Corporate Excellence 2019

108 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , 6 CORPORATE VIS ON / Issue 11 2019 Aug19402 Connecting Cambodia As businesses and companies fromall industries move towards an increasingly digital era, there is amuch greater need for firms such as Proseth Solutions. A consultant-oriented company, the firm intends to fill in the market need for professional, customer-focused IT solutions, and has established itself as Cambodia’s most reliable IT and network consultant firm for 2019. Incorporated in 2013, Proseth Solu- tions offer a wide variety of profession- al services within the IT industry, helping identify and solve a myriad of issues. By providing the highest quality of service, the firm exceed client expectations, whilst helping them to grow their business through long-term relationships. Support and maintenance for IT systems are critical to the con- tinuing success of any business’ key performances. Both support and maintenance should always be treated as ongoing exercises, given the constantly evolving na- ture of technology. With Proseth’s expert tools and knowledge, correct support and maintenance can prove to be a more cost-ef- fective and time-effective solution rather than running a system into the ground and then buying a new one. In order to help with the support and maintenance of IT systems, the team at Proseth offer a wide variety of products and solutions for all manner of issues. From service and storage to visual- isation, to system software and backup solutions, to network, security, and cloud solutions, this company can offer solutions in many areas of software and hardware solutions. Working with a wide variety of partners includ- ing Microsoft, Fortinet, Cisco, HP, Dell, Veeam, VMware, Symantec and many others, clients can access a wide range of interna- tionally-recognised solutions. Hardware is equally essential to ongoing success, and there is never a good time for a critical failure. Whilst businesses may be able to troubleshoot everyday issues, completely new hardware problems are a danger and threat to businesses and their perfor- mances. Proseth offer mainte- nance plans offer a wide variety of services, all designed to help keep businesses running smoothly. The services offered in the vary- ing maintenance plans can work to solve any number of IT-related issues with hardware or software. Certified engineers who are pro- ficient with international vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and others are always on hand to help get businesses back up and running should technology crash or fail. As the engineer gets familiar with the client’s network and computer systems, Proseth’s strategy revolves around con- stantly monitoring and improving that IT environment to minimise further compromises to security. For those times where support and maintenance is no longer a viable option, Proseth offer re- placement services for Managed Service, IT hardware, spare parts and backups. Hardware backups and spare part replacement ser- vice provides a cost-effective and quicker way for clients to have new technology on site without having to purchase a product by themselves, drawing on the expertise and knowledge of the engineers. In addition to this, clients can further understand their IT challenges and business needs as the certified and experienced engineers are available for con- sultation regarding any IT-relat- ed issues. In helping enhance the performance of IT assets, Proseth also offer inventory services. Proper documentation and tracking hardware and soft- ware assets can help managers in strategic decision-making, and managing their IT portfolio effectively in the areas of cost and governance. As businesses focus more on their IT and technical capabilities, the success of Proseth can be measured in the firm’s status as Cambodia’s most reliable IT and network consultant of the year. Ensuring that businesses have all they need to support, maintain and use the latest technology in delivering their services, this IT consultancy firm are connecting clients to the future. Company: Proseth Solutions Contact: Ratanak Soth Website: