Corporate Excellence 2019

168 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , Jan19220 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 6 2019 45 Bridging the Gap Between the Law and Modern Business Reality MillsOakley is anational lawfirmwithoffices inMelbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth. Recently, one of thefirm’s partners, Darren Jameswas selected inCV’s CorporateExcellence Awards 2019 as theMost Influential LitigationLawyer of theYear 2019 –Australia. On the backof thiswin, we profile both theDarrenand the practice todiscovermore about the award-winning services theyprovide. Since their inception, Mills Oakley has been assisting leading corporates to move parts of their legal work from higher cost firms with significant fee savings and no diminution of work quality. Guided by a team-oriented philosophy, Mills Oakley prioritise regular communication to ensure that they fully understand the objectives of their clients and can easily accommodate their chang- ing needs. Over the years, Mills Oakley’s success has been driven by the energetic vision of the firm and our commitment to building strong, lasting relationships with clients. With over 100 partners and more than 700 staff, the team at Mills Oakley offer strong expertise in all key commercial practice areas including corporate advisory, property, commercial disputes and insolvency, insurance, tax, financial services, workplace rela- tions as well as construction and technology to name but a few. One partner in particular, Darren James has over two decades of experience in providing advice and representation in significant and high-profile commercial dis- putes. Drawing from his depth of experience and expertise, Darren is able to assist the clients he works to achieve their commercial objectives when faced with the wide range of legal, commercial, insurance and brand issues often associated with significant commercial disputes, incidents and regulatory investigations. Supported by an impressive portfolio, which continues to grow, it was a clear choice for Darren to be selected in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 where he was righteously awarded the accolade Most Influ- ential Litigation Lawyer of the Year 2019 – Australia. Moving forward, the team at Mills Oakley will continue to deliver an exceptional service to their clients which not only meets the require- ments which have been set, but also surpasses their expectations and benefits both parties involved. Lastly, Mills Oakley hope to build upon the outstanding accomplish- ments they have achieved over the years, as well as continuing to expand their services and add to their ever-increasing portfolio. Company: Mills Oakley Web Address: