Corporate Excellence 2019

136 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , 8 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 8 2019 Jun19288 ACHC : Championing Quality Patient Care Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) is a global nonprofit healthcare accreditation organization recognized internationally for its commitment to quality and excellence. Earlier this year, the firm’s President & CEO, José Domingos, found success in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019, where he was recognized as theMost Instrumental CEO of the Year inHealthcare 2019 – USA. Following this win, we caught up with José to discover more about the accreditation organization, highlighting the outstanding services ACHC consistently provides to its customers. Since its inception in 1986, ACHC has delivered distinc- tive services for healthcare providers seeking accreditation and related services. Today, the organization offers a vast range of programs that have been tailored specifi- cally for healthcare companies seeking to demonstrate a higher level of performance and patient care through accreditation and compliance. Accreditation provides a frame- work to help organizations iden- tify performance improvement opportunities, develop leader- ship, and expand management and community relationships. By adhering to industry standards, accreditation helps guide the way for improvements in providing high-quality patient care, a higher satisfaction for employees, and an improved overall customer experience. Having become synonymous with value, integrity, and the industry’s best customer service, ACHC’s mission is simple: Deliv- er the best possible accreditation experience to customers. By offering a collaborative approach designed to enhance business operations and ensure the high- est quality patient care, ACHC’s unique educational style allows the firm to partner with customers to better assist them through the accreditation process. José begins by informing us of the customers the team provides its award-winning services to, as well as how the company approaches potential new cus- tomers. “ACHC reaches a broad spectrum of customers in the healthcare industry, with a primary focus on ancillary, community-based facilities. For our customers, accreditation by ACHC is an investment, and they, appropriately so, measure it like one. It is our job to make sure doing business with us is always worth the expense. As a result, many of our customers return to ACHC time and again for all their accreditation needs. “ACHC experts travel extensively to support our outreach programs at trade shows, offering their expertise and advice to potential customers and other industry advocates. We also provide diverse marketing plans for each program to promote our services, continually looking for ways to expand and enhance benefits while seeking a broader custom- er base. “In addition to the best-in- class assistance we provide, we also offer supplemental support through our educational resources division, ACHCU, and rely on experts for clinical guidance to support our customers throughout the accreditation process.” Speaking of experts, ACHC is formed of a team of experienced, passionate, and committed individuals who work together to deliver exceptional service to clients. When discussing the internal culture, José is proud to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm. “Everyone at ACHC is truly com- mitted to our mission of delivering the best possible experience to our customers and partners. Working in sync toward this common goal creates a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose among every member of our staff.” Since its inception, the team at ACHC has reached remarkable heights, building a well-deserved reputation for being highly approachable. By combining this reputation with the values placed on strategic partnerships, it comes as no surprise that key industry leaders, associations, and regulatory bodies proac- tively reach out to ACHC, both domestically and internationally, to develop new accreditation programs. Bringing the interview to a close, José signs off by revealing the exciting plans that lie in the pipe- line for the firm, especially fol- lowing the considerable amount of time and effort the team has put in thus far to get ACHC to the preferable market position it enjoys today. “As we continue to expand our services and reach, new accreditation programs will be announced. Moving forward, we need to be continually at the forefront of providing quality healthcare accreditation. “We work hard to create advo- cates, rather than just to gain customers. Nothing is more rewarding than to have repeat customers as a true reflection of the service and value we provide.