal puzzle. She’s not only a dedicated, experienced, and true professional in her craft, but she’s also very passionate and surprisingly funny! I always look forward to our next session as I am certain that I will feel remarkably better afterwards. Ater everything she has done for her clients she deserves this prestigious award.” Canadian Veteran Anthony Rousseau writes: “Linda absolutely never gave up on me, even through my anger, rudeness, ignorance and more. She saw through it all and patiently waited for me to start helping myself. I finally found out who I was before all the traumas changed me forever. And through it all, she was there, like an angel on my shoulders, providing me with tools to reconcile my current Most Inspirational Psychologist 2024 (Alberta): Dr. Linda Hancock Dr. Linda Hancock is a Registered Psychologist with four degrees and several additional registered credentials. She is passionate about learning while helping others to reach their full potential. Throughout her professional career, she has worked as a Child Welfare Case Manager and Investigator, Mental Health Consultant and educator in colleges and universities. In 2005 she incorporated her private practice as Dr. Linda Hancock Inc. and offers a comprehensive range of therapeutic, consulting, training, and educational services for residents of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Linda is also a professional speaker, author, media consultant and published newspaper columnist. Her clients, audience members and readers frequently offer testimonials verifying the benefits of her valuable work because it has changed their lives for the better. For her positive approach and contributions, Dr. Linda Hancock has received this year’s award for Most Inspirational Psychologist (Alberta). Linda Hancock was born and raised in the prairie town of Indian Head, Saskatchewan. After high school graduation, she worked in various administrative positions while raising her three children. Through part-time study while working full-time, she earned degrees in Arts, Social Work, Education and Psychology to the Doctoral level. Before incorporation of her private practice Linda’s professional career spanned the fields of justice, health, and education. Over the years, her clinical work has included assessment and treatment services for over 8,000 clients. In addition, she has worked collaboratively within communities to raise funds for charity, motivate groups, and publish inspiring weekly newspaper articles. Linda is a valued media consultant who gives freely of her time and wisdom. She has also been a popular speak for Celebrity Cruise’s Silhouette ship while sailing the Caribbean. She has authored two books – “Life Is An Adventure…every step of the way” and “Open for Business Success” – and she is in the process of writing a third book. Linda lives her personal and professional goal which is “To inspire and encourage individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities to reach their potential.” Ian Martens states: “We here at the Lethbridge Herald have been privileged to have Dr. Linda Hancock grace our pages with her “All Psyched Up” column. These articles consistently provide advice rooted in just the right mix of the knowledge of a trained professional, along with the life experience and common-sense wisdom of a person raised on the prairies that we call home. Week after week our readers are given strategies on how to approach challenges, urged toward self-improvement, and encouraged to look on the bright side of life. It is with that same optimism that we look forward to continuing this partnership that aligns with our own goal of bettering the community that our newspaper serves!” Dr. Hancock has served on a multitude of local, provincial, and national boards and committees including holding the honoured position of President of Alberta Family Mediation Society. A fellow professional, Dr. Bill Taylor, Solo Dermatologist and Medicine Hat Alberta Community philanthropist