Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 129 , Jun19369 CORP RATE VISION / Issu 7 2019 1 Vantagepoint AI focuses on developing software to assist individual traders and investors in becomingmore successful by providing themwith the tools, indicators and information to help themmake the right decisions at the right times. Following the firm’s success in CV’s 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards where they were selected as theMost Innovative AI-Driven Trading Software Company 2019, we profiled Vantagepoint AI to discover more about the inventive solutions and exceptional services the team consistently provides to their clients. Stacking the Odds in Your Favour Since their inception in 1979, Vantagepoint AI has remained at the forefront of trading software research and development. The firm focuses primarily on utilizing artificial intelligence to analyze massive quantities of data and sift through very complex market relationships to find hidden pat- terns about how certain markets can affect other markets and certain stocks can affect other stocks. The level of data mining and learning is beyond human capabilities. Vantagepoint AI began with and continues to focus on supporting individual traders and investors. At the beginning, Louis Men- delsohn started the company on his main concern of levelling the trading field for independent traders who do not have unlimited budgets to do extensive research and development, nor such highly sophisticated tools at their disposal. After initially developing what has evolved into the firm’s software program for himself, Lou expand- ed it because he realized how many people who were in a simi- lar situation and needed the same thing. By sharing the technology with them, then they also could benefit from it as well. Additionally, by paying Lou for the technology, it would allow him the opportu- nity to collect more resources to continue to take his research and development further. Vantagepoint celebrates 40 years of serving traders this year. The company maintains its focus and guides all of its decisions based upon eight core values: respect, passion, communication, positiv- ity, purpose, teamwork, innova- tion, and most important – integri- ty. If the company’s partnerships, products, and team don’t stay true to these core values, then the company leadership knows it’s not going to ultimately serve its family of traders. Vantagepoint doesn’t use the term “family” lightly! Over the years, the firm have accumulated a core team who play a tremen- dous role in Vantagepoint AI’s overall success. The accomplish- ments the firm have achieved is similar to the domino effect – the clients’ success is dependent on the technology and the staff who teach, train and coach them along the way. As such, the team at Vantagepoint AI place a strong emphasis on culture, wanting everyone in the team to have a passion and care for the custom- ers and the company. Unlike many companies in the US, Vantagepoint offers its team full medical, dental, and vision coverage along with a dedicated health and wellness program to ensure that their family is well-taken care of. Consequently, Vantagepoint has been recog- nized as a great workplace in the Tampa Bay region for many years and was just certified nationally in the US as a Great Place to Work. Along with its focus on its internal team, Vantagepoint always has a keen eye and ear on its family of traders. For the future, the firm will continue to provide impec- cable service, ensuring that they not only fulfil but also surpasses clients expectations. Moving forward, the Vantagepoint AI team is fully committed remaining at the forefront of cutting-edge technol- ogy, utilizing new developments in the field of artificial intelligence to increase accuracy, and always continuing to listen and learn from their traders to make the software even easier and more intuitive. Company: Vantagepoint AI Address: 5807 Old Pasco Road, Wesley Chapel, 33544, Florida, United States Telephone: 813 973 0496 Web Address: