Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 47 , 10 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 5 2019 Mar19357 SIMON is a not-for-profit initiative that produces an LMS platform fromwhich schools can undertake many of their day to day administrative tasks. Recently, we caught up with General Manager, Kevin Brodie, who provided us with a detailed insight into the innerworkings of the innovative solutions provider. Creating Powerful Solutions Since their inception, SIMON has specialised in producing web based solutions for schools. The solution incorporates many interconnected modules that assist schools in streamlining much of the day to day tasks required by teachers, admin, students and parents. Used by schools with as little as seventeen students, all the way through to multi-campus schools with three thousand students, the team at SIMON approaches schools with both honesty and enthusiasm. Going into further detail, Kevin begins by informing us of the schools the project serves and how the team continues to evolve to meet school expectations. “At the beginning, we talk to schools candidly about how SIMON can help them to improve workflows at all levels, offering advice and support as they work through implementing new processes throughout the school. As a result, we have an excellent working relationship with our partner schools. “The fact that we are managed by representatives from our schools and our developments are in response to what schools actually need, has been a major strength of SIMON. At SIMON, we see ourselves as a ‘ service model ’ to schools where we do not have clients, but partners in the ongoing development of SIMON. This is reflected in our support of schools where a school may need some additional support, resources are allocated appropriately often without a cost to schools. Across all member schools, the SIMON Community fosters an empowering environment that promotes knowledge-sharing among both peers and education leaders, inspiring the application of SIMON to even greater heights.” Enabling the firm to deliver these exceptional services, is the dedicated, talented and inventive team which forms the steadfast foundation of SIMON. When discussing the internal culture, Kevin is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the company. “The staff at SIMON are fundamental in the success of this project. As SIMON has continued to grow, staff that have joined the team have been selected based on their knowledge of schools and how the platform can best be implemented in various school environments. Schools find the advice of the SIMON Team extremely useful when implementing the service to bring about positive change in their organisations. It is the close relationships we develop with schools that build trust, enabling a positive working relationship that assists schools with implementation and change management. Ultimately, the team is always ready to roll up their sleeves.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at SIMON will continue to provide their exceptional service which has seen them achieve their goals and receive numerous accolades. Recently, the firm found success in Corporate Vision’s 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards where they were recognised as Australia’s Leading Education Management Software Solution – 2019. In addition to this win, Kevin signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the project. “We are very pleased to have been acknowledged with this award. It further endorses our commitment to high level module integrations and intelligent workflow research that SIMON prides itself on. “Moving forward, one of the main areas of work for SIMON in 2019 is the further development of learning resources and related management features that will enhance this module. In 2018, a special forum was held with a large number of member schools to continue our commitment to engagement with our schools. From this a list of features that would be developed for schools was formed.” Contact: Kevin Brodie Address: 8 Dawson Street South, Ballarat, 3350, Victoria, Australia Telephone: (03) 5337 7152 Web Address: