Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

Emma uses this strategy within the business to attract the best talent in the industry. With the help of a strong portfolio of professional contacts the team has developed and grown since inception. It is important that trainers and coaches not only have a deep understanding of the material they are delivering, but also the extensive go-to-market experience of using this theory in order to deliver real value for their clients. As one of the only female-led sales consultancies in the industry, inspir’em are staunchly committed to providing women in sales a platform. With women in tech typically getting paid 25% less than the males in the larger tech corporate companies, Emma is keen to uplift others and support them on their career trajectory as a coach and advisor. Emma has also been an Angel Investor since 2018, supporting female founded startups by providing coaching and mentoring, as well as connecting talented individuals with others in her network for guidance, support and opportunities. Over the next few months, inspir’em are planning on a complete relaunch of their products. Not only will they be updating the current products to reflect the ever-changing technology landscape, but adding new offerings to solve specific sales pipelines and challenges highlighted by their clients in 2023. The extensive resource library is now available to all clients for 12 months following working with them, which the team is looking to extend and build on their subscription offering, over Q1 and Q2 of 2024, adding further value to their many clients. Contact Details Contact: Emma Maslen Company: inspir’em ltd Web Address: Nov23360 Best Sales Strategy Coaching & Consultancy Firm 2023 With previous experience working for household names such as Sun Microsystems, BMC Software, SAP Concur & Ping Identity, Founder Emma Maslen has extensive technology go-to-market experience in multiple geographies. Furthermore, with a diverse team of partners, the inspir’em toolkit is vast. Cherry-picking the most relevant elements for each individual client, they are able to provide the training, coaching, and consultancy needed to achieve success. inspir’em’s services include MEDDIC/MEDDPICC sales training and coaching, leadership training and coaching, alongside sales strategy audits and associated recruiting strategies and interim CRO services. The team also has extensive experience providing executive coaching and Hogan Leadership Assessments. inspir’em provides knowledge & assets for a whole go-to-market organisation: from strategy to organisational design, to hiring and execution of the plan. They are not only able to boost revenue for experienced sales teams, but also set clients with minimal specific sales experience up for success. Above all, the inspir’em team is laser-focused on client results, whether this is through situation assessments, crafting the strategy or executing the plan. Since inception, the business have partnered with impressive global organisations such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and Redgate Software. inspir’em is one of the only female-led sales and training consultancies globally with a proven track record of helping sales teams and individuals accelerate their careers. The team also includes fellow senior female coaches, well-versed in both individual and team training, coaching, and consulting, which makes a real impact on the clients’ trajectories. inspir’em’s MEDDIC Foundations path is a world class course in sales qualification techniques and is considered one of the best courses for any revenue/commercial individual or leader. The course, which comes with consultancy to customise to the client’s business, focuses on the real reasons customers buy products or services, leading to reduced sales cycles, increased deal sizes and improved conversion rates. A further key differentiator is Emma’s commitment to helping individuals and teams invest in their “personal board”. She attributes her success to the network seeded in the early stages of her career and fostered throughout her last 25 years of business, so is keen to cement these networking principles within her clients. Methodology from Emma’s book “The Personal Board of You Inc.” (Rethink Press, 2023), which solidifies her decades of experience building professional relationships, has been embedded into elements of the inspir’em offering including the executive coaching sessions to help sales leaders advance their careers. This is vital for sales leaders as investing in the right “Personal Board” means you can keep front-ofmind for key head-hunters and recruiters for personal career moves, but also filling your own key vacancies quickly. Founded by Emma Maslen in 2019, inspir’em Ltd is a sales consultancy, training and coaching business, helping sales teams and leaders unlock their full potential. Having amassed more than 50 years of tech industry experience, Emma and her team equip CEOs, Founders, startups and scale-ups with the knowledge and tools to propel their career trajectory, accelerate business success and hit their targets every time. Here we take a closer look as the firm wins their title in the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2023.