Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 195 , Dec18451 CORP RATE VISION / Issu 1 2019 23 Taylor Hampton Solicitors Limited is a leading reputationmanagement, confidentiality and privacy specialist. Following the company’s success in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 as theMedia Law Firmof the Year 2019 – UK, we profiled the firmand spoke to Daniel Taylor who provides us with a detailed insight into why this and other awards are so well deserved. Taylor Hampton Solicitors Limited : Leaders in Defamation Law Established in 2007, Taylor Hampton So- licitors Limited is one of the recognised leaders in defama- tion, privacy, phone hacking and internet litigation. Going into further detail, Daniel begins by informing us of the firm’s overall mission and how the team’s objective is always to ensure that it delivers an out- standing service which surpass- es clients’ expectations. “Here at Taylor Hampton Solici- tors Limited, our overall mission is to achieve our clients’ goals in the most cost-efficient way. Also, we pride ourselves on listening to our clients’ personal and/or com- mercial objectives and ensuring that these objectives are met at every stage of our instructions. Our support network of barristers has been developed over many years and these relationships are of enormous benefit to our clients.” In the media sphere, Taylor Hampton Solicitors Limited has expertise in acting for both Claimants and Defendants. As such, it provides the team with a unique insight as to how the press and broadcasters operate. When discussing how the firm stays ahead of any emerging developments, Daniel touches on how the team remains on top of any changes within the industry by attending conferences and training sessions. “Ultimately, we are committed to continuing professional develop- ment and regularly keep abreast of developments via participation in conferences and ongoing train- ing. Furthermore, as a law firm which is regulated by the SRA, there are stringent standards to adhere to which ensure we keep up with developments in the legal field.” Bringing the interview to a close, Daniel envisions what the future has in store for not only the industry in which Taylor Hampton Solicitors Limited operates, but also what lies ahead for the firm and the exciting plans currently in the pipeline. “The speed of reaction on behalf of clients becomes ever more important in the digital world, es- pecially as attacks on reputation can go viral in seconds and need very urgent responses. As such, we have to adapt our approach- es to respond to this fast-paced environment. “Moving forward, the firm is developing in new and fascinating areas. For example, along with nine other specialists, we have founded the Art Due Diligence Group (ADDG). The ADDG assists those involved in high end art transactions with the due pro- cess involved, so as to avoid the pitfalls of art collecting. Our ex- pertise in reputation management has been helpful in assisting those whose reputation has been damaged in the art industry.” Contact: Daniel Taylor Address: 218 Strand, London, WC2R 1AT Telephone: 0207 427 5970 Web Address: