Corporate Excellence 2019

98 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2019 15 Jul19310 Acclaimed Accountants Secure Success Based in Chelmsford, Emma Pickles Accountants is a firmof chartered certified accountants who knowhow easy it is to let paperwork overwhelmwhat trulymatters to a business. Providing services in all areas of accounting, discover why this firm is considered to be one of the most trusted tax planning specialists in the United Kingdom this year. With legislation and accounting standards an ever-evolving in- dustry, it is important for any client seeking services to make sure that their provider are completely up to date with any changes. Emma Pickles Accountants ensure that through professional cours- es they are continually at the forefront of industry development to assure clients that they are re- ceiving the best possible advice. Spearheaded by founder and owner Emma Pickles, the firm are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction in every area of accounting. Of- fering a wide scope of account- ancy services, the company work with clients to help with tax compliance, advisory services, bookkeeping, payroll and CIS, company formations, secretarial services, and so much more. One of the most confusing and frustrating aspects of any accounting work is arguably tax compliance, and this is an area in which Emma Pickles Account- ants takes great pride in deliver- ing quality services. Taking the time-consuming element away from businesses, the company specialise in preparing tax re- turns for individual clients, trusts, companies and partnerships. The advisory services are also available for the team to assist in creating business plans that help with tax planning, in order to maximise the benefit from the UK tax system and minimise payments. Working closely with estate managers and financial advisors, Emma and her team can also help plan for retirement, reducing the risk of exposure to inheritance tax. Day to day bookkeeping can of- ten be a burden on any business, which can distract from the pur- pose or passion of that business. That’s why Emma also offers ser- vices to manage client records on a monthly basis, or provide a one-off service to bring records up to date for clients to manage their own books. Flexibility is also a key part of the team’s offerings, able to work either at the clients premises, take the records away, or use trusted cloud-based systems such as Sage, Xero, or FreeAgent. At the heart of the firm is owner and founder, Emma Pickles. After graduating from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in Applied Accounting, Emma went to work as a bookkeeper and accountant, handling statu- tory annual accounts, manage- ment accounts, corporation tax calculations and returns. Always working closely with clients, she would meet filing deadlines and maintain strong, professional relationships throughout the du- ration of any client interaction. Following an eight-and-a-half- year turn at Tiffin Green as an accountant, Emma then went on to work as a Director Consult- ant for BNI UK & Ireland, a global networking organisation whose aim is to help businesses become more profitable. After three years working there, she decided to found her own firm, Emma Pickles Accountants in September 2012, where she has experienced great success. Describing herself as a pro-active accountant, Emma constantly seeks to help businesses run efficiently, enabling her clients to leave the numbers with her whilst they get on with running their business. Whether an individual, sole trader, partnership, LLP, or limited company, there is no-one that Emma cannot help with her dedicated accounting skills. Ultimately, the reason for Emma and her firm’s continued success is her passion and drive to businesses succeed without the cumbersome burden of ac- counting looming over them. By enabling businesses to do what they do best, Emma and her team are supporting them with more than their accounting needs on a daily basis. Company: Emma Pickles Accountants Contact: Emma Pickles Website: www.emmapicklesac-