Corporate Excellence 2019

8 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , Nov19417 Issue 1 2020 Nov19417 Innovations in Identity Management The importance of identitymanagement and governance has grown rapidly as the world has shifted towards a digital worldview. Organisations likeWedaCon have found themselves ideally positioned to consult in this exciting newfield. With pioneering technologies at its core, WedaCon have earned the prestigious award of Corporate VisionMagazine’s Most Innovative IAMSolutions Provider 2019 – Germany. Join us as we take a closer look at the company to find out more. Founded in 2001, WedaCon has been talking about Identity Management before it was called Identity Management. A leader in the field, and perpetual innovator as well, WedaCon provide much needed consultancy, services and support specialising in the area of Identity and Access Management and Governance. The history of the company has seen it following the journey of its developing specialty. When Identity Management was referred to as Meta Directory Management, WedaCon performed as a partner and technical trainer for two of the most common directory systems. 2003 saw the addition of Access Management to the mix, with the development of a token-based authentication and authorisation framework for one of the largest European airlines, which included security level access policies and data leakage protection mechanisms. Finally, the company developed one of the first identity relationship management systems in 2009 for a customer, and it has grown into the business’s strength and passion. As a business, WedaCon is totally committed to the work of Identity and Access Management and Governance. It does nothing more and nothing less. This specialisation has allowed the company to have a deeper relationship and knowledge of this complex field that can only bring significant benefits to customers. Concentrating on digital identities and entities helps to find the best solutions to increasing security, compliancy, efficiency and usability requirements. Being so focused on one thing means that WedaCon is able to provide the best service in this intricate field. Not caught between different needs and requirements, the staff are able not only to listen, but to understand what a customer wants and needs. Given the complexity of Identity Management, it’s no surprise that all of WedaCon’s customers have more than 1000 employees, or digital identities. This means that the company actually needs to find the right approach to meet the company where it is currently working. With Identity Management being such a process-driven world, it can be difficult to establish a system if a company isn’t equipped with a clearly defined process. When beginning work with a firm, the first act for WedaCon is to identify the rough maturity level of a business, using a quick test and questionnaire. Once this has been completed, it opens the way to build a roadmap for an Identity Management program that fits the customer and provides a pathway to stepping up the ladder to a higher maturity level. In many ways, this allows WedaCon to position itself not only as a service provider, but as a partner to an organisation. This produces the ultimate level of trust, with some customers labelling the firm as a strategic partner for Identity Management due to the guidance given during this evolution. One of the key ways in which companies can make a step up the ladder to success is through the adoption of one of the many products that WedaCon has on offer. The various YIAM products – so named to be as ‘why I am’ – helps customers to regain transparency into the Identity and Access Management world. Simply by using the products, YIAM helps to drive Identity Management processes in such a way as to guarantee the correct flow of events. There are varying products on offer depending on the size of the organisation, with YIAMSuite providing the ultimate in support to business. Able to handle the work of employees and partners, it has recently grown to better handle developments such as the Internet of Things, GDPR and digitalization challenges in an especially innovative way. YIAMConnect is akin to the younger sibling of this program, designed for use by small companies and preconfigured for quick setup and usage. 2020 will see a major milestone in the history of WedaCon, and with a growing amount of bid invitation, will see a period of significant growth not only for the Identity Management market as a whole, but for this innovative business. The challenge for the business, therefore, is to find the best way to take advantage of the situation. WedaCon has already planned for this, set to add more resources and capabilities to its talented teams of Identity Management experts. One of the more important parts of this expansion plan is a new advanced training system for ‘Digital Identity Management Professionals’. This is a proprietary program, designed by WedaCon and a partnering training company. Taking 101 days to complete, it is intended to quickly integrate new recruits into the fabric of the company and equip them with the necessary expert knowledge to maintain the high-quality performances already provided. It’s clear that WedaCon are determined to innovate in order to provide a superior service to clients. It encourages staff not only to be productive and efficient, but also to aim for constant improvement. This means providing room for innovation and, more importantly, room for making mistakes. If something is destined to fail, let it fail fast and try again. The question is always what is driving innovation as opposed