Corporate Excellence 2019

128 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , CORPORATE VISION / Issue 8 2019 15 Jun19319 Deep Chand Dialysis Centre (DCDC) is amedical practice company based inNewDelhi, India. Earlier this year, the practice found success in CV’s 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards where they were selected as India’s Most Compassionate Healthcare Provider 2019. Following this win, we profiled the firm to discover more about the award-winning services they consistently deliver. Bringing Forward Special Services To Support Patients Since their inception, DCDC has grown into one of the most trusted institutions in Dialysis care delivery in Delhi/NCR and are rapidly expanding to establish a wider network in all formats. As an epitome of both trust and compassionate care, the chain of Dialysis care always strives to excel with world class technology and expertise supporting it, and also aspires to bring the commu- nities largest network of state of the art Haemodialysis facilities, dialysis centres sans comparison in India, all under the DCDC umbrella. Providing the practice with the ability to deliver this exceptional level of care, is the experienced, committed and passionate team which forms the backbone of DCDC. Alongside standardised dialysis protocols, well trained renal professionals and backend technology procedures, DCDC are able to proudly provide reli- able, safe and effective dialysis with meticulously designed services. In addition to the hard-working team, DCDC is also teamed with state of the art equipment, RO system and support on life style management, up-keeping the tradition of patient centricity and care, it provides quality treat- ment in shorter time without any compromises. Moving forward, the team at DCDC will continue to deliver an impeccable service, ensuring that they treat each patient with the same high-level of care and attention, regardless of their background. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the DCDC team hope to further expand their business, presence and the services they offer in the years to come, especially following their recent success in Corporate Vision’s 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards where they were righteously awarded the accolade India’s Most Compassionate Healthcare Provider 2019. Company: Deep Chand Dialysis Centre (DCDC) Web Address: