Corporate Excellence 2019

120 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , 0 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 11 2019 Sep19301 Consultancy Firm Clarasys Cement Success For businesses that are stuck in their ways, a consultancy can provide dynamismand refreshingly pragmatic approaches to long-unsolved problems. Discover more about how Clarasys, a fresh and exciting London-based consultancy, has been named Best Independent Management Consultancy of 2019 in the UK, as we profile its fantastic work. Delivering a customer-focused approach to solving needs at the pace of business demands, Clarasys has emerged as one of London’s best consultancy management services. With more than 100 consultants working across a range of industries including financial services, public sector, healthcare, IT services, telecommunications and professional services, this dynamic firm is the ideal partner for any business looking to reinvigorate themselves. Founded in 2010, this firm believes there is a better way to do consultancy. For Clarasys, the right way means collaborating with businesses for rapid transformation, offering unparalleled skill in discovering the root causes of problems, and overcoming challenges. Committed to working with clients, rather than simply for them, the firm ensures it understands priorities and goals, making them its own for the duration of the work. Established to be agile from the ground up, the firm applies its agility to any and all client work. Using its unique, enterprise, agile approach, Clarasys works to quickly identify and unlock value, providing teams with direction and clarity moving forward. This philosophy of speed without compromising on quality of service is one the firm shares with clients, helping to balance quick wins against lasting transformation whilst building capability and self-sufficiency. Lasting transformation can take a myriad of forms. For Clarasys, it means helping clients build the necessary foundations for continual transformation well into the future with the capabilities to deliver future projects in the most efficient way. At the core of the Clarasys service is its commitment to helping clients put customers and employees at the heart of their business. Coupling a deep expertise of customer experience with operational effectiveness, the firm enables clients to join together front and back offices to deliver change. As well as meeting the needs of business customers, the work also helps meet the demands of a diverse set of employee needs and expectations. Where the firm truly excels is not just in quality delivery of services, but the result of those services. Driving up customer retention, enhancing customer and employee experiences, and maximising service satisfaction are just some of the reasons that clients choose to work alongside Clarasys to help them succeed. Digitalisation is very much on the horizon for businesses in 2019 and beyond, if not already well-incorporated. As a key part of their excellent services, consultants at Clarasys help clients design, and ensure company-wide adoption of new digital services. Process- driven and tech-neutral, the firm doesn’t work with specific tech manufacturers, meaning that clients get access to the best tools, resources and technical approaches tailored to their own specific needs. For companies working in consulting, each and every client is unique and therefore the solutions need to be as well. Another way Clarasys separates itself from the competition is its bespoke approach to every client’s problem. Helping a variety of organisations from FTSE 100 firms to government organisations and non-profit companies, the approach is always totally unique as no two situations are ever the same. That level of bespoke care doesn’t just cultivate success, it also leaves clients feeling as though Clarasys is an extension of their own team, resulting in longstanding relationships. The firm’s aforementioned collaborative approach to work is essential for successful project outcomes, gaining necessary information from the right people at the right time without intruding on a client’s day-to-day work. Clarasys, like many consulting firms, attributes its success to its employees. Where this company stands proudly above its competition, however, is in just how good its staff are at what they do. Cultivating fantastic relationships with clients, delivering only the highest quality work, and ensuring the company is a wonderful place to work are just some of the ways in which this consultancy firm’s staff have made it into an award-winning workplace. Just this year, Clarasys placed third in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies To Work For, a testament to the incredible work ethic there and cementing its status as a desirable place to work. The firm has also been awarded the maximum three stars for its extraordinary level of workplace engagement. These wins are an important acknowledgement that Clarasys continues to thrive in an industry facing increased competition. By remaining focused on its core activities, building on its already-impressive reputation for delivering lasting change, and being confident that its unique services give it an edge, this firm will remain at the forefront of the industry as it expands. Looking to the future, it is brighter than ever for this consultancy firm. Following its