Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 99 , CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 15 Jul19647 Based inWashington, Pacific AI helps companies build real AI products. Earlier this year, the firm’s CTO, David Talby was recognized in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 where he was selected as theMost Influential CTO of the Year 2019 - Artificial Intelligence. On the back of this win, we caught up with David to discover more about the award-winning services both himself and the firm consistently delivers to their customers. Putting Artificial Intelligence To Work Since their inception, Pacific AI have spe- cialized in building enterprise-grade sys- tems for high-com- pliance industries, which include healthcare, pharma and finance. Today, the firm have established themselves as leaders within this dynamic industry, crediting their success to having real experi- ence building real AI products. Going into detail, David begins by informing us of the technology and business domains that the firm specializes within, and the servic- es they provide to their customers. “From a technology perspec- tive, we specialize in natural language processing. I initiated and advance the development of Spark NLP – which has now grown to be one of the most widely used NLP library in the enterprise in 2019. There’s now a large team of contributors who keep releasing new features every two weeks – for two years in a row. The library focuses on making state-of-the-art NLP research widely accessible as open-source, production-grade, scalable, and trainable. As a re- sult, we are very good at serving customers who want the highest accuracy and/or highest scale solutions for natural language processing & understanding. “From a domain perspective, we specialize in high-compliance industries – primarily healthcare, life science, and finance. Data science projects in these indus- tries must include a long series of security, privacy, and compli- ance controls – which changes everything from the DevOps as- pects of a data science platform, through correct data de-identifica- tion & splitting, to explaining accu- racy, recommendations and bias of trained models. Over the years, we have developed the tools and processes across all our teams to do this right – and have been externally vetted by some of the world’s largest healthcare provid- ers and pharma companies. As a result, we can confidently deliver complete AI projects, from explo- ration to production, in the most stringent environments.” Providing the firm with the platform to deliver these unique services to their diverse customer bases, is the highly motivated and experiences team which forms the backbone of Pacific AI. When discussing the internal cul- ture at Pacific AI, David is keen to showcase the vast range of talent the firm has supporting them. “Here at Pacific AI, our data scientists productize state-of-the- art research in deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, whilst our data engineers build scalable, secure, and robust data & model pipe- lines. Additionally, our solution architects ensure that all of these components integrate seamlessly with a company’s existing soft- ware architecture and tools. “Lastly, our project managers run collaborative projects that enable our customers not just to get to market quickly with the latest and greatest technology – but also have their people involved in day-to- day development, so that they get training, experience, and ownership of the software we produce.” It is no secret that during a company’s journey, they will encounter challenges along the way. Bringing the interview to a close, David signs off by reflecting on the uncertainties the industry faces with the continuing growth of AI, but highlights the excitement of seeing where it goes in the upcoming years. “It is hard to overstate how early on in the journey towards artificial intelligence we all are. Much like the locomotive in 1810, electricity in 1890, or the Internet in 1990 – we know that AI will change the world, however it will take dec- ades to get it all done. Right now, there are few widely accepted standards and best practices, we are still uncovering new problems as we go, and in all likelihood the best applications haven’t been invented yet. It’s going to stay an exciting and fast-moving field for years to come.” Contact: David Talby Company: Pacific AI Location: Mercer Island, Wash- ington, United States of America Telephone: +1 (425) 998 8186 Web Address: