Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 119 , Sep19191 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 11 2019 3 Accelerating the Digitization of Enterprise Supply Chain Requis’ unique platform combining their four pillars - Marketplace, Procurement, Directory, and InventoryMgmt - is a hot, new startup leading in the emerging Supply Chain Platform space. We caught up with CEO, RichardMartinwho provided us with a detailed insight into the most trusted cloud-based supply chain platform for 2019. Established in 2018, Requis has made supply chain digital- ization a reality for enterprises having created a cloud based, central- ized platform to buy, manage and sell assets more efficiently. Today, Requis is built for any market or industry, connecting stakeholders across the entire supply chain or what the firm calls the new “ value chain ”. The award-winning platform the firm created has been designed by both supply chain and technology professionals who saw a major gap and need for a solution, which combined all aspects of the supply chain onto one platform, instead of using traditional ERP like solutions. Richard begins by going into further detail about the areas the team at Requis specializes within, and the expert services they provide. “Requis enables three primary types of Enterprises onto our platform to interact: 1. Supplier/OEMs who sell to major Enterprises 2. Enterprises themselves - these are multi-national companies who have major supply chain teams that buy from Suppliers, track assets thru their lifecycle, and then sell/dispose of said assets when finished 3. Recovery/Value buyers - there are four types of “recovery/ value” buyers who buy used, surplus, excess inventory: a. Scrap buyers, b. refurb buyers, c. supplier/OEMs and d. other Enterprises. “The Requis platform has been built to address any and all Enter- prise types no matter the vertical they are in; however, we are expe- riencing broad uptake in Energy & High Tech at the moment.” Enabling the firm to deliver these exceptional services, is the experi- enced, hard-working and dynamic team which forms the backbone of Requis. When discussing the internal culture, Richard is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the company and how they have helped to expand Requis since the firm’s inception. “It is no secret that our small team is the reason we are where we are. Without the team having the energy and fortitude to take on this challenge, build this platform, and align with the Enterprise Supply Chain’s digital transformation underway, we would be nowhere. “We have a mix of supply chain, procurement, asset lifecycle mgmt, disposition, and tech- nology practitioners who have founded and built Requis to date. Over the years we have established both a global and remote presence in Australia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East already – providing us with a 24/7 presence. To date, this has been a key ingredient to our ability to work in a number of countries across the world.” Looking ahead, Requis is posed for the big inflection point/growth years, which will occur in the near future. Bringing the interview to a close, Richard signs off by re- vealing the plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, touching on how the team will further expand the business, their presence and the services they provide to clients in the years to come. “Ultimately, we feel blessed to have identified a real need in the market, whilst a cloud based, centralized, purpose built supply chain & commerce platform for Enterprise use only that brings together the ability to buy, man- age, and sell assets via the four pillars of Requis: Marketplace, Procure, Directory, Asset/Inven- tory mgmt. Going forward, we plan on continued development on the platform on all four pillars, while focusing on what is in front of us for execution. Fortunately, we have enough demand to keep us busy for a few years!” Contact: Richard Martin Email: [email protected] Company: Requis Address: 434 Fayetteville Street, Suite 1855, Raleigh, 27601, North Carolina, United States of America Telephone: 650-714-4923 Web Address: