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Welcome to the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2023 We are pleased to announce that the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards have returned for their fifth year! These awards recognize the hard work and commitment of companies and individuals in the Coaching and Recruitment industries. The Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2023 will honour outstanding companies in their respected industries. As the business world continues to transform, it’s important to recognize and celebrate the individuals and organisations that are making strides in their field of expertise. These leaders understand the values of effective recruitment and training programs, which ultimately are having a more positive impact by those that continue to utilise the services available. Participating in the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2023 is an ideal opportunity for you to showcase your commitment to the industry, whether it’s through providing business coaching, leadership training, or corporate recruitment services. Offering Corporate Training is now widely recognized as a crucial benefit for companies, with training programs being shown to help with employee retention and recruitment. Employees have also stated that personalized training opportunities that allow for career growth are essential. These initiatives are often the deciding factor for employees when choosing a company, highlighting the significance of successful training programs. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: Editorial Team Sofi Parry, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor | Isabella Mifsud, Writer | Matthew Wright, Writer | Emily Godbol, Writer | Michelle Strozykowski, Writer | Joshua Beardsmore, Writer Design Team Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer | Ali Mohammed, Junior Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. Loft Media: Best Healthcare Sector Training Platform Development Company 2023 - Mexico 6. MicGrand Consulting & Services Limited: Most Trusted HR Management Specialists 2023 – Nigeria 8. Select4Jobs: Interim Corporate Recruitment Specialists of the Year 2023 - Europe 10. SkillmeUP Inc: Most Innovative Sales Training & Business Consulting Firm 2023 12. Elevate2Great – SwitchGear Ltd: Most Client- Focused Leadership & Coaching Program 2023 - Canada 14. ispir’em ltd: Best Sales Strategy Coaching & Consultancy Firm 2023 15. Moving the Human Spirit: Recipient of the Trauma-Informed Coaching & Training Enterprise of the Year Award 2023 16. Exceed Coaching Ltd: Most Empowering Life & Career Coach 2023 (West Midlands): Lisa Cobble 17. Karen HRM Ltd: Best Independent HR Consultancy Firm 2023 – South East England 18. Today Will Be: Most Innovative Leadership Coach 2023 (Manchester): Stevie Orrill 19. Global Recruiters of Buckhead: Best Executive Recruitment & Coaching Firm 2023 - Southeast USA 20. FRC Recruitment & Consultancy Ltd: Best Family- Run HR & Business Consultancy 2023 - Northern Ireland 21. CodeRepo LLC: Client-Centric Staffing Firm of the Year 2023 - Georgia 22. Complete Care Recruitment Ltd: Best Health & Social Care Recruitment Company 2023 - South East England 23. Prefort Consult Limited: Cybersecurity Consultancy of the Year 2023 - South East England 24. Life Alginmentor by Dr. Wasit Prombutr/10X Consulting by Dr. Wasit Prombutr: Global Leadership & Team Coach of the Year 2023 (Thailand): Dr. Wasit Prombutr 25. Bob Bacon Executive Leadership Coach: Best Executive Leadership Coach 2023 (Southwest USA): Bob Bacon 26. Nick Leeder & Co. Limited: Best Industrial Digital Transformation Coach 2023 27. Think Yourself Academy: Most Empowering Confidence Coach 2023 (North America) & Best Life Coaching Certification Organization 2023 - North America: NathaliePlamondon-Thomas 28. InnKick: Most Innovative Career Coaching & Education Service 2023 - Europe 29. Compass Advisors and Consultants: Best Sustainable Growth-Focused Coaching Services Company 2023 - New York & Leading Business Consulting and Service Organization 2023 - New York 30. Taara Kerr Consulting: Communications Coach of the Year 2023 (Canada): Tamara Kerr 31. Red Lester Recruitment Ltd: Education Recruiter of the Year 2023 - Channel Islands 32. Healthy Change: Best Executive Coaching & Career Management Services Provider 2023 - Portugal 33. Coaching By Wendy: Executive & Leadership Coach of the Year 2023 (USA): Wendy Preyssler, MCC 34. The Staff Directory: Best Household Staff & PA Recruitment Agency 2023 - London 35. Approach People Recruitment: Best International Recruitment Agency 2023 – ROI & Corporate Vision Employee Rewards Excellence Award 2023 36. Matched Recruitment: Most Inspiring Recruitment Agency 2023 - South Africa

Best Healthcare Sector Training Platform Development Company 2023 - Mexico With its distinct combination of creativity, knowledge, and strategy, Loft Media is ideally positioned to deliver transformative change to clients’ brands. The agency is dedicated to planning and integrating the best strategy to generate growth and achieve sustainable success. Loft Media creates specialised strategies to help businesses add value to their brand and promote innovation within the healthcare industry. With a streamlined four step process, the team can create a sustainable impact on clients’ businesses. The first stage is planning, where Loft Media utilises its extensive experience, resources, and industry knowledge to design an effective strategy. The next stage is innovation, with the team utilising its 17 years of experience to build a strategy that helps clients meet their individual goals. The penultimate stage is training, where the agency utilises the best tools in the business to train clients’ teams. Using its e-learning technology, Loft Media creates unique content that engages employees and increases retention. Lastly, the agency uses various KPIs to measure the impact and results of its strategy on clients’ businesses. Loft Media is dedicated to transformation and using these results to strengthen its offerings and achieve more for its valued clients. When beginning a new project, the team at Loft Media must first understand what the objectives of the implementation are to provide its innovative solutions. It is important to understand the company structure and the employees that will use the training platform in order to create the right program formation. Loft Media also provides clients with the necessary training to manage and update the platform themselves after implementation. Founder and CEO Aroón Rivera describes himself as a dreamer who believes that with good ideas and hard work, anything is possible. In 2012, Aroón, his sister, and his business partner Wblester Suazo, launched the “Domingo en 4 Patas – Dona un paseo” initiative to promote care and adoption for street dogs. The initiative has since achieved national recognition and given rise to the inception of the Civil Association of Creatives with a Cause. Over the past 14 years, he has led various projects and campaigns for the pharmaceutical sector and other industries. In 2018, Aroón and his team developed the Gameif platform and app to reinforce learning and help clients achieve their training goals. Gameif is a trivia and microlearning game that transforms business training into a uniquely enjoyable experience. The platform has been designed to enhance the learning experience and help users retain knowledge and improve their skills. Gameif includes mechanics that play on individuals’ natural motivations of competitiveness and curiosity. Learning is facilitated through individual challenges, team challenges, levels, and rankings. Small snippets of content are included to increase retention rates with integrated videos, images, and audio to reinforce learning. Communication within the game encourages team participation and helps employees feel involved in decision making processes. Fun challenges and trivia help to foster teamwork and improve professional relationships. This interactivity and gamification has not only made Gameif a complementary tool for corporate training Loft Media is a marketing agency that specialises in creating strategies for the pharmaceutical industry. It is the agency’s mission to help clients solve their business problems through innovation and applied knowledge. Loft Media is a pioneer of pharmaceutical marketing, and its comprehensive solutions cover everything from conception to implementation. Gameif is an innovative platform designed by the agency to transform business training into a fun and interactive experience. Using gamification, clients can improve their training results, empower their teams, and generate better returns on their investment. The success of Gameif has led Loft Media to receive this year’s award for Best Healthcare Sector Training Platform Development Company – Mexico.

but has previously been used as a substitute for traditional learning management systems. Gameif’s playful approach to learning ensures that employees remain engaged with level-ups, badges, rewards, challenges, and competitions. The platform allows clients to choose their own rewards and motivate teams with personalised incentives. Leaderboards reveal what position each player or team is in and allow employers to rate their performance. With Gameif, clients can update their training topics and contents and make training decisions based on real-time data generated from each user’s activity. Clients can view information such as the number of questions answered, challenges played, strengths and weaknesses in knowledge, and the business’s best performing teams. Moving forward, Loft Media aims to launch Gameif on a global scale to support companies with their training needs, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring. Its objectives are based on motivating users with fun, interactive content and simplifying the tasks of clients’ training departments. Loft Media is driven by its core values of creativity, knowledge, and strategy when creating its innovative solutions. Its mission is to solve clients’ business problems through its extensive experience and inhouse marketing supplements. Its comprehensive services cover all elements of pharma marketing strategy in order to fully transform and add value to clients’ brands. With its simplified four step process, Loft Media collaborates with clients to design and implement an effective strategy that meets their individual goals. The agency is dedicated to continuous improvement and uses various KPIs to measure results and enhance its offerings. Gameif was created to improve the results of clients’ training plans with unique and fun experiences. By utilising gamification and microlearning, the platform can motivate teams and reinforce learning with short snippets of content. Gameif allows clients to update training topics and content based on their teams’ real-time data to ensure the business consistently achieves its learning goals. For the success of Gameif, Loft Media has received this year’s award for Best Healthcare Sector Training Platform Development Company – Mexico. CONTACT DETAILS Contact: Aroón Rivera Company: Loft Media Latam S.C. Web Address: Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2023 5

Most Trusted HR Management Specialists 2023 – Nigeria What makes MicGrand truly stand out in the bustling HR management industry is its expertise partnering with clients, acting as in-house solution that delivers bespoke, cost-effective, and targeted services, improving employee performance and setting the company’s sights on increasing its overall profitability. Regardless of whether a client’s endeavour is brand new or established in its respective sector, the team at MicGrand know that there are occasions where everybody needs specialist help and support, and with a wealth of experience to boot, this team of professionals are apt to do just that, supporting clientele across their day-to-day activities and the handling of HR issues big or small. The support that is on offer goes beyond just consulting and acting as a partner, MicGrand also strives to implement nothing less than the best in the field of strategic objectives for the businesses it works with, assisting them immeasurably in exceeding across their human resource needs and providing the organisation with the optimum performance it needs to thrive in its market. This ties in nicely with the MicGrand’s overarching vision, which is to be a “service provider of choice, consistently meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations.” Further bolstering this is a series of six mission areas that are held in the highest regard and embodied by everybody working for the firm. First of all, the uppermost priority is placed on treating the feedback of clients as a gift, something that can be used by the business to work on continuously improving its operations and services. There is too a commitment to partnering with clients and acting as a facilitator, assisting them in the managing and internalising of MicGrand’s offerings to lay the foundation for successful ownership. Another mission area serves to highlight the importance of constantly integrating the best business practises, and this combined with the local experience possessed by the team affords a personal touch each and every time. Fourth, collaboration with a client is also something that is held in the highest regard, with the transfer of expert knowledge being carried out to relay these in-demand skills to a client for use in their own business. Penultimately, the team are determined to provide solutions that succeed in adding demonstrable value, again customising these to suit the specific needs of an individual client. Lastly, MicGrand prides itself on always adopting methodology that is well-researched and proven, with a practical, pro-active approach in toe whereby the company adds to this canon itself, sharing its knowledge and findings with the industry to cement its distinction. Assisting MicGrand in both its mission and vision is a set of core values that underpin exactly what it is that the firm stands for, with these being great service, client value creation, respect for the customer, integrity, having the best people on its side through talent attraction and retention, and empathy, so as to best understand the client’s perspective on a given situation. These values serve as the cornerstones on which the business has built its stellar reputation, with the combination of these allowing it to have grown to such a point that the services it offers can be described as a multitude, all with a focus on developing a client company’s staff to allow them to get back to the elements of their business that matter the most to them. With the constant pressures of navigating a business day-to-day in mind, businessowners often cannot find the time or money to develop the necessary link between an employee and employer, a link that when not established, can lead to a great deal of damage. The team at MicGrand know that managing frequently arising HR issues is no easy feat, as not only are these issues difficult to navigate and often incredibly time-consuming, but putting a foot wrong can result in litigation, fines, or demoralised employees. By assuming full operation of a company’s HR output, the experts at-hand can manage a client’s workforce in a way that is compliant and consistent with ever-changing employment law and regulation. Achieved through outsourcing services or the complementing of an existing HR department by fitting it with the necessary technology and expert resources to traverse this challenging field, the team are glad to protect the assets of clients and help them to uphold their welldeserved and hard-earned reputations. Overall, through its human resources management offering, MicGrand expertly helps its clients establish a tremendous HR strategy, improving the function of the department and transforming it for the better, as well as changing management and improving agility, culture and diversity, restructuring the design of the organisation to hone its overall performance. Other elements that MicGrand helps with in this area include workforce planning and analytics, as well as talent management and strategy. The end goal here is to unleash a client’s team’s true potential, affording them the calibre of service that multinationals boast, but provided by a friendly group that is famed for bringing a distinct personal touch. Ultimately, MicGrand has the team, technology, and proven track record to manage risks effectively, improving the cash flow of a business, and allowing it to seek out avenues of hidden revenue in the field of human capital management. With a bespoke service to boot, the team can help their clients through the providing of an expert service that enables the management of a client organisation’s most important asset, it’s people. Although it is these excellent HR services that have won MicGrand this award, we invite our readers to check out its other offerings, such as project management and human capital development. Those seeking a better human resource experience should contact the experts at MicGrand Consulting & Services Limited, a dynamic HR and management consultancy firm that offers specialist HR advice and support to businesses across its native Nigeria and further afield into other areas of Africa. Serving as the ultimate one-stop-shop solution for people’s business management needs in the region, services on offer by the firm include assisting in the establishing of a HR department, outsourcing manpower, recruitment, training/ development, management consultancy, and career development, to name a choice selection. MicGrand’s commitment to a flexible working approach excellently suits both SME’s and larger organisations, with a bespoke and professional service provided to every organisation that the team have the pleasure of working with.

Keeping all of this in mind, MicGrand Consulting & Services Limited is a company more than deserving of this award, having time and again proved itself as a beacon of excellence, complete with the sort of personal touch that distinguishes it from other companies operating in the field. Aware that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, MicGrand thrives given the opportunity to showcase its solutions to new businesses and markets and looks forward to expanding its solutions in the future, reaching new markets and capitalise on its current upwards trajectory. Contact Details Contact: Michael Ndon Company: MicGrand Consulting & Services Limited Web Address: Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2023 7

Interim Corporate Recruitment Specialists of the Year 2023 - Europe Reasons why a company may seek out recruitment support can be vast, but regardless of the grounds, hiring a corporate recruiter on an interim basis often serves as the perfect, and economical, solution to these troubles. Interim recruiters can undertake any number of tasks, such as publishing vacancies or managing the entire recruitment process, with this work able to be carried out from the company office or on a remote/hybrid basis. Select4Jobs Founder and Owner Tijmen Koelewijn leverages his 20 years of experience and energetic, driven way of working to yield fantastic results for his clients, and if he is not available, he will put customers in touch with a suitable replacement operating within the Select4Jobs network. Since its founding back in 2016, Select4Jobs has been driven by the mission to always recruit the most suitable candidate for its clients, ultimately helping them and their businesses to be as successful as possible. In the company’s early days, it acted very much as a standard recruitment agency, expanding its services by demand, with a host of experience, to expertly morph into the multi-faceted group that it is today. The success that the business has faced over the past 7 years likely stems from a key distinction between it and its competitors. As Tijmen explains, “we distinguish ourselves in the market by not working for our clients, [but] working with them and even working under their brand.” Tijmen is currently based in Zeewolde but has the relevant experience working internationally, with broad experience in the recruitment industry in both a corporate and agency setting. Recruitment runs through his veins, and the energy, positivity, passion, and broad knowledge that he not only possesses, but brings to the table daily when liaising with clients, means that endless possibilities and opportunities can be explored. Having built two decades worth of relationships with those in the industry and other sectors, long-term prosperity has too been built, aided by an expert team possessing like-minded ambition to work together in achieving shared goals. When it comes to taking on a new project, Select4Jobs prides itself on clarifying beforehand exactly what it is that a customer hopes to achieve, what they are currently facing in the market, and what it is that they expect from the company across its process. From these results, a feasible solution is crafted, and work begins immediately once the client agrees. In actuality, the recruitment process has actually commenced before this conversation with the customer has even been carried out, as the team strive to maintain constant contact with the right target groups across a host of sectors, thus initiating a continuing process. Upon commencing with the attraction of talent, Tijmen and the team begin by ensuring that clarity is achieved, discussing with the person hiring exactly what it is that they are looking for. Despite these uniquities, traits such as a candidate’s motivation and skillset are essential in coming up with a successful match, adhering to the values and culture embedded deep within an organisation. For Tijmen, having the relevant diplomas and certificates present is not all that high on the priorities list, rather, emphasis is placed on the personal approach, and it is important to establish a foundation of trust. From here, a link between the goals of the person hiring and the candidate is sought out, which usually results in a successful match. When an interim recruiter comes aboard, they will use a client organisation’s existing recruitment tools/software, and if this is insufficient, advice can be provided on how to improve these offerings, or the software and tools can be provided by Select4Jobs itself. All of the software that the company works with is modern and state-of-the-art, as too are its systems and tools, with the uppermost attention paid to the relevant developments in technology that can further streamline these offerings. Since the team already have these to boot, they are used free of charge, when necessary, as too is their collected knowledge concerning the labour market, with all the relevant facts and figures to back this up. Although Select4Jobs may be small in size, the significant results it achieves speaks volumes about the way it operates, with the company proactively outsourcing a series of its automations and additional services to a string of expert partners, working alongside a host of service providers, innovative software means, and world-class tools, in order to scale up the necessary elements of its operation to streamline its offerings to its customers. It is the blending of this, with the more than 20 years of experience possessed by those working at Select4Jobs in connecting people, which combine to result in the company working in an efficient and structured way. As for future goals and aspirations, Tijmen explains, “our goal is to greatly expand our services with MyDrives consultancy. This allows us to strengthen our existing services and go a step further, where many competitors are not active.” Thanks to the MyDrives technology, which is wholly based on the idea that for a team to be successful the chosen candidate must embody the qualities of the wider firm, the methodology that is established is based on a series of drivers and habits. Tijmen continues, “this creates a team profile, and you can look for the desired and suitable profile of a candidate who fits, complements, and strengthens this team.” Bolstered by this expansion, Q1 of 2024 is set to include even closer and more methodical collaborations with clients, which will aid in a more efficient recruitment process and the opportunity to forge a lasting partnership built on mutual success. In the long term, such beneficial partnerships will serve to provide a better income stream than one based solely on invoiced hours, or a recruitment fee charged per assignment. On the back of this, Tijmen Koelewijn tells us, “our expectation for 2024 is that our turnover will grow significantly”, with Interim recruitment specialists Select4Jobs is a Netherlands-based organisation that excels in providing recruitment services for the corporate sphere, as well as acting as a more general recruitment agency. Operating with prowess in the fields of technology, manufacturing, industry, and IT, the team use some of the world’s best performing and most innovative recruitment software and tools to drive success. In early 2024, an expansion of the firm’s services will take place, stemming from the engagement and adoption of certified consultancy based on the MyDrives total methodology, an ethos designed to enable employees and wider teams to leverage their motivation and talents to breed further success. We catch up with Founder Tijmen Koelewijn, who provides further insight into the firm’s offerings and triumphs within the market.

Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2023 9 this much-deserved success reflecting the hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to clients possessed by those proudly working under the Select4Jobs banner. Contact: Tijmen Koelewijn Company: Select4Jobs Web Address:

Most Innovative Sales Training & Business Consulting Firm 2023 Consultation, training, and facilitation expert Rachele Soliera draws from a wealth of experience, with previous positions being held at both Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson, where during a 20year journey, the roles Rachele encompassed became increasingly important until she reached the pinnacle, securing Sales and Trade Marketing Director of Johnson & Johnson’s Vision Care division. Shifting paths from corporate roles into advisory & training, Rachele’s goals remained clear, and she set about leveraging this experience and exploring business reorganization, empowering companies with solutions that are effective and tailored to every individual. A steadfast commitment to delivering services of the highest calibre has resulted in each client being viewed as a dedicated partner, with Rachele delving deeper into every partner’s unique challenge and requirement. It is this hunger for more and keenness to remain ahead of the curve that led to Rachele’s Lego® Serious Play® (LSP) certification in February 2016, with this pioneering solution driving communication, thinking, and problem solving through the use of Lego pieces, assisting businesses in the enhancing of their strategies and performance. LSP opened a pivotal door for Rachele, and a few short years later, she had completed all of the advanced certifications, as well as other human-centric, agile methodologies. Spurred on by these newfound methodologies and knowledge, Rachele created the trademarked Sales Design Process® (SDP), an experimental training programme that expertly combines established sales techniques with innovative and experiential approaches and fresh tools, all with an undercurrent of inclusion. SDP is an incredibly useful tool for salespersons, enabling them to explore in-depth the go-to-market strategy, generate awareness about the company’s standing within the market, strengthen people skills, and ultimately remedy the key challenges that will promote positive and sustainable results. Another key element reinforcing Rachele’s success is her status as proudly independent, affording her the opportunity to extend her services to a diverse array of customers, offering them personalised sales and marketing training/coaching programmes, strategic consultancy, and workshops on elements focusing on the organisation and other generalised business topics. Further distinguishing SkillmeUP in a highly competitive industry is its size, with this sophisticated, advisory boutique providing the intimacy and personalised solutions of a small business on a global scale. Rachele believes her career to have been defined by a process of constant learning and unlearning, anchored in the firm belief that remaining adaptable is at the heart of this sustained success. She explains, “my unwavering commitment to my clients throughout all project phases sets me apart, ensuring a consistent focus on their unique needs. Clients recognise my strong flexibility and keen ability to understand their requirements and desired outcomes. These characteristics allow me to design effective, personalised projects and consistently deliver outstanding results.” This ethos stands Rachele in good stead when she begins working on a new project or programme, with a series of key methods striving to underpin a strategic, empathetic approach. Kicking this process off is thorough understanding, with an in-depth data collection carried out that is focused squarely on the customer. From here, empathy and active listening is key, with Rachele putting herself in her clients’ Rachele Soliera is the mastermind behind SkillmeUP Inc., focusing on the field of business consultancy, sales training/coaching, and team facilitation, all bolstered by extensive experience within the sales domain. Across these areas of expertise, Rachele is highly qualified in such next-level techniques as Lego® Serious Play®, Design thinking, and Business Design, which, when combined with her background, gives Rachele the necessary skills to successfully navigate the complex challenges that define the industry. It was April 2023 when Rachele made the decision to expand her brand across the US, moving to Florida and starting SkillmeUP to achieve this very aim. We have the pleasure of catching up with Rachele, who provides valuable insight into her areas of expertise, operations, and the factors that have led to her success in the market.

shoes to fully grasp their aspirations. Next, Rachele utilises her toolbox of innovation, curating custom solutions that are sure to promote prosperity. The final step is enhancing awareness, with Rachele’s approach aiming to foster active involvement and place people at the core. Having grown out of two diverse and successful multinational companies in Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson, Rachele’s varied career has resulted in an acute understanding of managing people being a “nuanced art, requiring passion, understanding, and authority to earn trust, extract the best from each individual, and foster cohesive teamwork.” This journey has provided Rachele with a great deal of personal satisfaction, garnering recognition and respect from those that she has led as well as providing her with the invaluable lessons that today stimulate her ability to travel the industry with confidence and the results to back this up. One particularly noteworthy method that has been embodied by Rachele to define her offerings in the market is an approach centred around collaboration and partnership. It is this which Rachele believes ultimately defines her philosophy towards consulting, with each project being viewed as a journey rather than a transaction, highlighting the necessity of forging long-term, mutually beneficial relationships thanks to the personalised service that is provided by Rachele and her team. When it comes to building this team, Rachele describes how she prizes, “individuals who not only excel professionally, but also align with important ethical and behavioural values. This shared foundation enhances alignment, builds trust, fosters mutual respect, and makes our collaborative efforts enjoyable.” By adopting the famous idiom, “practise what you preach”, everything that Rachele advocates for is effectively mirrored in SkillmeUP’s dynamics and positive work culture, attracting great talent, retaining it, and subsequently fostering a culture that empowers said talent in an impactful manner. Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2023 11 Looking ahead to the future, Rachele’s primary goal is to continue with her US-based expansion, with Florida serving as a tremendous base from which to grow, execute opportunities, and spread the power of Lego® Serious Play®, a phenomenon still largely a stranger to most in the market. In addition to this, Rachele is continuously consolidating her position of power in Italy, another key area of her operation, maintaining the strong contact links she has forged with current customers while exploring the string of new opportunities sure to come her way. Other goals for Rachele over the coming years are to significantly boost her Sales Design Process®, which is set to continue to play an instrumental role in her upcoming sales coaching sessions, enabling her to guide coaches through what can be seen as genuine personal development, with this process helping them to identify and hone their individual strengths while increasing self-awareness and managing any areas that may need improvement. Last but certainly not least, Rachele is set to build on the success of her “Handling Objections in Every Context” training, developing additional training formats using LSP and ultimately crafting overall added value in the realm of sales techniques and customer understanding. Quintessentially, Rachele’s unrivaled experience and the profound nature of the services she provides through SkillmeUP Inc. stand the business in excellent stead as it continues to operate efficiently across America and beyond. With this success in toe, it is our pleasure to award the company and Rachele with this honour, celebrating SkillmeUP as the Most Innovative Sales Training & Business Consulting Firm 2023. Company: SkillmeUP Inc. e-mail: [email protected] Web Address: OR

Most Client-Focused Leadership & Coaching Program 2023 - Canada With over 150 years of collective wisdom, elevate2Great (e2G), a division of SwitchGear Ltd. has made a discernible difference not only to Canadian companies but to companies in the US, Europe, and Asia. The Most Client-Focused Leadership & Coaching Program 2023 – Canada, has been awarded to e2G because of the level of personalization and value that is offered. There are two sides to this powerhouse. SwitchGear Ltd. is tuned to the heartbeat of the industry. They offer services such as organisation design and optimisation, customer journey mapping, contact centre strategies, process improvements and leveraging AI capabilities to improve the employee and leader experience. elevate2Great, the award-winning division of SwitchGear Ltd., offers a tiered level of programs under the banner of the Elevate to Great Leadership and Coaching Series. In a nutshell, it is an ecosystem for continuous improvement. The foundational base of the series is the creation of the Customer Experience Blueprint. Having this blueprint in place shortens the learning curve and accelerates the building of skill without sacrificing quality. It starts with a few key principles that drives its effectiveness. 1. A GOLD standard of a customer experience viewed from the customers’ lens. 2. It is function agnostic. The same standard drives consistency in customer experience across the organization. 3. Alignment is achieved at all levels with a common language. 4. The techniques designed are repeatable and can be personalized to accommodate different customer moods and situations. Once this alignment has been achieved, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified Elevate to Great Leadership and Coaching Series is taught to leaders. This is a tiered series starting with the first level called Coaching Fundamentals. Often there is variability in the leadership and coaching styles across large populations of leaders within any given company. The objective of the program is to drive continuous improvement of results, such as customer and employee satisfaction, revenue, and efficiency. Engaged employees are created when e2G methods and techniques are integrated into day-to-day interactions. The coaching that is delivered is warm and conversational, ranging from 3 to 20 minutes. This ensures that a specific and targeted commitment has been gained. After a period, post-graduation, advanced content for leadership, management activities and coaching are introduced in the program called Next Level Leadership. This program is delivered internally with the help of e2G Master Coaches. To run these programs, internal candidates are certified by e2G Master Coaches so they can onboard new leaders and drive continuous improvement with graduated leaders. As the coaching, management and leadership content is packaged in a ‘Grab and Go’ format for the internal certified candidate, it ensures consistency across large populations of leaders. The last program in this series is for the Executive Team called Support to Sustain. It offers strategies and mechanisms to reduce the perception of competing priorities and ways executives can leverage existing concepts and tools to embed changes into their organization. This sounds like a great series, but does it work? To measure the effectiveness of their programs, elevate2Great strategically joined forces with AmplifAI, an innovative AI company. While elevate2Great focuses on enhancing leaders’ coaching skills, AmplifAI assesses the coaching effectiveness of each leader. This collaboration provides organizations with immediate insights into the tangible return on investment for the considerable resources and dollars invested in coaching. With this valuable addition to their toolkit, elevate2Great clearly demonstrates its commitment to empower organizations and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. Being awarded a Client Focused Leadership & Coaching Program wouldn’t be complete without a few words from their clients. Below are some client reactions. The e2G program was an amazing development tool. I am grateful for the structure the program has given to my coaching. I learned to elevate my coaching so that it was trackable and actionable for the agents. Before I felt I was frequently coaching and blindly hoping it was working. I am glad I was part of this program as this pushed me to challenge my views about coaching and helped me to be a proactive coach and induce motivation in my sessions. I believe in maintaining mental When Fortune 500 companies need fresh ideas and thought leadership to drive and sustain changes in their organization, their ‘go to’ partner is elevate2Great, a division of SwitchGear Ltd. Forward thinking companies know that their first and second-line leaders drive transformative change. To build this bench strength of effective leadership and coaching skills, elevate2Great installs a proven ecosystem that drives consistency in customer and employee experience. elevate2Great is proud to stand behind its game changing program and sustainable results. Through their thought leadership and innovation, they have inspired a higher standard of leadership and raised the bar for future leaders. Below, we explore what elevate2Great has to offer.

Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2023 13 wellbeing and positive coaching. It was important that I could provide that to my team members. Thanks a lot for challenging me all the time to push myself and becoming better. At Corporate Vision, we are always scanning the world for the best of the best, and elevate2Great, under the umbrella of SwitchGear Ltd, stood out from the crowd. We simply cannot wait to see what 2024 brings. Contact: Afshan Kinder; [email protected] Company: elevate2Great, a division of SwitchGear Ltd. Web Address:

Emma uses this strategy within the business to attract the best talent in the industry. With the help of a strong portfolio of professional contacts the team has developed and grown since inception. It is important that trainers and coaches not only have a deep understanding of the material they are delivering, but also the extensive go-to-market experience of using this theory in order to deliver real value for their clients. As one of the only female-led sales consultancies in the industry, inspir’em are staunchly committed to providing women in sales a platform. With women in tech typically getting paid 25% less than the males in the larger tech corporate companies, Emma is keen to uplift others and support them on their career trajectory as a coach and advisor. Emma has also been an Angel Investor since 2018, supporting female founded startups by providing coaching and mentoring, as well as connecting talented individuals with others in her network for guidance, support and opportunities. Over the next few months, inspir’em are planning on a complete relaunch of their products. Not only will they be updating the current products to reflect the ever-changing technology landscape, but adding new offerings to solve specific sales pipelines and challenges highlighted by their clients in 2023. The extensive resource library is now available to all clients for 12 months following working with them, which the team is looking to extend and build on their subscription offering, over Q1 and Q2 of 2024, adding further value to their many clients. Contact Details Contact: Emma Maslen Company: inspir’em ltd Web Address: Nov23360 Best Sales Strategy Coaching & Consultancy Firm 2023 With previous experience working for household names such as Sun Microsystems, BMC Software, SAP Concur & Ping Identity, Founder Emma Maslen has extensive technology go-to-market experience in multiple geographies. Furthermore, with a diverse team of partners, the inspir’em toolkit is vast. Cherry-picking the most relevant elements for each individual client, they are able to provide the training, coaching, and consultancy needed to achieve success. inspir’em’s services include MEDDIC/MEDDPICC sales training and coaching, leadership training and coaching, alongside sales strategy audits and associated recruiting strategies and interim CRO services. The team also has extensive experience providing executive coaching and Hogan Leadership Assessments. inspir’em provides knowledge & assets for a whole go-to-market organisation: from strategy to organisational design, to hiring and execution of the plan. They are not only able to boost revenue for experienced sales teams, but also set clients with minimal specific sales experience up for success. Above all, the inspir’em team is laser-focused on client results, whether this is through situation assessments, crafting the strategy or executing the plan. Since inception, the business have partnered with impressive global organisations such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and Redgate Software. inspir’em is one of the only female-led sales and training consultancies globally with a proven track record of helping sales teams and individuals accelerate their careers. The team also includes fellow senior female coaches, well-versed in both individual and team training, coaching, and consulting, which makes a real impact on the clients’ trajectories. inspir’em’s MEDDIC Foundations path is a world class course in sales qualification techniques and is considered one of the best courses for any revenue/commercial individual or leader. The course, which comes with consultancy to customise to the client’s business, focuses on the real reasons customers buy products or services, leading to reduced sales cycles, increased deal sizes and improved conversion rates. A further key differentiator is Emma’s commitment to helping individuals and teams invest in their “personal board”. She attributes her success to the network seeded in the early stages of her career and fostered throughout her last 25 years of business, so is keen to cement these networking principles within her clients. Methodology from Emma’s book “The Personal Board of You Inc.” (Rethink Press, 2023), which solidifies her decades of experience building professional relationships, has been embedded into elements of the inspir’em offering including the executive coaching sessions to help sales leaders advance their careers. This is vital for sales leaders as investing in the right “Personal Board” means you can keep front-ofmind for key head-hunters and recruiters for personal career moves, but also filling your own key vacancies quickly. Founded by Emma Maslen in 2019, inspir’em Ltd is a sales consultancy, training and coaching business, helping sales teams and leaders unlock their full potential. Having amassed more than 50 years of tech industry experience, Emma and her team equip CEOs, Founders, startups and scale-ups with the knowledge and tools to propel their career trajectory, accelerate business success and hit their targets every time. Here we take a closer look as the firm wins their title in the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2023.

Nov23329 United under the shared mission to move the human spirit, one person, one family, and one community at a time through powerful conversation, Moving the Human Spirit believes it is paramount to begin with clear communication. “We must understand our narrative to ensure life’s rewarding moments are enjoyed and meaningful.” The team’s stellar reputation emanates from a focused commitment to three key areas: • Providing ICF-accredited coaching courses • Training for organizations and communities • Broader trauma-informed coaching Across its comprehensive services, the company endeavours to foster evolution, awakening, and growth through engagement and coaching characterized by courage, commitment, and respect. Brad and Susan prioritize treating each person as a fully capable individual, fostering the maximization of human potential for collaborative achievement of the greater good and instigating positive change. This coaching approach establishes a robust connection between body and mind for trauma survivors, profoundly influencing their interactions with the environment and catalyzing pivotal action. Brad and Susan articulate, “We cultivate complete awareness through positive inquiry, unveiling individual strengths to determine the optimal next steps with our clients.” This underscores the clientcentric ethos ingrained in the core of the business, a decade-long commitment to nurturing clients and encouraging them to perceive trauma through an adaptive lens. Moving the Human Spirit’s ICFaccredited coaches operationalize this revolutionary approach, drawing upon their knowledge when facilitating, training, or coaching. Through its industry-leading programme, the business can purposefully train coaches to help clients process trauma in an environment where they feel safe and trusted. We support people in making strides toward the life they want to create themselves, unburdened by past experiences.” Many former students supported by Moving the Human Spirit aspire to make a comparable impact in the lives of others, often pursuing a practice in this work following their traumainformed certification. As for Brad and Susan, they started out in different fields, with Brad addressing stress, anxiety, and chaos within organizations and Susan specializing in assisting children and parents whose past experiences prevented them from forming closer family bonds. These diverse backgrounds prompted the pair to delve deeper into understanding how trauma affects individuals, propelling them to explore avenues for aiding individuals in managing, adapting, and thriving. A pivotal realization occurred when Brad and Susan, viewing client stories from a coaching perspective, discerned a common thread of trauma, transcending the uniqueness and personal nature of each narrative and individual. This shared commitment to enhancing client lives led to the conviction that coaching could empower individuals to reclaim agency in steering their lives towards recovery after trauma. Subsequently, Susan and Brad embarked on a collaborative journey spanning over a decade, focusing on bridging the gap between an overwhelmed medical industry and prevalent maladaptive behaviours observed in coaching sessions. They emphasize, “Our role is not to diagnose, treat, or heal our clients; rather, our clients possess the answers within them, and we simply pose the questions to draw them out.” This encapsulates the essence of trauma-informed coaching, with clients positioned prominently at the core of Moving the Human Spirit’s endeavours, embodying its mission and values. Contact: Brad Hardie & Susan Hogarth Company: Moving the Human Spirit Web Address: Recipient of the Trauma-Informed Coaching & Training Enterprise of the Year Award 2023 Generating powerful solutions in a positive environment, Moving the Human Spirit is a trailblazer in trauma-informed coaching. The company’s overarching vision is to cultivate a genuine sense of purpose and belonging for all individuals, regardless of their encounters. Ultimately, the team expertly supports those who have experienced trauma, empowering them to leverage the resources that they have in pursuit of a meaningful life. In our interview, we connected with co-founders Brad Hardie and Susan Hogarth, whose deep friendship and matched values over the years have aided them in successfully reshaping the field of trauma-informed coaching. Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2023 15