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about what is available. And keep highlighting what is new or topical, so that your messages don’t become stale.” Louisa Antoine, E-Learning Business Partner at SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, asks: “Why reinvent the wheel? Make sure you speak to other charities that use eLearning, so that you have a network that you can tap into when you have an urgent learning requirement. We all have common challenges and using existing content is a fast way to deliver the learning you need. The community at the Charity Learning Consortium has been invaluable in helping us make these connections, so we can share best practice as well as resources.” About the Charity Learning Consortium More than 200 charitable organisations benefit from working with us. Bringing charities together enables the Consortium to offer cost-effective, quality eLearning to more than a million people working in the third sector across the UK. Our collaborative concept paves the way for eLearning success with outstanding ongoing support, as well as shared experience, knowledge and resources. Virtual events have also been held throughout the coronavirus pandemic to support charity learning practitioners. Get in touch: email [email protected] or call 08451 707 702 Connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn Or find out more at 10 Reasons Why Charities Should Use eLearning Ten charities, including St John Ambulance Cymru and Shelter, have shared the lessons they’ve learned from using eLearning, in a recently published report. The free white paper is packed with top tips and an action plan to help charities take a digital approach to supporting the skills of their staff and volunteers. There are lots of reasons for charities to use eLearning, which go way beyond just cost, consistency, speed and accessibility. Tim Drewitt has interviewed 10 charity learning practitioners, to examine how they’re benefiting from using digital resources as part of a blended approach to developing skills. His findings are published in a white paper: 10 reasons why charities should use eLearning. Download it for free at The report is packed with practical examples of how charities are reaping the rewards of using online learning. For example, Toria Acreman, Internal Training Manager at St John Ambulance Cymru, has found eLearning to be ‘invaluable’ for training staff and volunteers to face the coronavirus pandemic. Kris Medlang, Learning and Organisational Development Business Partner at Shelter, explains the importance of looking for low cost/high impact solutions when you’re spending charity money – and eLearning ticks that box. Learning practitioners from a wide range of charitable organisations contributed, including The Church of Scotland and SSAFA - the armed forces charity. All the charity learning practitioners involved share their top tips for successful eLearning - read some of them below. Author Tim Drewitt has also created an action plan to maximise the benefits. Tim Drewitt commented: “Whether you’re making the case to start your eLearning journey, or looking to enhance the investment you’ve already made, this report will really help.” Martin Baker, founder and CEO of the Charity Learning Consortium, added: “Having eLearning at their fingertips has been invaluable for charities during coronavirus. Just take a look at the fantastic example in this report of how St John Ambulance Cymru is using eLearning in the battle to save lives. “Charities have discovered that they can achieve far more than they ever imagined using technology. But eLearning is just a tool and it’s how you use it that counts, so I’m hugely grateful to Tim Drewitt for shining the spotlight on the inspirational work of learning practitioners in the sector.” eLearning top tips Toria Acreman from St John Ambulance Cymru shares her eLearning top tip: “Shout about your eLearning. Keep telling people about all your new courses as soon as they’re ready, as you need them to be used straight away. I’ve used our closed Facebook group, as well as newsletters and email, to continuously promote this new essential learning.” Kris Medlang from Shelter advises: “Find your subject matter experts. Work hard to develop a culture of cooperation and co-production with your subject matter experts, to ensure there is an ongoing relationship with them. That way you’ll be able to deliver a steady stream of eLearning that the organisation really needs.” Eleanor MacKenzie, Learning and Engagement Officer at The Church of Scotland, says: “Make eLearning highly visible in your organisation. Use every tool in your arsenal to remind your learners, and their managers, Aug20564 Martin Baker and Charity Learning Consortium staff (Photo taken before Coronavirus) Business Powered By Data Within an exceedingly dynamic industry that sees changes in technology and methodologies continuously reshaping data and analytics ecosystems, BitBang is empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions to positively impact business transformation. Established in 2003, BitBang maintains solid partnerships with all the major players in analytics so as to find the best solutions for their clients. BitBang is a Data Management and Data Insights Consulting service, offering MarTech expertise and customer analytics as well as their market leading experience in digital analytics, customer intelligence, measurement consulting and customer experience management to leverage information and enable data-driven business decisions at scale. Since the company’s inception in 2003, BitBang has been committed to empowering businesses of all shapes and sizes to use data effectively to make data-informed decisions at scale and accelerate business transformation through data strategy and execution practices. By helping businesses collect and understand their data methodically and efficiently, BitBang enables their clients to analyse and use findings to drive business forward, rather than working on intuition or gut instinct. In an industry as changeable as data analytics and management, BitBang understands the importance of agility for businesses to stay ahead of new trends, demands and technologies that arise every day. This means that agility is a vital attribute within BitBang itself and the team therefore collaborates closely with clients to understand their needs, constantly adapting and responding to each step in a project. Whether they be in the finance or energy sector, luxury or pharmaceutical, food and beverage or retail, each client is listened to and engaged with fully to establish where they want to take their business next, and how BitBang can help them get there. Within the fast-paced world of online commerce, BitBang relies heavily on their hundred-strong team, which only continues to grow. Dedicated to providing the highest-quality service to clients who are focusing on growing their business, developing customer experiences and bringing a high ROI, the BitBang team are united in their joy for being a part of the growing digital age, developing innovative solutions. For instance, synthesis and analysis are critical for any data- driven company to bring dispersed data together and cognitive interpretation. At BitBang, the team focus on creating a “Data Mosaic” for business success, turning fragmented data into opportunities, by connecting and encompassing four key factors: • Ecosystem: a mosaic of technologies • Process: a mosaic of processes • People: a mosaic of people • Measurement: a mosaic of measurement methodologies Developing these layers to create a complete picture, with no overlaps or gaps, sets the firm one step ahead in helping businesses transform with a data-driven culture. With the company’s principal vision to provide insights to action, BitBang operate on fundamental values of innovation, partnerships, trust and privacy and consistency and reliability. BitBang is committed to finding the right solutions for their clients. Not only does this guarantee customer-driven services for clients, Sep20145 but also opens up new opportunities for BitBang to explore creative solutions tailored to every single client. For BitBang, employees are just as valued as clients and the team prides itself on transparency and collaboration as the key to their success. BitBang encourages its employees to move from team to team to gain experience and develop cross-skills, not just benefiting and keeping employees engaged but creating a collaborative environment within BitBang that enhances their ability to provide the best service to their clients. As BitBang looks ahead with plans to continue growing their network of partners and find new and innovative solutions, it is clear that the team spirit at BitBang will remain as necessary as ever. Having already brought the company seventeen years of successful growth so far, we don’t doubt it will only continue to do so. [email protected] Web Address: By helping businesses collect and understand their data methodically and efficiently, BitBang enables their clients to analyse and use findings to drive business forward, rather than working on intuition or gut instinct. Corporate Excellence Awards 101