Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 137 CORP RATE VISION / Issue 8 2019 19 ACHC : Championing Quality Patient Care “This approach has resulted in broad acceptance of our stand- ards domestically, making us one of the fastest-growing accreditors within the industry and has also proven successful internationally, as we are currently expanding in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe. The world is rapidly changing and with these changes there is a growing need for independent oversight of health services. Choosing the wrong accreditor could prove disastrous, especially in evolving markets,” José stresses. “Ultimately, ACHC is committed to the patients and the providers we serve. Although we often do work on behalf of the govern- ment, our goal is always to im- prove the quality of patient care. Our results have been exception- al, and I would be disappointed with anything less. “We take our commitments very seriously. That’s just who we are, and it should give providers and regulators peace of mind knowing they are choosing an accreditor that does.” Company: Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) Web Address: Most Instrumental CEO of the Year in Healthcare 2019 - USA