Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 109 , 12 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 11 2019 Oct19056 From Cyprus, the Future of Finance 8topuz has built its expertise on high-skilled finance consulting specialists, each in their own finance consulting field, and now it’s looking to the future for inspiration. We caught up with them to find out more about their leading services and solutions. The increasing use of artificial intelligence is a game-changer in every market, and the financial sector is no exception. 8topuz is an innovative software development company, offering comprehen- sive asset management solu- tions. In this case, the solution is the innovative application of artificial intelligence on the stock market. Artificial Intelligence, alongside a combination of large amounts of data with fast, iter- ative processing and intelligent algorithms, allows 8topuz’s soft- ware to -crucially- learn automat- ically from patterns or features in the data. All in all, machine learning is relatively new to the financial sector, but neural networks are quite familiar to most, especially quantitative analysts. The use of it here is advantageous over reg- ular people, because most simply cannot hold the sheer amount of information being thrown at them over the course of a sitting. A machine brain, of course, can handle all the knowledge without any of the fuss. A natural result of this is that the Wealth Manage- ment arena is swiftly changing, adapting to keep up with these latest developments and appli- cations. AI and machine learning tools are being used to identify new signals on price movements and to make more effective use of the vast amount of available data and market research than with current models. The clients who look at the work of 8topuz are generally search- ing for user-friendly and intuitive solutions, such as those offered on world renowned trading platforms such as MT4 or mobile app. 8topuz ensures that it is available on both, offering relia- bility and successful trading re- sults no matter what the platform. In spite of being app-based, 8to- puz are committed to presenting bespoke trading solutions with capital performance, high returns and high-risk risk appointment. The staff of 8topuz are young and motivated, determined to leave their own mark on the uber-competitive FinTech landscape. This shared world- view and vision means that development can happen much more quickly as everyone shares similar values, and a similar desire to develop a valid financial valid product. As a market that is in constant mutation, it is best for those involved to not be wedded to what has gone before. Everything is changing so quickly that you can’t afford to be stuck in your ways and this is the major advantage of 8topuz’s young workforce. In fact, 8topuz is a major innovator in this way, having made sure that its app is available to more than just those who work for an institution. It works autonomously and ag- nostically of a broker’s or client’s knowledge, relying entirely on its algorithm. Clients have react- ed positively to the consistent results generated over the past 3 years, with both professional and retail traders taking advantage of this new and exciting system of working. Focused on providing a us- er-friendly platform that is availa- ble on all interfaces was the main intention of 8topuz. It proved relatively straightforward, but challenges arose when it came to confirm that the all neural network and pre-set mathemat- ical models were updated on a real-time basis over all platforms. This is a problem that blights all major projects like this and was handled with the customary ingenuity that 8topuz is known for. That aside, the future for 8topuz seems bright. There are plans to develop client loyalty and further grow the potential of this company. While hoping for further news, it seems there’s a big announcement coming soon. As ever for this sprightly new company, you’ll have to keep an eye out on social media for what’s coming next. Contact: Abdoulkader Abdi Company: 8topuz Wealth Fintech Website: Telephone: +357 252 621 62