Corporate Excellence Awards 2020

, Nov19358 Confidently Handling Complex Currencies Across the world, there are a huge variety of exotic foreign currencies that can open up a wealth of opportunity for discerning investors with the right vision. Through its provision of regulated solutions for complex currency transactions, Vorto Trading has been named 2020’s Leading Trading & Payment Solutions Provider in the UK. We discover more about the firmby showcasing its outstanding services and successes. Foreign exchange is a fine art, requiring swift movement to react to market fluctuations across many of the international currencies. Managing currency exposure in a pragmatic and efficient way is Vorto, a company aimed at mitigating risk to help optimise bottom line profits. As foreign exchange providers, Vorto primarily serves high net- worth individuals, corporations and financial institutions from its offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, South Africa, as well as the headquarters in London. Operating across Europe and Asia, the firm’s perfect positioning in the world enables it to offer expert foreign exchange services to clients who are working with some of the most exotic currencies in the world today. Over the years since the firm’s formation, it has continuously grown as a brand to become recognised as a leading complex currency solutions provider in the market today. With more than 45 years of combined experience in the leadership team alone, Vorto is a firm that embodies what it means to be truly ambitious within the foreign exchange and international currency space. Now, the firm offers a myriad of foreign exchange products, including business funding, pre- paid currency cards, custodian services, e-money bank accounts, and mass payroll services. However, the firm’s specialist niche remains providing regulated solutions for transactions involving complex currencies. Since focusing its attention in this particular area, Vorto’s market share has increased rapidly year on year. Exchanging and sending exotic currencies can be a tricky business, but the firm has built its success on empowering individuals and organisations to send currencies around the world. Just some of Vorto’s clients include the world’s largest financial institutions, global sports brands, Premier League football clubs, high street retailers, importers, manufacturers, or any entity with foreign currency exposure. Sending money across the world can be a nerve-wracking affair. That is why it is of the utmost importance that it is done so in a swift, safe, and cost-effective manner. Vorto prides itself on offering just that; safer, faster, and cheaper services than its competitors without ever compromising on quality on security. Once a rate has been agreed and the money has been sent to the team at Vorto, it is then seamlessly sent anywhere in the world that the client wants. Client-centricity is imperative for every member of the team at Vorto. Clients want to feel safe in the knowledge that their money is being handled by the right people, without feeling overwhelmed by communication from every single different department. Vorto understands this, and rather bombard the client with emails and phone calls from every direction, it takes a more focused approach; one that has nothing but good intentions. When a new client joins the firm, they are allocated a relationship manager who handles every single need they may have throughout the journey. That way, the client only ever speaks to one person and gets all the answers they need from that relationship manager. Having achieved a client-retention rate of almost 100%, Vorto is a shining example of customer service done right, and to an exceptionally high standard. Harnessing the power of technological innovation to help high-net-worth individuals and organisations across the world send money safely, Vorto has grown steadily to become a powerhouse of the foreign exchange industry in London and beyond. Relentlessly pursuing even more international growth, the firm has a bright future ahead of it within the technology and financial industries. Contact: Bobby Ward Website: IO aims to fill the gaps in knowledge in order to build a complete system. Instead of seeing competition, IO sees potential collaborators and partners. Much of the way of thinking behind the business is based on the principle of being better together. In order to best serve people and companies, there is a clear and urgent need to offer combined solutions. In all, it’s clear that the team at IO have pitched an impressive approach that has brought them great success. A forward-thinking attitude places them in a prime position to help customers and clients achieve their goals, especially when facing the potential difficulties that are yet to come. Contact: AJ Perkins Web Address: Issue 4 2020 31 Jan20121 Power Games When the power goes, the consequences come thick and fast. In these moments of crisis, it is vital that people not only have the ability to keep their heads, but the infrastructure in place to ensure that there is no need to panic. From the team at Instant On (IO) comes an impressive skillset that has seen them awarded the title of Most Outstanding Microgrid Integrator, 2020 – California in this year’s Corporate Excellence Awards. There’s nothing to cause panic like a power outage. Uncertainty creates a situation where people not only begin to panic, but act recklessly and thus cause more problems. The importance of being able to respond to a situation with a clear head and straightforward answers is incredibly valuable. The IO team know that the first priority in these moments of tension should always be keeping power going, which is exactly what they do. Microgrid technology has been a mainstay of the power industry for years, but few have managed to perfect the art of integrating them into the system quite like IO. A microgrid stands separately to the main power grid, able to provide energy in emergency situations such as storms, hurricanes or wildfires. The aftermath of the Californian fires created many problems, some of which can be solved by the work of IO. If the main grid goes down, there is an alternative supply that can provide consistent power to homes. In an ever technologically dependent world, being able to guarantee power is incredibly important to everyone. IO brings together an incredible amount of resources in order to create a one-stop-shop for solar contractors and their consumers to create a solution that matches their residential, commercial or industrial needs. Instead of leaving consumers to find ways in which different aspects of these technologies interact, IO provides peace of mind by ensuring that every single one of their solutions has been thoroughly vetted and tested. The result is a fully functional way of working that gives the best results, while saving time and effort for others. In a world where false claims and promises are rife, IO offers a solution that combines methods and technologies to provide a sustainable way forward. Key to the way in which IO operates is the ability to have access to power where it is needed, when it is needed because it is needed. This motto has inspired the company in several ways, namely in the continuation of its innovative track record. No solution is perfect in the team’s eyes, and often members will challenge themselves to better meet the needs of the clients they are serving. A transparent approach means that it is easy for clients to gain a level of trust in the business, and so continue to use their services, while its impressive level of insight means that clients are assured of enhanced understanding that it is able to bring to any project that requires it. Dealing with such forward-thinking technology means that IO is a company that is constantly looking to the future. With bigger, longer blackouts ahead, the need for more intelligent solutions is obvious. IO has made its own platform not only AI powered, but useable with any platform to appeal to customers. Their technology solution allows customers to see and control their energy consumption and production, allows solar and battery companies to deliver an even greater return on their customers’ investments and allows energy providers to better anticipate and manage supply and demand and avoid excess over-production. Currently, the team is working on new solutions for those systems that already exist in the community. Working alongside companies that have expertise in one area, the team at AJ Perkins, President of Instant On, speaking at Microgrid Knowledge 2019. Corporate Excellence Awards 165