Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 115 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 11 2019 9 data protection across Hungary, Laszló wholly encourages his staff to seek out new challenges, more knowledge, better ideas, and exciting technologies and experiences to benefit the firm and its clientele. Bringing this approach of lifelong learning in constant pursuit of corporate excellence, Laszló has seen his business grow from success to success in the short two years of its existence. As 2019 has come and gone, more national and European Union regulations regarding data protection have come into play for companies and corporations across the continent. Hungarian lawmakers are continuing to develop GDPR-compliant laws and digital privacy regulations that will bring new challenges for all. Kerubiel’s vision moving forward is to utilise its international expertise across EU member countries, and become one of the leading experts in IT, information security, and data protection across the whole of Europe. However, for all its benefits and how hugely beneficial technology continues to be for humanity, it is also enormously risky. Cyber- crime rates have skyrocketed, and they are becoming increasingly costly to deal with when they happen. With data being one of the most valuable commodities in the world today, security breaches can prove devastating to the operations and income of a company. Misuse of personal data of individuals can be hugely inconvenient, but attacks on public services can cripple entire societies and populations. Kerubiel is working to increase their own operational services to include cyber-security and how best they can consult companies on ensuring they are as protected as they can be. Kerubiel’s mission may have only just begun, but their success is clear for all to see. Constantly developing and overcoming challenges; this firm will continue to explore and exploit the advantages of technology to streamline businesses and help keep society moving in the right direction for years to come. Company: KERUBIEL Contact: Laszló Dellei Website: E-mail: [email protected] Mobile: +36(30)691 6421 Hungary for Excellence Hungary's Most Outstanding IT Security Consultan y - 2019