Corporate Excellence 2019

116 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , 6 CORPORATE VIS ON / Issue 11 2019 Working in Tandem Managing change and building a strong work culture is always a challenge within a company. Realizing that most companies did not have the capacity to lead significant change, Jan and Joe McCafferty started TandemSolutions, certain that there were better ways to help organizations achieve their goals. Seventeen years later, we take a closer look at the exciting company that has proven to beMassachusetts’s Most Outstanding Leadership Development Solutions Provider 2019. Founded in 2002, this Massachusetts based company has gone from strength to strength within the leadership sector. Through the use of innovative and flexible techniques, Tandem Solutions have been able to provide customized solutions that involve a proactive, ‘roll up your sleeves’ approach to consultancy that engages well with clients. With a strong emphasis on providing advice and developing leaders to drive the change in their organizations, Tandem Solutions ensures that no mater what new direction a company wishes to take, it is equipped to do so in an effective manner. Co-founders Jan and Joe started the company from very different backgrounds. Jan had been a practice leader in a leading organization development consulting firm, while Joe had been an executive with many start-up companies. What united them was knowing the importance of building a strong culture and managing change, but also knowing that they could do better. Offering consultancy to make a road map for change and leadership training to ensure the success of that change, Tandem Solutions helps clients to define clear, tangible, employee behaviors and skills that are aligned with the vision, values, and strategy of the Oct19535/Oct19655 business. The real power lies with combining both elements to build a company culture that embraces change. The unique solution proposed and provided by Tandem Solutions is their proprietary software TandemLead™, the company’s leadership-learning platform and assessment tool suite, which helps to bridge that level- spanning gap in leadership. Providing the structure required for driving change, while developing the leadership that clients need to succeed, the TandemLead™ suite is a series of over 20 modular learning programs that can be customized for individual client needs. Based on Tandem Solutions’ LongitudinaLearning™ approach, this is a series of online interactive teaching sessions with small group coaching to help leaders learn in small pieces. This allows teaching to sink in and provides leaders with a safe environment to address challenges, learn from each other and break down the barriers present to making change. The ability to discuss problems with other leaders allows all involved to leave with common tools, techniques and terminology to help engage with others. This leads to better decision-making, stronger communication and a positive team climate. The success of Tandem Solutions can be found in the relationships it has developed with clients, driven by the adaptability of its approaches. Thanks to the modular nature of their solutions, the team at Tandem Solutions can offer precisely what a company requires of them. Adopting a high touch approach to business means it is easy for Tandem Solutions to meet clients where they are in their journey, build strong relationships and help to change an essential part of the fabric of the organization. By also providing systemic support after a project, clients feel more like they are partnering with Tandem Solutions, as opposed to consulting them. This creates a stronger relationship that is often be rewarded with further work in the long-term. Never willing to settle, Tandem Solutions constantly innovate what they offer to their clients. Going above and beyond their flexible learning solutions, the entire approach to product development has been rooted in flexibility from the start. It means that the cost of adapting solutions for clients is already accounted for in the cost of the solution, and allows for products to evolve on an ongoing basis based on feedback. Gathering feedback to work on these product revamps is crucial to the continued success of Tandem Solutions. It is what makes this company a seller of solutions, as opposed to merely selling every company the same product. Each client has a bespoke answer provided by Tandem Solutions, each designed to match to the specific demands of a client and add as much value as possible over time. By debriefing, Tandem Solutions have the ability to improve a program before it is used again. A recent debrief has led to the development of a new learning program called ‘PhysicianLead’, aimed at developing junior facility leaders in academic medical centres. Currently being piloted in a large New York academic medical centre, it sits alongside other developments in the Tandem Solutions stable, such as a new version of the flagship leadership course “Learning People, Managing Work.” Both programs are built on the solid foundation that is the LongitudinaLearning™ approach, ensuring that participants are encouraged to adopt new behaviors in their work. This is what Tandem Solutions does best, providing a world-class leadership training experience that can revolutionize the operation of companies from the top down. The client mindset has not always been on the side of training their teams in the leadership of individuals and teams. Recently, there has been a recognition of the need to invest in leaders’ skills and capabilities, especially when it