Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

Issue 2 2020 15 Jan20505 Going The Extra Mile Established in 2015, Approyo specializes in providing enterprise SAP software as a service to customers and partners around the globe. Having recently found success in the 2020 Corporate Excellence Awards, we caught up with Approyo’s CEO, Christopher Carter, CEO who went into greater detail about USA’s most outstanding SAP technology solutions provider and what they have to offer. With almost three decades of experience in the SAP industry, Chris started Approyo with the goal of making it easier for customers to embrace SAP HANA and other SAP solutions. When Chris launched Approyo, he was looking for an identity, something a little different from the normal technology company, as he tells us more. “Approyo accelerates other customers’ business processes, by delivering more business intelligence through SAP platforms, therefore simplifying the IT environment,” he begins. “Our founding mission was to make SAP simple for customers, and it still is today. I recognized that there was a gap in the SAP ecosystem; a lack of SAP solution providers focused on SAP S/4 HANA and the usage of the cloud. Hence, Approyo was set up to fill such gaps. The company specializes in SAP and the solutions surrounding it. Today, our mission is to take the hassle out of managing an ERP system for our customers, overall benefitting their company. SAP platforms are able to increase the quality and organization of real-time data, improving business decisions and processes, ultimately increasing Return on Investment (ROI).” Approyo’s services fit a very specific need for customers running SAP landscapes and Chris is keen to explain that there is a massive upgrade cycle currently underway in the ecosystem where all SAP systems must be upgraded to S/4 by 2027. “As such there are not enough knowledgeable SAP consultants throughout the world – we, with our great skills and capabilities, kick in for our customers and prospects throughout the globe; and that is how we have grown popular with prospects to help and support them on their incredible journey. We have a global team of SAP experts, making us able to provide support 24/7. “We serve companies, no matter what size, big or small, across all industries. We approach them by providing them information on the services we provide, but also how these services can benefit the client. We use previous success stories and testimonials in proving that our SAP technology really works and is able to boost ROI, which is always the main goal.” Enabling the firm to deliver this extraordinary level of service, is the talented, hard-working and innovative team which forms the foundation of Approyo. The firm’s dedicated staff are, in Chris’s words, “everything” and he strongly believes they are the biggest contributing factor to Approyo’s success. “Without our staff, we would be nothing. Our Service Delivery Team keeps our customers’ and partners’ systems running successfully 24/7, while our sales team is what keeps the new clients coming in. Both sides of the company really create the perfect dream team. “Our company culture is very laid-back, with many of us spending more time at work than we do with our families. We work in a casual, yet fast-paced environment. Customers may need help resolving a problem, and we will be there to do so. As for inside the office, we have a start-up type feel. We have snacks, scooters, TVs, couches - we really want our staff to enjoy being here.” “...we are looking forward to releasing this service, as one of the only companies in the world to support all three clouds for an SAP landscape. As for our staff, I see this team growing, adding more employees and bringing in more companies to support.” And Chris himself is no stranger to hard work. “For myself, I arrive between 5:30 and 6:00 am. I get all the coffee pots up and running, and meet the team as they get in, while supporting staff and customers in Asia and Europe until the US and Brazil teams are online. Then, I switch over to talking to them and seeing what we need and how I can be of personal assistance. My day is filled with staff, customers, and partner activities all day. I may have a presentation or a speaking engagement throughout the world and if so, you never know, you may find me on a plane next to you!” For Chris and the team, the future involves further growth and continued success, as he concludes: “We’re very blessed; we have been growing year-on-year thanks to our staff and the quality they want to provide to customers on a 24/7 basis. We have plans to release Ignite 2.0. We’re excited as we can now support any cloud solution: GCP, AWS, or Azure. With their SAP management and support for installs and upgrades, we will be able to provide a faster and better solution to customers. “Overall, we are looking forward to releasing this service, as one of the only companies in the world to support all three clouds for an SAP landscape. As for our staff, I see this team growing, adding more employees and bringing in more companies to support. Also, we will continue to add locations throughout the globe as our business organically grows. With all of these exciting plans in the pipeline, I am very much looking forward to our future.” Contact: Christopher Carter Web Address: Jan20530 Driven By Values As an industry leading, award-winning, independent insurance agency, CoverLink provides world-class risk management advice and insurance products to its clients. Dating back to 1920, CoverLink have always cared deeply about their clients and protecting everything that is important to them. Fast forward to present day, and this caring company have been recognized for their extraordinary work, and have been named Ohio’s Most Trusted Insurance Agency – 2020 in Corporate Vision’s 2020 Corporate Excellence Awards. On the back of this win, we profiled the firm to discover more. From the very beginning, CoverLink based their ethos on putting people before policies. People have assets to protect – whether that is loved ones they care for or employees who depend on them. Which is where CoverLink comes in. CoverLink strongly believes that the right insurance matters and they feel as though it is their responsibility to safeguard the people they care deeply about. These strong beliefs are evidently present in the firm’s three core values – to always do what is right for their clients, associates and their partner carriers. These three core values have remained a staple factor throughout CoverLink’s remarkable 100 year history, and has also been the guiding light which has helped the team fuel their growth to an impressive 26 state footprint. Over the years, CoverLink have carefully crafted their niche in the insurance industry. Backed by the breadth and strength of the insurance carriers they have partnered with, combining that with the small-town attention to detail, the firm are able to provide a service that is typically unavailable to clients that are not Fortune 500 companies. How is CoverLink able to deliver this unique service? Simple – they never forgot their humble roots. The past success the firm has had was predominately due to the sound advice and service that was provided to all clients, regardless of the size of the check written to them. Having grown in size and expanded the services that they are able to offer throughout the years, the team at CoverLink never lost sight of what made them successful during their early years. The talented team that forms the backbone of CoverLink are responsible for the outcomes the firm achieves. In addition to this, they are also responsible for doing what is right for the insurance companies the firm represents. Each member of the CoverLink team play an integral role in adhering to these values, and when they all do, collectively, they are in the best position for success. This dynamic blend of resources and human touch has resulted in their industry leading position in 2020. As the firm moves forward, the team at CoverLink will continue to find more clients across the U.S. who are looking for not only the types of products and services the company already offers, but more importantly, the experience that they can deliver. Taking their award-winning values-based approach to all 50 states, CoverLink will no longer have to turn away a potential client that aligns with their values and wants to work with the firm, but are unable to do so because it is not a state where CoverLink are able to do business. Fundamentally, CoverLink will continue to support the growth and the steps the team are taking to improve the business and the services they provide in the years to come. As such, the firm is always searching for talented individuals with a strong work ethic and top-notch attitude to join their team of insurance advisors. With a number of exciting plans in the pipeline for the firm, we are excited to see CoverLink grow, whilst still putting people at the forefront of everything that they do. Contact: Kelli Young, Director of Marketing Company: CoverLink Insurance Address: PO Box 160, 200 Dowell Ave., Bellefontaine, OH 43311 Telephone: 937 592 9076 Web Address: “...regardless of the size of the check written to them. Having grown in size and expanded the services that they are able to offer throughout the years, the team at CoverLink never lost sight of what made them successful during their early years.” Corporate Excellence Awards 133