Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 165 , 32 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 3 2019 Jan19289 Established in 2014, Boveda Asset Management is a FINRA registered investment advisory firm providing wealth and capital management services to institutions and high net worth investors through the creation and management of alternative investment vehicles. Boveda Asset Management’s core business, alternative investment management requires that the firm creates and/or enters into management agreements with existing funds as co-managers. Going into further detail, Ken begins by explaining the areas the company primarily focuses on. “Currently, we focus on our real estate investment fund and private equity fund. As part of the management of our funds, we make short term and long term financing available to commercial real estate developers, owners and prospective purchasers.” At Boveda Asset Management, Ken firmly believes that personnel is paramount to the success of the business, since nothing happens unless it is performed by representatives of the firm. When discussing the internal culture, Ken is keen to highlight the key role the talented team play in the overall success of the company and how they ensure that their service Achieving Investment Goals Boveda Asset Management provides asset management services to investors by creating, developing and managing proprietary alternative investment vehicles and portfolios. Recently, we profiled the firm and caught up with Ken Witherspoon who provided us with a detailed insight into the award-winning services they deliver to their clients. is beneficial for both parties involved. “Here at Boveda Asset Management, we have been successful because of the experience of our management team which has the ability to identify opportunities which will bring the highest return to our investors. Because of this ability we have been able to provide investors with positive rate returns since we began operating in 2014 and we look to continue providing our investors with the returns they have grown to expect.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Ken signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the company. “Boveda Asset Management is a relatively new firm and will celebrate its 5th year of operation in April 2019. Ultimately, we are looking forward to growing our business by bringing on new investors and creating additional investment products which will benefit investors.” Contact: Ken Witherspoon Company: Boveda Asset Management Address: 15720 Brixham Hill Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28277-4784 Telephone: 001 888 569 8883 Website: