Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 7 , Oct19308 34 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 1 2020 Sorting Cyber-security It can be hard to keep track of technological developments, as brand-new innovations cause exponential market growth. Tomatch this exceptional progress, there has been a growing interest in cyber-security defences tomatchwhich is whereMETCloud come in, proving a service to suit everyone. We profiled this company to find out more. Providing a platform of cyber defence and support services specifically to a corporate landscape, METCloud have grown rapidly in the past few years to become one of the most successful companies in the industry. METCloud is a complete solution, cutting through the specific areas of defence that other companies offer to give large organisations the whole package. With increased uptake from the banking, financial and insurance sectors, it is clear that companies are waking up to the increasing risks of cyber threats. Increased interest from supply chain organisations as a result of increased security requirements has also been noted by the firm. In a crowded marketplace, where different organisations offer specific services such as anti-virus or firewalls, METCloud removes the complexity of having different organisations for different services. It acts as a partner with the client to provide a bespoke system that provides a robust cyber defence. It’s a complete system that can be adapted to suit the client, and what they need. In addition, the firm’s clients benefit from an enterprise technology stack supported by both network operation centre services. Cyber criminals do not discriminate, and the crime itself is borderless. This means that criminals can hide in countries t1 that the UK have no jurisdiction over. With the internet being such a vital part of how business operates, it’s essential that the systems that use the internet are protected from potential harm or hacking. With new data protection laws to keep information secure, businesses have more complexities to handle, with a breach of this highly desirable data being catastrophic. With the promise to minimise the threat of cybercrime, METCloud offers its clients a lot and must ensure it delivers. Fortunately, clients’ trust is assured by the firm’s strong implementation and maintenance of the highest standards possible. Underpinning their work with globally recognised standards such as ISO27001 and ISO9001 (to name just two), the business proactively seeks certification and compliance in most national, and globally recognised, quality standards bodies. METCloud is a Silver accredited Investors in People, which demonstrates the emphasis that is laid on staff development. Staff are critical to the progress of METCloud, with customer service training being an important factor for all roles within the company. This is because all roles are customer facing at some point. Significant training is put forward in this area to ensure that staff provide consistently excellent services. With its future potentially set as one of the UK’s rare ‘Unicorn’ companies, it’s of no surprise that METCloud are already planning big plans for expansion. Despite the perennial risks of not recruiting appropriate talent or not finding sufficient capital, METCloud continues its growth apace. This growth isn’t limited to the UK, with a US headquarters in Baltimore already selected and organised. This area is perfectly located for METCloud’s future intentions, located within spitting distance of Washington D.C. and the National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters. Relationships with state agencies has provided incredible support, both with identifying a location and connecting this newly arrived business with other organisations like universities, the NSA, and of course, the government. METCloud acts as a one-stop- shop for corporations’ cyber- security needs, providing a complete solution to the matter of defence in an increasingly aggressive industry. Having proven a success in the UK, plans for expansion into the US seems a natural evolution. No doubt, this venture will allow the company to fly on a global scale. As METCloud continues to innovate, we look forward to seeing what they do next. Contact: Amanda Jukes Website: Telephone: 0121 227 0730