Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

Interim Corporate Recruitment Specialists of the Year 2023 - Europe Reasons why a company may seek out recruitment support can be vast, but regardless of the grounds, hiring a corporate recruiter on an interim basis often serves as the perfect, and economical, solution to these troubles. Interim recruiters can undertake any number of tasks, such as publishing vacancies or managing the entire recruitment process, with this work able to be carried out from the company office or on a remote/hybrid basis. Select4Jobs Founder and Owner Tijmen Koelewijn leverages his 20 years of experience and energetic, driven way of working to yield fantastic results for his clients, and if he is not available, he will put customers in touch with a suitable replacement operating within the Select4Jobs network. Since its founding back in 2016, Select4Jobs has been driven by the mission to always recruit the most suitable candidate for its clients, ultimately helping them and their businesses to be as successful as possible. In the company’s early days, it acted very much as a standard recruitment agency, expanding its services by demand, with a host of experience, to expertly morph into the multi-faceted group that it is today. The success that the business has faced over the past 7 years likely stems from a key distinction between it and its competitors. As Tijmen explains, “we distinguish ourselves in the market by not working for our clients, [but] working with them and even working under their brand.” Tijmen is currently based in Zeewolde but has the relevant experience working internationally, with broad experience in the recruitment industry in both a corporate and agency setting. Recruitment runs through his veins, and the energy, positivity, passion, and broad knowledge that he not only possesses, but brings to the table daily when liaising with clients, means that endless possibilities and opportunities can be explored. Having built two decades worth of relationships with those in the industry and other sectors, long-term prosperity has too been built, aided by an expert team possessing like-minded ambition to work together in achieving shared goals. When it comes to taking on a new project, Select4Jobs prides itself on clarifying beforehand exactly what it is that a customer hopes to achieve, what they are currently facing in the market, and what it is that they expect from the company across its process. From these results, a feasible solution is crafted, and work begins immediately once the client agrees. In actuality, the recruitment process has actually commenced before this conversation with the customer has even been carried out, as the team strive to maintain constant contact with the right target groups across a host of sectors, thus initiating a continuing process. Upon commencing with the attraction of talent, Tijmen and the team begin by ensuring that clarity is achieved, discussing with the person hiring exactly what it is that they are looking for. Despite these uniquities, traits such as a candidate’s motivation and skillset are essential in coming up with a successful match, adhering to the values and culture embedded deep within an organisation. For Tijmen, having the relevant diplomas and certificates present is not all that high on the priorities list, rather, emphasis is placed on the personal approach, and it is important to establish a foundation of trust. From here, a link between the goals of the person hiring and the candidate is sought out, which usually results in a successful match. When an interim recruiter comes aboard, they will use a client organisation’s existing recruitment tools/software, and if this is insufficient, advice can be provided on how to improve these offerings, or the software and tools can be provided by Select4Jobs itself. All of the software that the company works with is modern and state-of-the-art, as too are its systems and tools, with the uppermost attention paid to the relevant developments in technology that can further streamline these offerings. Since the team already have these to boot, they are used free of charge, when necessary, as too is their collected knowledge concerning the labour market, with all the relevant facts and figures to back this up. Although Select4Jobs may be small in size, the significant results it achieves speaks volumes about the way it operates, with the company proactively outsourcing a series of its automations and additional services to a string of expert partners, working alongside a host of service providers, innovative software means, and world-class tools, in order to scale up the necessary elements of its operation to streamline its offerings to its customers. It is the blending of this, with the more than 20 years of experience possessed by those working at Select4Jobs in connecting people, which combine to result in the company working in an efficient and structured way. As for future goals and aspirations, Tijmen explains, “our goal is to greatly expand our services with MyDrives consultancy. This allows us to strengthen our existing services and go a step further, where many competitors are not active.” Thanks to the MyDrives technology, which is wholly based on the idea that for a team to be successful the chosen candidate must embody the qualities of the wider firm, the methodology that is established is based on a series of drivers and habits. Tijmen continues, “this creates a team profile, and you can look for the desired and suitable profile of a candidate who fits, complements, and strengthens this team.” Bolstered by this expansion, Q1 of 2024 is set to include even closer and more methodical collaborations with clients, which will aid in a more efficient recruitment process and the opportunity to forge a lasting partnership built on mutual success. In the long term, such beneficial partnerships will serve to provide a better income stream than one based solely on invoiced hours, or a recruitment fee charged per assignment. On the back of this, Tijmen Koelewijn tells us, “our expectation for 2024 is that our turnover will grow significantly”, with Interim recruitment specialists Select4Jobs is a Netherlands-based organisation that excels in providing recruitment services for the corporate sphere, as well as acting as a more general recruitment agency. Operating with prowess in the fields of technology, manufacturing, industry, and IT, the team use some of the world’s best performing and most innovative recruitment software and tools to drive success. In early 2024, an expansion of the firm’s services will take place, stemming from the engagement and adoption of certified consultancy based on the MyDrives total methodology, an ethos designed to enable employees and wider teams to leverage their motivation and talents to breed further success. We catch up with Founder Tijmen Koelewijn, who provides further insight into the firm’s offerings and triumphs within the market.