Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2020

Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2020 17 Oct20271 It is common knowledge that business is all about solving problems. As a leadership team and sales specialist, Tiffany Timmons believes living a leadership mindset is integral to solving these problems. In delivering her leadership and sales training strategy, Tiffany is helping businesses grow by quickly developing the next generation of leaders and high performers. Organizations partner with Tiffany Timmons to develop leadership mindsets for both their sales and management teams. Tiffany has pioneered a group coaching model, “The You’re Leading Now System,” which helps teams accelerate business growth. The system maximizes talent on the team by developing new talent, revitalizing those who feel stuck in their leadership, and helping those ready to accomplish bigger goals. This innovative model builds a culture and community of overcoming challenges and seeing new opportunities that would otherwise be missed. Many organizations make a common mistake of waiting until professionals have a leadership “title” before offering leadership training, as it can be expensive and time consuming. There are problems with this approach, however, since counter-productive habits can form as professionals rise to leadership. These habits are tough to overcome and can be overwhelming and costly to put in a leadership strategy after the fact. The process that Tiffany has developed ensures the right fit for her clients. When leadership mindsets are created and nurtured, teams find that communication improves, productivity increases, and problems are solved faster with enhanced collaboration. By bonding at a deeper and more productive level, individuals on the team experience personal and professional growth that fuels business performance. Best Leadership & Sales Training Training programs – Southwest USA Tiffany offers a leadership strategy system which is budget-friendly, time-friendly and has proven results. Past clients attest to this system’s efficacy, whose words paint a clear picture of how she can be an essential asset to organizational development. Clients endorse her ability to grow connections between teams and nurture these connections organically. By never speaking “at” her audience, but with them instead, Tiffany creates a two-way conversation which creates discussion and encourages sharing. She makes participants feel like they are in a “safe group,” listening without judgement and providing feedback that fits the situation with realistic solutions. At the start of each engagement, Tiffany listens to her clients unique challenges and listens between the lines. She then analyzes their feedback and returns with a solution to help them get to the destination they desire. The training uses rhythm and rhyme to engage the brain in a completely different way than more typical programs, preparing clients to participate in the discussion. Consistent communication and modification of each group’s goals facilitates idea generation, allowing mindset challenges to be addressed and improved continually. Tiffany connects the dots for what teams need to continue growing and experiencing results. Tiffany’s acute skill and innovative approach has become even more apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic. Teams who have been working consistently with Tiffany are navigating the pandemic with a mindset of hope, strategy, and results. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, they are personally and professionally excited about the future and the possibilities presenting themselves. The teams she has worked with are outperforming counter-parts. Their sales are higher, their operations are more efficient, overall mental health is better and their outlook on the future is much more positive. “The pandemic has exposed a need people have,” says Tiffany, “When it comes to personal and professional growth, we all need a community to support and challenge us.” Having a knowledgeable and understanding outside influence can bring clarity to a team’s situation in a challenging environment. This is exactly what Tiffany so naturally engineers for each team. Having benefited herself from the methods she employs, Tiffany understands that business growth comes from personal growth, and there is no way to separate the two. As business growth is fostered in training sessions, clients tend to find that it translates into many different areas in their personal lives. By encouraging acceptance of failure and emphasizing personal accountability, she has helped countless teams achieve a life-changing perspective. Constantly sharing what works and exploring new ways to provide relevant leadership training, Tiffany aspires to reach thousands of teams with her highly motivating influence and enable them to develop continually. Contact: Tiffany Timmons Company: Tiffany Timmons Web Address: