Corporate Excellence 2019

194 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , CORPORATE VISION / Issue 2 2019 25 Dec18327 Whilemanyplayers in telecommunications are suffering ondepressedmargins and eroding stock prices, KWAKTelecomand its CEO, Josef Bruckschloegl keepbuilding an impressive success story anddisrupt thewaymoney is earned in today’s telecommunicationandmediamarkets. Taking Telecoms To The Next Level KWAK Telecom in Nikosia, Cyprus is a global market leader in the segment of premium rate number services and acts as a micropay- ment provider for telecom and media companies. If you ever asked who is providing the telephone number for a TV show, there’s a good chance in more than 100 countries that it’s KWAK. The telecom market is suffering, and media companies struggle to sell advertising. Premium rate services - like TV-voting - be- came a vital revenue-stream for many. KWAK Telecom recog- nised this market need early and gained revenue, profits and influence during the last years at an impressive growth rate. Josef Bruckschloegl, KWAK’s CEO, is at the very centre of this devel- opment. The Oxford-educated manager has an impressive career track record and was at the forefront of innovation since a very young age. At the age of 21, he was the Director of E-Commerce at Tele- com Austria, disrupting the way in which retail telecom services are sold and procured. Chief Business Consultant at Deutsche Post at the age of 26. Disrupting the way corporate garment is processed on global scale. Since 2009, Josef Bruckschloegl has been with KWAK Telecom. He joined the company as Vice President Carrier Relations, was promoted COO one year later and since 2013, he’s leading the firm as its Chief Executive. Dur- ing his tenure, revenue tripled, and annual profits gained more than 600 percent. Current inter- national sales of the boutique firm contribute an equivalent of approximately 1.4 percent of all exports of Cyprus, a European Union country. KWAK’s net yield is a multiple of telecom’s industry average. Additionally, the private company is solely cash flow financed and has not a dime bank debt. Despite being a boutique firm KWAK Telecom became vital to the value creation for many companies within telecom and media industry around the world. Most of these companies are a multiple of KWAK’s size in terms of manpower and revenue but many of them would struggle without the continuous revenue streams and the boost of margin provided by the Cypriot firm. Considering Mr. Bruckschloegl’s impact on telecom and media markets, his academic contribu- tions in the fields of leadership and strategy and his global network of partners and friends we are proud award him the title “Most Influential CEO in Tele- communications 2019.” Company: KWAK Telecom Ltd. Contact: Heinrich Mooslechner (Chief of Staff) Address: 91 Athalassis Ave., Strovolos, 2024 Nikosia, Cyprus Telephone: +357 220223 0 Website: 45