Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

Nov23231 Back in 2019, Lisa Cobble started Exceed Coaching Ltd., founded for the purposes of coaching male retirees, many of whom retire with no concrete plans and lack the necessary guidance and support as a result of a considerable gap in this area. As the pandemic hit in 2020 and the world was suddenly thrust online, things began to change for Lisa, who reached out to people online in both a professional and personal sense and began to realise the need for a coaching programme that could effectively coach women through a career change. In the few years since, Lisa has also built and delivered workshops, published two books, and developed other bespoke offerings. We catch up with Lisa in order to find out more about her fantastic services. Focusing on elements that serve to bring balance, harmony, and happiness into people’s lives, Lisa Cobble is an excellent life and career coach, aiming to empower all of her clients to be in charge of their own happiness and not rely on others for it. Lisa takes the uppermost pride in assisting her clients in the navigation of their situations, in turn forming a path for both personal and professional successes. As she explains, “my ethos is that everyone deserves to feel like a superhero, every day.” Paramount for Lisa is the forging of a company that prioritises the trio of confidence, self-awareness, and happiness, with these elements comprising what Lisa refers to as, “confident core happiness”, the ultimate foundation for success. To this end, Lisa has developed a method of “Staircase Planning”, allowing for progress, reflection, and planning across a meticulous, phased approach. While many businesses in this sector may boast a unique product, service, or position in the market to separate themselves from competitors, Exceed Coaching’s distinguishing feature is Lisa herself, a confident and positive individual, who has, “learned to navigate the corporate jungle through a 28-year career spanning many roles.” By being there for clients every step of the way, Lisa is the ultimate business partner. Whether it be in the trenches or building that staircase to the stars, an innate desire to see her clients fly means that not only does she talk the talk but has continually demonstrated an unrivalled ability to successfully walk the walk. Lisa explains, “I have work and life experience behind me and a non-judgemental approach, which is welcoming to all who need and want my help. My clients have referred to me as their own personal cheerleader.” When it comes to starting work on a new project, there is always a discovery phase, crucial for setting off on the right foot. And Lisa’s approach to helping her clients is no different. This involves scoping the situation and assessing things as they are, including work, family, health, finance, and relationships, in addition to a client’s unique personality and values, what makes them happy, and what it is that they ultimately aim to achieve. Once all of this has been established, Lisa is confident in her ability to advise the best course of action, ensuring a solid foundation has been established from which to build. Exceed Coaching Ltd. is kept deliberately small and bespoke as a way of guaranteeing only the highest calibre of service and care is afforded to all clients, with the business being wholeheartedly rooted in Lisa’s unbridled energy, passion, and innate drive to help others. At the heart of Lisa’s ethos is the timeless belief of practise what you preach, and she remains active within the corporate world, is a member of the UK Well Being Board, and is an award-winning STEM ambassador. To further benefit her clients, Lisa writes blogs and books and hosts a podcast, all carried out for the purpose of showing others what is possible. As for the future of her career, Lisa remains steadfast in her commitment to helping as many individuals and corporations as need her, be this by the material she produces or through virtual and inperson means. Throughout this next year, Lisa is also continuing work on writing a book, set to be released later this year, capitalising on her experiences from the past twelve months, entailing such concepts as navigating redundancy and how to be successful within a new role in the first six weeks. In closing, Lisa Cobble states, “We are never far away from someone who needs us. The important part is that they can feel confident to come to you and trust you. I want to embody that in 2024.” Contact: Lisa Cobble Company: Exceed Coaching Ltd. Web Address: Most Empowering Life & Career Coach 2023 (West Midlands): Lisa Cobble