Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

and leadership positions. She is certified in executive coaching and specialises in purpose. Carla is currently the only Corporate Ambassador in Portugal for the Purpose Mining Game. In 2020, she founded Healthy Change, motivated by the desire to deliver purpose to people’s lives. Carla is a facilitator for learning, growth, and change and generates purpose through coaching, mentoring, and individual and corporate purpose processes. The team at Healthy Change uses their expertise in organisational transformation and positive growth to enrich the lives of people, leaders, and teams. With its sustained learning process, the business creates innovative solutions that support individuals and organisations in achieving their goals. Healthy Change uses its extensive experience and inspirational coaching and mentoring services to help people foster change and growth within their personal and professional lives. Driven by purpose, the business is passionate about igniting change and supporting clients to achieve sustainable results. For its inspirational work, Healthy Change has received our award for this year’s Best Executive Coaching & Career Management Services Provider – Portugal. Contact: Carla Gouveia Company: Healthy Change Web Address: Nov23445 Best Executive Coaching & Career Management Services Provider 2023 - Portugal With its innovative and unique approach, Healthy Change empowers clients to live their best lives. People reside at the heart of its operations, and by inspiring purpose, the business drives sustainable change and growth. Healthy Change believes that everyone is capable of improvement and its team guides customers through each stage of the process. Its clients are individuals, leaders, and organisations who wish to be more active in society, their teams, and their own lives. It is Healthy Change’s objective to increase individual’s value as people and professionals. It is Healthy Change’s belief that everyone has a purpose in life. The business is dedicated to strengthening clients’ skills to help them discover their own purpose and live with meaning. Discovering purpose is essential for an individual’s development, prosperity, and sense of self. The team encourages clients to explore and deepen their passions, gifts, and skills in order to become the best version of themselves. Through specialist coaching and mentoring, the company helps people develop their capabilities and achieve extraordinary results. Healthy Change caters to leaders, supporting them to increase motivation within their teams. For entrepreneurs who want to discover their team’s purpose, Healthy Change helps them unlock potential and align employees with their company culture. Through conscious leadership training, clients can improve the quality of their communication, interactions, relationships, and the skills of their teams. With a Purpose Mining methodology, the business provides an end-to-end solution that generates a shared perspective between employees, leaders, and teams. The Purpose Mining Game uses gamification to help clients create a connection with purpose. Designed on knowledge of human development and organisational culture, the game is a journey into self-knowledge and helps people thrive in their personal and professional development. By discovering purpose, clients’ choices naturally become richer and of a higher quality. The process includes capacity building, training, mentoring, and coaching. The Purpose Mining Game can be played individually or within a group of three to six people and takes between two and three hours to complete. It includes a one-to-one follow-up session one week after the game where the individual’s insights are consolidated into a written statement of purpose. Individuals can also receive a personal report containing a record of the game, their choices, and some additional challenges. Carla Gouveia, Founder of Healthy Change, has over 20 years of corporate and business experience within different sectors Established in 2020, Healthy Change is dedicated to helping individuals, leaders, and teams discover new ways to learn, grow, and adapt to change in their personal and professional lives. With its sustained learning process, the business focuses on creating and executing solutions to help people achieve long lasting results. The team at Healthy Change are experts in organisational transformation and positive growth and are committed to supporting clients in achieving their life goals and ambitions. Through a winning combination of practical experience, coaching, and mentoring, the business delivers action to maximise results. Healthy Change has received our award for this year’s Best Executive Coaching & Career Management Services Provider – Portugal.